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Whether it is the more than 1,000 islands and secluded bays that beckon to you or the east-meets-west luxury of the Dalmatian Coast that’s calling you, Croatia is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean.

You’ll benefit from the fact that Croatia has become increasingly popular amongst the yacht crowd as many new beach clubs and restaurants have popped up. The beautiful coastline now is a charter lifestyle to rival the French Riviera. Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Brac are just a few of the hot spots worth stepping ashore for on a Croatia luxury yacht rental. Along with its cosmopolitan offerings, the southern coast harbors glorious remnants of the past – Roman, Venetian, and Austrian influences ooze from the architecture and cuisine. The heritage is evident wherever you cruise.

During your Croatia superyacht charter, when you do choose to step ashore from your floating paradise, there are plenty of cobble-stoned streets and ancient promenades to enjoy. If you want to see from your yacht and not be seen, the Dalmatian Coast is for you. It is a place to simply sit back, relax, and just be on the water. Sailing from Dubrovnik north to Split, the southern Dalmatian Coast harbors a hotchpotch of cultures. Discover the Roman ruins and historical sites from Venetian and Ottoman chapters in the history of this region’s past. When the yacht cruises further north, be sure to tender ashore to some of the stunning Kornati archipelago’s chain of islands with unspoiled beaches and shallow bays.

Best Places to Charter in Croatia

Best places to go on a charter yacht in Croatia:

  • Mljet Island: Known for its unspoiled nature
  • Hvar Island: A hotspot for the jet set, offering vibrant nightlife
  • Paklinski Islands: Ideal for unwinding after an active day
  • Dubrovnik, Trogir, Pula, Rovinj, Split, Korčula, Brač: These cities are unmissable stops for superyacht charters
  • Krka National Park: This protected area boasts spectacular natural scenery, wildlife, and historic sites
  • Šolta: Close to Split, Šolta offers tranquil promenades leading to secret beaches

The waters that lap the Dalmatian Coast and its 1,100 islands are warm and inviting. You will be spoiled for choice by the myriad of islands, some of which are very well-established – Brac, Hvar and Korčula being the most popular. But discovering their smaller neighbors, which remain quiet, provides you with a world away from the bustling waterfronts when renting a yacht in Croatia. And then there are the fashionable walled cities of Dubrovnik and Split, both offering stunning sights that you simply cannot miss. Here, when you do choose to disembark and head ashore, you can experience urban city centers surrounded by ancient walled fortresses. Dine at lavish restaurants, spend some time shopping in both the small markets and high-end establishments and, if the mood strikes, grab cocktails at some of the area’s coolest spots to round out an exceptional Croatia yacht charter.

Superyachts for charter in Croatia

Size of yacht in Croatia

If you are chartering in Croatia, you have a choice of crewed yachts from 20 meters (65ft) to over 60 meters (200ft) in length. The luxury yachts available range from classic motor yachts to modern speedboats, sailboats, catamarans, and even hybrid vessels that combine the best of both styles. You can choose a charter based on your level of comfort and amenities, as well as the size, style, and capacity of the yacht.

Type of Superyacht for Croatia

At Northrop & Johnson, we have multiple options for your yacht charter holiday in Croatia. Our charter brokers in Croatia can advise on renting a motor yacht, sailing, yacht, or catamaran to some of the charter hotspots on the Dalmatian Coast for a week or 2 weeks.

Motor yachts

If you’re seeking ample space and the utmost in luxury, a motor yacht could be the perfect choice, offering expansive rooms and exclusive comforts, but not only: chartering a motor yacht in Croatia offers numerous benefits. The speed of these yachts allows for quick exploration of various islands and coastlines, and their design enables access to shallow waters, broadening exploration possibilities. Chartering a motor yacht in Croatia also provides a cultural experience, allowing you to engage with local traditions along the Croatian coast, with extreme flexibility of itinerary that comes with yacht chartering can provide unique and memorable experiences.

Sailing yachts

Alternatively, if you appreciate the thrill of harnessing the wind’s power, a sailing yacht is a great cruising option. Chartering a sailing yacht in Croatia offers outdoor immersion, comfort, and flexibility to explore the stunning coast. It’s a popular holiday choice, allowing cultural experiences across different islands, and you will have the possibility of experiencing hours of exhilaration as the wind embraces you, filling each moment with adrenaline. One-way charters offer varying scenery, while off-peak sailing can be cost-effective. The luxury and comfort aboard ensure a memorable stay in the Eastern Med.


Finally, for those who wish to explore the Dalmatian coastline while maintaining a sense of privacy, a catamaran could be the ideal option. Chartering a catamaran in Croatia offers a distinctive and pleasurable sailing experience due to its stability, increased space, and speed. Its shallow draft allows access to areas other vessels can’t reach, enhancing exploration opportunities. Catamarans provide privacy with separate living quarters, panoramic views, and safety. Additionally, their fuel efficiency could lead to cost savings if you are chartering a boat to explore all the islands. A catamaran charter can blend comfort, performance, and adventure tailored to your preferences.

Croatia Yachts for Charter by Shipyard

Northrop & Johnson can access most of the world’s yacht charter fleet and almost all the boats available for charter in Croatia.

If you know which yacht you would like to charter in Croatia, select your charter boat by shipyard:

and many more you will find in our Croatia yachts for charter search.

Charter Highlights Croatia

  • Stroll along Split's picturesque waterfront
  • Swim in the Blue Grotto of Vis
  • Step ashore to the historic resort of Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
  • Korčula's Moro Beach Club is the latest hot spot for the yachting crowd
  • For old-school glamour, head to the Bonj les Bains beach club, Hvar

Croatia Yacht Charter Itinerary

For a full list of all available itineraries & excursions, or to chart your own course please inquire.

Best Yachts for Charter in Croatia

Motor Yachts for Charter in Croatia

Sailing Yachts for Charter in Croatia

Yacht Charter in Croatia FAQ

Why charter a yacht in Croatia?

  • Beautiful landscapes and pristine beaches.
  • With more than 100 islands and islets, many of which are uninhabited, there’s always a place to escape the crowds.
  • Perfect place to get in touch with nature.
  • Incredibly peaceful.
  • Croatia now accepts payments in Euros.
  • Locals are very welcoming.
  • There are so many reasons to enjoy a luxury yacht charter in Croatia. Just some include:

What is there to do on a Croatia superyacht charter?

There are a wealth of activities to suit everyone while cruising along the Croatian coast. Just a few of the highlights include:

  • Re-connect with nature and hike some of Croatia’s national parks, such as the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park, the country’s largest national park spanning 30,000 hectares.
  • Drop anchor in Hvar and enjoy the town’s lively nightlife.
  • Visit the Carpe Diem Beach Club, considered one of the most exclusive in Croatia.
  • Enjoy an island-hopping experience around the Kornati archipelago, also known as the Stomorski Islands.
  • Visit the local wineries and enjoy a private guided tour and wine-tasting experience.
  • Explore the Medieval city of Dubrovnik – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and walk around its stone walls.
  • Cruise to the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island, an awe-inspiring cavern bathed in a brilliant blue light glow.
  • Enjoy a rafting experience along the scenic Cetina River.
  • Go truffle hunting in Istria, Croatia’s truffle capital! Black truffles can usually be found between September to January, while white truffles can be found year-round.
  • Cruise the Croatian coastline and discover secluded anchorages, sandy beaches, and picturesque coves.
  • Explore olive groves on the island of Brac, which boasts an impressive 1 million olive trees, producing world-class olive oils.

Which places should I visit in Croatia?

Must-visit destinations in Croatia include:

  • Split is Croatia’s second-largest city and the largest city along the Dalmatian Coast.
  • Hvar is a picturesque island in the Adriatic Sea. The port town of Hvar is rich in culture and history, while the interior is filled with fragrant lavender fields.
  • Trogir is a stunning town with one of the best-preserved historical centers in Europe.
  • Dubrovnik is known for its distinctive Old Town, which is encircled by huge stone walls dating back to the 16th century. Dubrovnik features elegant restaurants and boutiques.

Motor or sailing yacht charter in Croatia?

Whether you wish to enjoy a crewed yacht charter in Croatia aboard a luxury motor yacht or sailing vessel depends on your preference. Sailing yachts offer a sense of romance and foster an enhanced connection with the sea. On the other hand, motor boats provide more volume, amenities, and comfort than an equivalent-sized sailing yacht. No matter which type of private yacht you choose, you will enjoy all the luxuries that a crewed luxury yacht charter offers, including enhanced levels of privacy, exclusivity, and a dedicated and highly professional crew ready to cater to your every need. If you want to cruise Croatia aboard a sailing vessel or motor boat, Northrop & Johnson can help. Contact our team today.

Where should I eat in Croatia?

On a luxury yacht rental in Croatia, you can eat aboard your yacht or enjoy fine dining at one of Croatia’s gourmet restaurants, many offering superb traditional Croatian cuisine.

Michelin-starred restaurants

The number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Croatia is rising. Some of the most exclusive include:

  • Restaurant 360 is a Dubrovnik favorite.
  • Pelegrini is located in Sibenik.
  • Draga di Lovrana, located in the Draga di Lovrana resort in Hrvatska, is a must-visit.
  • Nebo: Stop in when visiting Riijeka.
  • Restaurant Alfred Keller is located in the Losinj Hotels & Villas, Mali Losinj.

Luxury beach clubs

Luxury beach clubs in Croatia also include refined dining options for lunch. Some of the most exclusive beach clubs include:

  • Carpe Diem Beach Club
  • Hula Hula
  • Gooshter Beach Club
  • Coral Beach Club

Dine aboard your luxury yacht charter 

Of course, one of the best dining experiences can be enjoyed aboard your luxury yacht. Northrop & Johnson’s fleet of luxury boats for rent in Croatia includes a dedicated private chef, some of which have Michelin-starred experience, with larger superyachts often including a sommelier. Your private yacht chef can craft incredible cuisine to your precise liking. Enjoy dining aboard your luxury yacht in complete privacy while enjoying the attentive service of your dedicated crew.

What landscapes will I see on a Croatia yacht charter?

The landscapes in Croatia are simply breathtaking. Croatia is geographically diverse, offering a range of landscapes, from flat plains to soaring mountains. Expect to enjoy stunning coastlines, beautiful pine forests, and tumbling waterfalls. Some of the most picturesque landscapes can be enjoyed while cruising the coastline or from one of Croatia’s many national parks, such as Kornati National Park, Krka National Park, and Brijuni National Park.

When is the best time to rent a yacht in Croatia?

The best time to visit Croatia is from late June through to September. Expect sun-drenched days and wonderfully warm waters ideal for making the most of your yacht’s water toys, such as slides, Jet Skis, kayaks, snorkeling and diving equipment, and inflatables.

What must I know about the weather on a Croatia yacht charter?

Croatia’s weather and water temperature are similar to the South of France. The hottest time of the year is usually July and August, when temperatures can soar up to 31C (87,8F), with an average low of around 23C (73.4F). The chance of rainfall is low, making these months the ideal time to visit and especially popular with yachting enthusiasts. The shoulder months, May, June, and September, are also warm, with highs of around 25C (77F) and lows of around 15C (59F). These are ideal months for yacht charterers seeking a quieter time to visit.

Which airports can I fly to embark on a Croatia yacht charter?

Most people will fly by private jet or commercial airline to Croatia and then travel to their yacht charter by a chauffeured private hire car or, for yachts with helipads, by helicopter.

Some of the airports you can fly into include:

  • Zagreb Fankjo Tudman Airport.
  • Dubrovnik Airport.
  • Split Airport.
  • Zadar Airport.
  • Osijek Airport.

Northrop & Johnson’s charter yacht brokers can assist with travel arrangements to and from your Croatia superyacht hire, providing a door-to-deck service that is second to none.

Anything I should be aware of when on a Croatia luxury yacht charter?

Croatia is a safe, secure, and welcoming destination for enjoying a luxury vacation on the water. Visitors heading north of the country will find more evidence of the Croatian War of Independence, 1991 to 1995, than further south. Most yacht charters tend to cruise the southern Dalmatian Coast, which offers some of the country’s most refined and culturally rich destinations.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Croatia?

The cost of chartering a boat in Croatia will depend on several factors, including the size of the vessel, its year of build and shipbuilder, onboard amenities, itinerary, and time of year. Expect to pay from US$50,000 per week for smaller yachts and up to 1 million plus for the finest superyachts. In addition to the base charter rate, there is a fee called the advanced provisioning allowance, or APA, which is typically around 10% of the total charter cost. The APA covers expenses that are not fixed, including fuel, mooring fees, and food and beverages. An experienced yacht broker, such as the team of charter specialists at Northrop & Johnson, will be able to estimate the total charter cost.

How much is the VAT for a Croatia luxury yacht charter?

The VAT for a yacht charter in Croatia is 13%. The Value Added Tax in Croatia is one of the lowest in the Mediterranean at 13%. The team of charter brokers at Northrop & Johnson will advise you on what the total VAT cost is for your luxury yacht charter and manage the payment on your behalf.

How much is the VAT for a Croatia luxury yacht charter?

The VAT for a yacht charter in Croatia is 13%. The Value Added Tax in Croatia is one of the lowest in the Mediterranean at 13%. The team of charter brokers at Northrop & Johnson will advise you on what the total VAT cost is for your luxury yacht charter and manage the payment on your behalf.

What are the best Croatia charter companies?

Northrop & Johnson is considered one of the best Croatian charter companies. As a leading global yacht brokerage, we boast a wealth of expertise and access to the finest fleet of crewed luxury yachts, including motor boats, sailing vessels, and catamarans. Contact our team today and discover why the world’s most discerning yachting enthusiasts trust Northrop & Johnson for all their Croatia yacht charter needs.

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