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The Benetti shipyard builds some of the most highly sought-after superyachts for sale and charter in the world. Part of the Azimut-Benetti Group, the Italian company is one of the world’s oldest yacht builders and has delivered some of the finest yachts afloat since being founded in 1873 by Lorenzo Benetti. Specializing in composite, semi-custom and wholly custom motor yachts, Benetti superyachts are renowned for their impressive Italian styling and exceptional engineering. Two-thousand-nineteen saw Benetti launch the 351-foot (107m) FB277, the largest yacht ever built by a private shipyard in Italy; it has gone on to become one of the most exclusive luxury yachts available for charter. Benetti is scheduled to launch two other yachts of the same size later in the year, the 350-foot (107m) EJI, and the 350-foot (107m) Samar (FB272).

Northrop & Johnson offers a fine selection of Benetti yachts for sale and for charter, ranging from traditional motor yachts to the latest award-winning vessels. These yachts withstand the test of time and, due to their pedigree, they often have an excellent resale value.

History of Benetti Yachts

Since 1873 Benetti has stood for Italian shipbuilding excellence producing more than 300 boats and more than 50 superyachts, including a handful of giga-yachts larger than 330 feet (100m). Originally crafting commercial sailing vessels out of wood, Benetti recognized the potential of composite material for yacht production in the 1960s and transitioned to strong steel and aluminum to build full-custom displacement and semi-displacement motor yachts ranging in size from 90 (28m) to more than 330 feet (100m). Azimut Spa acquired Benetti luxury yacht builder in 1985, adding the traditional, experienced builder into the ultra-modern, technologically advanced Azimut Benetti Group.

Benetti is headquartered in Viareggio, Italy, as are its two main shipyards: Darsena Lucca and Darsena Italia. A third yard, located close by, assembles Class Range yachts ranging from 93 to 145 feet (28m to 44m) in length. Benetti’s modernized boatyard in Livorno covers 200,000-square-meters, produces 12 custom mega yachts at a time, offers superyacht repair services and is the timeliest refit center in the Mediterranean. Its 34,000-square-meter Fano facility specializes in molding and laminating yachts.

Benetti new construction yachts adhere to the Benetti Quality System, which comprises specialists who perform more than 1,000 quality inspection checks and tests on every yacht, following the most stringent safety and technical standards. Benetti’s architects, engineers, designers and project managers boast fanatical attention to detail and an obsession with quality to produce iconic Italian luxury yachts, such as the custom VICA FB801.

Benetti has been recognized as world leaders for building Custom Mega Yachts for the past decade having won several awards, including the ShowBoats International award for “First Custom Mega Yacht Builder larger than 80 feet.”

Benetti continues to think ahead with its BEST concept, which integrates all onboard electronics, an integrated bridge system (which reduces the number of necessary navigation panels), a diesel-electric propulsion system and more.

“A Benetti yacht for sale offers an unsurpassed combination of Italian construction and craftsmanship, impeccable quality and fine attention to detail,” says Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker David Seal. “Aspiring to the highest technical and functional standards without compromising appearance and comfort has always been one of Benetti’s most important goals and is why a Benetti yacht has such great appeal for Northrop & Johnson’s clients, whether as new-build projects or as used yachts for sale. In short, Benetti yachts withstand the test of time beautifully and often have an outstanding resale value. They are well suited for refits, should owners want to make changes.”

Since 1873 Benetti has stood for Italian ship-building excellence

The Benetti Yacht Fleet

Northrop & Johnson offers a wide range of Benetti yachts for sale, including wholly custom superyachts built in steel and aluminum and composite semi-custom full and fast displacement series motor yachts. There are dozens of Benetti yachts for sale and more than 30 boats and superyachts under construction at its facilities, including a few very large vessels.

Aside from the three 350-foot (107m) launches in 2019, notable yacht builds by Benetti include the 295-foot (90m) LIONHEART, the 282-foot (86m) NABILA, the 282-foot (86m) KINGDOM 5KR, and the 230-foot (70m) REVERIE. As of 2019, the Italian shipyard has delivered 46 custom superyachts larger than 165 feet (50m) and has six additional 165-foot-plus (50m-plus) yachts currently in build. Some of the custom superyachts are built in a semi-custom steel and aluminum series that share a common platform, ranging from 164 (50m) up to 240 feet (73m). This allows the Italian builders to offer a semi-custom package based on a common technical platform and thus avoiding expensive delays while still allowing ample opportunities for customization.

Benetti’s composite semi-custom models range from 100-feet – 145-feet (30m – 45m) and include the Delfino 95 (28.95m), the Mediterraneo 116 (35.3m), the Benetti Classic 121 (36.9m), the Fast 125 (38m), the Classic Supreme 132 (40m), the Crystal 140 (42m) and the Veloce 140 (42m).

Due to the large range of Benetti yachts for sale, Northrop & Johnson’s knowledgeable team of brokers will be able to find the most suitable yacht to suit a client’s requirements. Backed by the enormous financial firepower of the Azimut-Benetti Group, their market share looks to be in safe hands for the foreseeable future. For more information on Benetti yachts for sale, a new build Benetti or to charter a Benetti, contact your preferred Northrop & Johnson broker.

Benetti Yachts For Sale

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