New Build Yacht Management

Building a custom yacht is a long-term project and a major investment. It is an enduring undertaking that requires ample time and resources. In order to have a successful custom build project, it is paramount that the best people be in key positions and a Northrop & Johnson broker is an instrumental part of the process. From liaising between the client and builder to keeping up with all the latest news and issues, a Northrop & Johnson broker will be your point person, supervising the build to completion. Your N&J broker is your advocate.

Northrop & Johnson is proud to have close, strategic relationships with the world’s leading designers, yacht manufacturers, builders, naval architects, interior designers, yacht suppliers and captains to assure work is being completed to impeccable standards.

Northrop & Johnson brokers have the skills and expertise to provide you with all of the help you need during a custom yachts build, including:

  • A Northrop & Johnson broker is keenly aware of the yachting industry and climate of the current market. The broker will be able to help discern which yard is best for your wants and needs during your new build.
  • Maintaining constant communication between the client and the builder in order to keep both parties informed with regard to changes, requirements, etc. The broker also will mediate any situations that may arise.
  • A Northrop & Johnson broker has hands-on practical experience that is invaluable during the build process in terms of both design and technical aspects.
  • A Northrop   Johnson broker brings an expansive network of resources to your new build thanks to years spent making connections within the yachting industry. Electricians, architects and interior designers are all but a phone call away.
  • Northrop & Johnson brokers have a record of extremely successful new builds and this experience is the key to ensuring your build is on time and on budget.
  • Northrop & Johnson brokers always keep an eye on value and resale during the new build process.