Why charter a Benetti yacht

Benetti is a luxury Italian shipyard known for delivering cutting-edge semi-custom yachts fused with Italian style and pioneering technology. The shipbuilder’s elegant yachts are highly sought-after with individuals seeking a refined charter yacht for a luxury vacation on the water. When you charter a Benetti yacht, you are guaranteed a stylish holiday on the water aboard one of the world’s most luxurious and state-of-the-art vessels.

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What are the benefits of chartering a Benetti boat? 

Modern Italian styling, a harmonious balance of interior and exterior spaces, exceptional engineering, and world-class onboard amenities are just a few reasons yachting enthusiasts opt to charter a Bennetti boat

Lorenzo Benetti founded the Benetti shipyard in 1873, which focused on producing wooden sailing ships. In 1941, the shipyard built the groundbreaking steel vessel with diesel engines. Then in 1962, Benetti released the 18 meter Delfino, a legendary Navetta that represented a new boating genre and a new era for Benetti.  

Today, as part of the Azimut-Benetti Group, the builder primarily focuses on creating semi-custom and fully custom superyachts using a blend of composite, aluminum, and steel. The luxury yacht builder’s extensive collection of yachts and pleasure vessels ranges from 24 meters to over 100 meters. 

Thanks to the shipyard’s focus on innovation and craftsmanship, a Benetti charter yacht offers the ultimate luxury experience, providing a platform to explore the world’s most beautiful destinations. 

What are some of the most sought-after Benetti yachts

Benetti’s range of semi-custom models and wholly custom superyachts means there is a Benetti yacht to suit all lifestyles. Popular motorboat models include the 121’ft (37m) Motopanfilo, the 145’ft (44m) Diamond, the 111’ft to 132’ft (34m-40m) Oasis series, the 164’ft to 237’ft (50m-72m) B. Now series, and the 180’ft to 247’ft  (55m-75m) B. Century series. Sought-after fully custom Benetti yachts include the 353’ft (107m) M/Y LUMINOSITY, the 226’5”ft (69.3m) SPECTRE, and the 162’5”ft (45m) EGO.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or an adventure-filled holiday, a Benetti yacht will transport you to a world of indulgence and luxury.

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