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Pershing yachts is an Italian yacht builder known for its stylish high performance luxury motor yachts. When it comes to yachts for sale or charter, this renowned Italian yacht brand produces some of the most popular and recognizable vessels on the water. There are three key facets of a Pershing yacht for sale that set it apart from other yachts on the market: design, performance and comfort. This ever-evolving yacht builder is constantly and consistently pushing forward and breaking barriers. It utilizes cutting-edge build techniques, powerful engines, surface propellers, hydro jets and gas turbines to ensure its yachts can reach impressive speeds while remaining comfortable and safe. Recognizable in ports around the world, Pershing is one of the top open fiberglass yacht producers in the world. Pershing offers a variety of yacht sizes for consumers based on their needs. Production lines range from 50 to 140+ feet. When purchasing a Pershing yacht for sale, you can expect exceptional performance, impeccable style, high-quality materials and an immaculate design that promises both comfort and safety and so much more.

Pershing Yacht Performance & Lifestyle

Throughout its lifetime, Pershing has been a performance yacht builder and garnered much attention and accolades for its exceptional motor yachts. The use of high-quality materials, constant and consistent research and development and the exceptional team at Pershing all contribute to the high performance of the brand’s yachts.pershing yachts for sale fleet cruising ocean

All Pershing yachts offer an athletic aesthetic. Their gas turbines, waterjets and surface propellers ensure high speeds, some of up to 50 knots. New Pershing yachts for sale allow the owner to customize the motor yachts to suit their needs and tastes.

The yachts in Pershing’s range are well suited for everything from high-speed ocean cruising to relaxing trips with family and friends. Purchasing a Pershing yacht provides peace of mind as the builder offers an exceptional after-sales support system for maintenance and assistance. Pershing owners are well cared for by the brand’s customer care experts who provide top service.

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Pershing specialises in manufacturing stylish, high performance motor yachts and superyachts equipped with advanced propulsion systems.

History of pershing Yachts

In 1981 Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti and Giuliano Onori founded Pershing yachts in Mondolfo, Italy. Only four years later, with the help of yacht designer Fulvio De Simone, the brand launched its first yacht: the Pershing 45. Its missile-like design is now a signature of the builder as it promises high-performance and speed. As one of the first yacht builders of its time to focus on performance as well as comfort and style, Pershing yachts were well received.

The Italian yacht brand’s popularity grew in the early 90s and the builder expanded its market out of Italy and into other Mediterranean countries as well as the United States and Asia. Pershing continued to build luxury yachts as a stand-alone brand for 17 years, but in 1998 it was purchased by the Ferretti Group. Pershing thrived as part of the Ferretti team, continuing to grow the size of its luxury performance yachts.

The Weichai Group purchased a 75-percent stake in the Ferretti Group, which includes yacht builder Pershing, in 2012. Today, Pershing continues to build luxury performance motor yachts outfitted with advanced propulsion systems at its state-of-the-art 53,000-square-foot Mondolfo shipyard. The brand prides itself on constantly advancing what’s possible in yacht design and technology to ensure its yachts are the best on the water.

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