Why Choose a Sportsfish Yacht?

Avid fishermen, anglers and fishing enthusiasts should consider a sportsfish yacht if that is the sole purpose of the vessel. Whether it will be used for recreational fishing activities with your family and friends or world-class fishing tournaments for big prizes and bigger accolades, if you plan to be on the water exclusively to drop a line, a sportsfish yacht is the way to go.

Sportsfish yachts are outfitted with all the amenities needed for fishing, from outriggers and towers to live wells and fighting chairs, fish lockers and freezers and, of course, copious rod holders. But these yachts aren’t all fishing and no-frills. Depending on the size, many sportsfish yachts also feature main salons, galleys, staterooms and all of the amenities found on a motor yacht, with the added bonus of the fishing kit.

Sportsfish yachts are sometimes owned in tandem with larger motor yachts or superyachts as an added amenity, with the sole purpose of casting a line and reeling in the big one.