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The Bahamas are perfect for a yacht charter – the key is to know which of the many distinct islands you should include in your itinerary.

With some 700 islands and uninhabited cays, The Bahamas were made for the waterborne. Lying in a gentle east-west curve just 50 miles south of the US coast of Florida, the cruising possibilities during a Bahamas superyacht charter are endless. Fortunately, nature and practicalities will help narrow the choice of which islands to discover.

From New Providence Island and the cosmopolitan Nassau to the Exuma islands’ remote string of pearl-like cays or the scalloped bays and coves of the Abacos, there is something for everyone. You’ll find quaint restaurants and bars, golf courses, and boutiques on the larger islands. While the smaller isles being remote and unspoiled, offer luxuries that money can’t buy. Sampling a bit of both worlds is the ideal combination.

If you’re in search of endless water and beach activities, look no further than a yacht charter in The Bahamas. Marine life abounds in The Bahamas with unspoiled reefs. Every island group has countless snorkeling and diving sites beckoning you to explore the underwater world. If you want to experience the freshest seafood you can get or go home with your fishing tale; you’re lucky because The Bahamas is home to world-class sports fishing. From offshore fishing for blue marlin and Mahi to inshore fishing for bonefish, The Bahamas is ideally suited for all types of sports fishing. Beach lovers will be in paradise in The Bahamas. From the uninhabited beaches of the Exumas to the pink sand beaches of Eleuthera to the luxury resort beaches of Nassau, there is a beach for every type in The Bahamas.

Nassau, the nation’s capital, is an ideal place to begin your Bahamas yacht charter. Offering an abundance of restaurants, golf courses, shopping and the famed Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, it is a great place to spend a day or two before cruising onto other islands.

The Exuma Islands are the most popular cruising area in the archipelago, but don’t let the moniker “popular” make you think they are crowded, as they are anything but. Comprising 365 islands, islets and cays with anchorages from an hour to seven hours apart, there is plenty of space to find privacy, even during the peak cruising season – so where you go depends on how many islands you want to visit.

Once you experience a yacht charter in the Bahamas, you’ll see why people come back again and again.

Unique Yacht Charter Destinations in The Bahamas

Exuma Islands

Nestled in The Bahamas, just southeast of Nassau, the Exuma Cays form a chain of over 360 islands, widely acclaimed as one of the most stunning Caribbean paradises. With its famed swimming pigs and pristine, powdery white sand beaches, the Exumas are an idyllic destination that deserves a top spot on any traveler’s bucket list. Whether you’re a water enthusiast or simply seeking unparalleled natural beauty and solidarity, the Exumas beckon you to immerse yourself.

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Abacos Islands

Hailed as the boating capital of The Bahamas, the Abacos Islands are primed for the waterborne. With breathtaking turquoise waters, delightful colonial villages, world-class golf courses, and exquisite culinary offerings, the Abacos Islands embrace all types of travelers.

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Harbour Island

Nestled just off the untamed shores of Eleuthera, Harbour Island may be small in size but looms large in allure. Spanning a mere dot on the map, this enchanting destination measures approximately 0.5 miles in width from east to west and stretches 3.25 miles from north to south. Here, the temperature always strikes a perfect balance, never veering too hot or too cold, creating an idyllic haven for those seeking pure paradise.

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Eleuthera Islands

Eleuthera beckons to those who cherish the serene and unspoiled ambiance of a rural island, where friendly locals embrace visitors with open arms. This slender island, measuring a mere two miles in width, offers a captivating blend of pink and white sand beaches, each blessed with breathtaking turquoise waters of crystal-clear clarity.

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Out Islands

When you venture to the Out Islands of The Bahamas, you will be transported into a world of sporting paradise. Far removed from the glitz and glamor of Freeport and Nassau, these untamed and untouched islands offer a haven for adventure enthusiasts and avid explorers. Get ready to answer the call of thrilling escapades and discovery in this captivating destination.

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Nassau and Paradise Island

Nassau and Paradise Island serve as the vibrant gateway to your yacht charter adventure. With an international airport and convenient accessibility, it is the ideal starting and ending point for your journey. While it may not be a destination for cruising itself, it offers an array of exciting experiences to enjoy before and after your charter.

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Below the waterline

Tides permitting, swim and snorkel through the waters of Thunderball Grotto

Dive deep

Dive the relics of an old DC-3 airplane, Norman’s Cay

Celebrate with friends

The Staniel Cay Yacht Club is where the Exumas social scene converges

Meet the locals

Swim with the nurse sharks in the shallow waters of Compass Cay

Pick up some keepsakes

For artisans and authentic Bahamian crafts, head to the Straw Market in George Town, Great Exuma

Taste the good life

MacDuffs at Norman’s Cay Beach Club is the perfect spot for curry conch chowder and a varied rum cocktail menu

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