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Get ready to answer this captivating destination’s call of thrilling escapades and discovery.

The incredible Out Islands of The Bahamas is a tranquil and less-tourist region that showcases the beauty of calm waves and thriving reefs. Here, you can escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the untouched natural wonders that await.

Out Islands Bahamas Yacht Charter

The Bahamas consists of over 700 islands and cays, with the Out Islands referring to those beyond the major centers like Nassau and Freeport. These islands include places like the Exumas, Eleuthera, Andros, and the Abacos.

They’re known for their stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, and opportunities for outdoor activities like snorkeling, diving, and fishing. These islands offer a more tranquil and secluded experience than the bustling tourist hubs.

Relax on Acklins Island

Acklins Island invites you to spend an afternoon exploring the shallow lagoon of Bight of Acklins. Engage in snorkeling, paddleboarding, or kayaking, and watch for fascinating species that inhabit these waters.

Crooked Island, along with Acklins and Long Cay, remains remarkably natural, preserving the essence of the past. Discover the blue and green waters of Turtle Sound, named for the abundance of turtles that grace the area.

Bird watching on Mayaguana Island

Venture to Mayaguana, the easternmost island of the archipelago, and indulge in extraordinary bird watching in the “outback of The Bahamas.” Observe the beautiful endemic hummingbird, the Bahamas Woodstar, and the vibrant West Indian Flamingos, which can also be spotted on Crooked Island.

Visit Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island

On Long Island, visit the renowned Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest sinkhole in The Bahamas, plunging to a depth of 663 feet. Dive or snorkel in this mesmerizing location and witness the thriving marine life, including seahorses, turtles, and tarpon. Explore the vibrant coral reefs or try your hand at fishing and diving, immersing yourself in the wonders beneath the surface.

Untouched Andros

Andros, the largest island in The Bahamas, is known as The Big Yard and remains virtually untouched, offering countless adventures for those on yacht charters. Experience world-class scuba diving, diverse sea life, deep sea and fly fishing, and marvel at the harmonious coexistence of pine trees and palm trees. Discover mesmerizing blue holes, vertical voids created by water and limestone over thousands of years. Captain Bill’s Blue Hole, a spectacular inland blue hole, invites you to jump in from the deck at the water’s edge.

Experience true Bahamian culture on Cat Island

Though quiet and unassuming, Cat Island is brimming with treasures for its visitors. Stretching roughly 50 miles from north to south and four miles at its widest point, it is home to The Bahamas’ highest point, Mt. Alvernia, also known as Como Hill. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of the island, including the lively Rake ‘n’ Scrape music and delicious flour cakes. Experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals, where there is no such thing as a stranger.

Visit Green Turtle Cay on an Abacos Yacht Charter

Green Turtle Cay is situated in the northern part of the Bahamas, within the Abaco Islands. It is accessible by boat or ferry from the mainland of Great Abaco Island. The island is relatively small, measuring about three miles long and half a mile wide.

Contact an Out Island yacht charter broker

Northrop & Johnson is a leading international yacht brokerage with access to the best and most luxurious yachts for charter, including Out Island Bahamas yacht charters. Our Out Island sailing yacht brokers know everything there is to know about the Bahamas and an Out Island yacht holiday.

We take pride in listening to our client’s needs and crafting exceptional charter itineraries for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience. Rent a relaxing yacht charter in the Out Islands and enjoy the ultimate vacation on the water. Contact our yacht brokers today to start planning your private yacht getaway.

What other yacht charter destinations are near the Out Islands?

Yacht Charter Exumas

Discover secluded anchorages, pristine waters, and the famous swimming pigs at Big Major Cay on an Exumas yacht charter or sailing holiday.

Yacht Charter Eleuthera

Explore white sand beaches, hidden caves, and picturesque harbors surrounded by crystal-clear waters, which are ideal for snorkeling and diving.

Yacht Charter Harbour Island

Experience the charm of this idyllic island with its pastel-colored cottages, boutique shops, and world-renowned Pink Sands Beach, perfect for romantic getaways.

Yacht Charter Nassau & Paradise Island

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Nassau, with its historic forts, bustling markets, and luxurious resorts alongside the glamour of Paradise Island’s casinos and beaches.

Yacht Charter Cuba

Delve into Cuba’s rich history, vibrant music, and colorful streets while enjoying its pristine coastline, secluded anchorages, abundant sea life, and world-class diving sites.

Yacht Charter Dominican Republic

Experience the Dominican Republic’s diverse landscapes, from lush rainforests and majestic waterfalls to idyllic white sand beaches and vibrant towns, while enjoying warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage.

Yacht Charter Caribbean

Set sail on an unforgettable journey through the Caribbean, where each island offers its unique charm, from the lush rainforests of Dominica to the vibrant nightlife of St. Maarten and the secluded beaches of the Grenadines.

The ultimate 3-day Out Island yacht charter itinerary

The Out Islands promises an unforgettable journey through some of the Bahamas’ most pristine and secluded destinations. Day one sets sail from Nassau, heading southeast towards the Exumas. As the sun rises over the turquoise waters, guests can indulge in a leisurely breakfast on deck before making their first stop at the iconic Swimming Pigs Beach on Big Major Cay. Here, guests can frolic with the world-famous swimming pigs, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, or relax on the powdery white sands.

Afterward, the yacht continues its journey through the Exumas, passing by scenic cays and hidden anchorages before dropping anchor at Norman’s Cay for the night. Guests can dine under the stars on freshly caught seafood from the yacht’s private chef, followed by stargazing on deck.

On day two, guests awaken to the gentle lapping of waves against the yacht’s hull and a picturesque sunrise over the horizon. After a delicious breakfast, the yacht sets sail towards the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, a protected marine reserve renowned for its vibrant coral reefs and abundant marine life. Guests can spend the day snorkeling amongst colorful fish and coral gardens, paddleboarding in tranquil coves, or exploring the park’s pristine beaches and hiking trails.

In the afternoon, the yacht cruises to Staniel Cay, where guests can visit the famous Thunderball Grotto, featured in James Bond films, and swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Exuma Blue Hole.

As the day draws to a close, guests can enjoy cocktails on deck while watching the sunset paint the sky in hues of pink and gold, followed by a gourmet dinner prepared by the yacht’s culinary team.

Get in touch with a yacht broker in the Out Islands

Northrop & Johnson is a leading international yacht brokerage with access to the best and most luxurious yachts for charter in the Out Islands of the Bahamas. Our yacht charter brokers boast unparalleled expertise and market intelligence.

We take pride in listening to our client’s needs and crafting exceptional charter itineraries in and around the Bahamas. Rent a superyacht in the Out islands and enjoy the ultimate vacation on the water. Contact our yacht brokers today if you want the perfect sailing vacation. We will be thrilled to assist you on your yachting journey.

Charter Highlights Out Islands

  • Explore the shallow lagoon of Bight of Acklins
  • Try and spot some of the rare birds and wildlife on Mayaguana
  • Dive into Captain Bill's Blue Hole
  • Visit The Bahamas' highest point, Mt. Alvernia
  • Visit Conception Island National Park
  • Visit the iconic Swimming Pigs Beach on Big Major Cay
  • Swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Exuma Blue Hole
  • Observe the beautiful endemic hummingbird, the Bahamas Woodstar
  • Jump into Captain Bill’s Blue Hole, a spectacular inland blue hole
  • Explore the Thunderball Grotto, an underwater cave featured in the James Bond film "Thunderball"

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Out Islands Bahamas yacht charter FAQs

How much does it cost to go on a Bahamas yacht charter?

The cost of a Bahamas yacht charter in the Out Islands will depend on several factors, including your yacht choice, length of charter experience, and cruising itinerary. The larger and more prestigious the vessel, the more expensive the yacht rental will be.

Expect the entry point for a private Bahamas yacht to start at around US$50,000 for a week, rising to more than one million for the world’s finest superyachts and mega yachts. If you want to enjoy a luxury yacht charter in the Out Islands, the team at Northrop & Johnson will be delighted to assist you. Our charter brokers will select your ideal yacht and craft an incredible getaway in the Bahamas. Contact us today.

Where can I berth my yacht in the Out Islands?

In the Out Islands of the Bahamas, there are various marinas and harbors where you can berth your yacht. Some popular options include:

Staniel Cay Yacht Club

This well-equipped marina is located in the Exumas and offers berthing facilities, fuel, provisions, and access to nearby attractions like Thunderball Grotto and the Swimming Pigs.

Black Point Marina

Another option in the Exumas, Black Point Marina, provides mooring services, fuel, basic provisions, and easy access to the local settlement for dining and supplies.

Treasure Cay Marina

Situated on Great Abaco Island, Treasure Cay Marina offers a full range of services, including berths, fuel, provisioning, and access to the renowned Treasure Cay Beach.

Hope Town Harbour Marina

Located on Elbow Cay in the Abacos, this marina provides berths, fuel, and amenities within walking distance of the charming village of Hope Town and its iconic candy-striped lighthouse.

Spanish Wells Yacht Haven

Found on St. George’s Cay in the northern part of Eleuthera, this marina offers berths, fuel, provisioning services, and access to the beautiful beaches and quaint town of Spanish Wells.

George Town Marina

Situated on Great Exuma Island, George Town Marina is a popular stopover in the Exumas, offering berthing facilities, fuel, provisions, and easy access to the town’s amenities.

Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina

Located on North Bimini Island, this marina provides berths, fuel, and amenities and is a gateway to world-class fishing grounds and diving sites.

What's to expect from the weather on Bahamas yacht charters

You can generally expect a tropical maritime climate characterized by warm temperatures, abundant sunshine, and relatively mild winters on a Bahamas yacht charter. Here’s what to expect from the weather in the Out Islands throughout the year:

Dry Season (Late Fall to Early Spring)

Late Fall (November to December): Pleasant temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to low 80s Fahrenheit (24-28°C). Lower humidity and minimal rainfall make this an ideal time for outdoor activities.

Winter (January to February): Mild temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to low 70s Fahrenheit (18-22°C). This is considered the peak tourist season, with clear skies and little rainfall, making it perfect for yacht charters and beach activities.

Early Spring (March to April): Gradual warming with temperatures climbing back into the high 70s to low 80s Fahrenheit (25-28°C). Charter yachts can expect calm seas and sunny days, ideal for exploring the islands and enjoying water sports.

Wet Season (Late Spring to Early Fall)

Late Spring (May to June): Increasing temperatures with occasional showers and thunderstorms, especially in the afternoons. Temperatures typically range from the mid-70s to high 80s Fahrenheit (24-31°C).

Summer (July to August): Warm temperatures with higher humidity and a higher chance of rainfall, often in the form of brief, intense showers or thunderstorms. Temperatures can reach the low to mid-90s Fahrenheit (32-35°C).

Early Fall (September to October): Warm temperatures persist with a higher likelihood of tropical storms or hurricanes, particularly in September. Temperatures range from the mid-70s to low 90s Fahrenheit (24-33°C).

What is the currency in the Bahamas and the Out Islands?

The currency used in the Bahamas, including the Out Islands, is the Bahamian dollar (BSD). The Bahamian dollar has the same value and is pegged to the US dollar (USD) on a one-to-one basis. This means that Bahamian and US dollars are widely accepted throughout the country, and many prices may be quoted in either currency. However, it’s important to note that while both currencies are accepted, you may receive a change in Bahamian dollars, even if you pay in US dollars. Having some cash on hand’s also a good idea, as smaller businesses and vendors may prefer cash transactions. Major credit cards are widely accepted at hotels, restaurants, and larger establishments in the Out Islands.

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