N&J Gives Back

Northrop & Johnson Gives Back

Northrop & Johnson has adopted environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) approach to our business. This method also focuses on social goals beyond the typical corporate role of maximizing profits. Part of this approach includes two of N&J’s company pillars.

One of these pillars is ocean conservation and sustainability, which for N&J, is more than ensuring the oceans are safe and healthy for cruising aboard yachts. We are dedicated to ocean conservation and sustainability to ensure the health of our home planet for generations to come. We are proud to participate in sustainability activities, support ocean conservation initiatives and actively promote the oceans’ health whenever possible.

A second of N&J’s pillars that aligns with our ESG strategy is “People First.” We always strive to give back when and where we can. Putting people first, be they our clients, our team members or other members of society, is near and dear to the hearts of all NoJos and so we are proud to support organizations with the same beliefs and goals. One of these organizations is Water.org and we are proud to provide support whenever and wherever possible.

Through our ESG strategy, Northrop & Johnson can look beyond numbers and focus on the heart of doing business and how we can use that heart to positively impact our communities on local, regional and global levels. We truly believe that change happens by one gesture by one person at one moment in time and we are dedicated to being the vehicles for change for people and the planet.