The NetJets Advantage

With more than 50 years of industry-leading experience, NetJets began as the first private jet charter management company in 1964 and revolutionized private air travel with the concept of shared ownership in 1986. The exclusive brand now owns and operates the largest, most diverse fleet in the skies, offering personalized travel solutions that meet — and exceed — the incredible needs and high standards of the world’s most elite travelers.


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Unmatched Access

Access to more than 3,000 airports in more than 180 countries means the world’s most stunning yachting destinations are never out of reach. A fleet of nearly 750 aircraft worldwide across four cabin classes allows NetJets to accommodate a vast range of private aviation needs. From short jaunts along the Mediterranean coast to transatlantic travel, fly effortlessly to your next destination.

Ultimate Security

An unwavering commitment to safety looks like hiring only the best in-class pilots that average seven times the industry standard in-flight experience; it looks like investing more than $80 million annually in crewmember training; and as a Berkshire Hathaway company, NetJets has the financial backing and resources to continually invest in safety as our highest priority. NetJets owners fly confidently knowing their flights only take off when the most rigorous safety standards are met.

Bespoke Service

Nearly 6,500 aviation professionals work in tandem around the clock to make each flight seamless, personalized, and distinctly memorable. Dedicated Owner Services teams take note of your preferences to create exceptional experiences aboard, adding unique touches whenever possible. Rather than consider your flight routine travel, NetJets curates the inflight experience to be an unforgettable luxury of its own.


Explore the Possibilities

With the largest, most diverse private fleet in the world and access to 3,000-plus airports in 180-plus countries, NetJets reaches even the most remote destinations with ease. The brand’s unmatched commitment to safety, service, and reliability sets them apart. And these same qualities have distinguished NetJets as the worldwide leader in private aviation for more than 50 years.