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Luxury Italian yacht builder Tankoa is newer on the yacht building scene but has made quite a splash with its impressive superyachts. The brand was created in 2007 and swiftly began production of its first two yachts in 2008; both projects were larger than 65 meters. The brand’s ethos revolves around the client experience. From the conceptualization of a project to its build to the after-sales service, Tankoa is dedicated to making each yacht owner’s dream a reality. The brand does not shy away from pushing boundaries or breaking the mold when it comes to building the dreams of its owners. Utilizing advanced technology, new design aesthetics and unique concepts, Tankoa is proud to produce luxury superyachts that provide owners with the ultimate experience at sea.

Tankoa Yachts Heritage

Tankoa is located Genoa Sestri Ponente, Italy. The city has a deep-seated maritime heritage and is renowned for its shipbuilding tradition. Strategically located on the Mediterranean Sea, Tankoa found the city to be the perfect location for its shipyard. The brand’s five-story, multi-service head office is located in a striking avant-garde building that the administration, technical, executive and commercial offices call home. The shipyard itself boasts 3,600 square meters of sheds; each 18 meters high with two climate-controlled production areas 20 meters wide by 90 meters long. Each of these spaces has an independent operational department dedicated to the yacht in build. Tankoa’s quay is 250 meters long and 20 meters widespread across 11,000 square meters of water. It allows for maneuvering and mooring of the largest yachts in the global fleet. The brand added another 15,000 square meters for an extra berth. A further smaller, but completely fortified dock at the end of the quay welcomes between eight and 10 medium-size yachts for mooring. Tankoa not only builds yachts, it also is a full refit yard capable of completing yacht refits and renewals to the same standards as its new-build projects. The yard’s ideal location in Genoa allows for easy access. The refit team utilizes the most advanced technologies to refresh and revitalize yachts to their highest possible potential ensuring they leave the yard better than new.

Italian Style Meets Northern European Quality

Tankoa prides itself on its impressive designs and innovation that allow the brand to create some of the most sought-after luxury yachts on the market. Tankoa has a special relationship with Francesco Paszkowski’s Design Studio. Together they conceptualize yachts produced by Tankoa to the exact specifications of each owner. Unique technologies aboard Tankoa’s yachts protect against electromagnetic pollution and offer industry-leading automation system. The brand’s yachts boast the best results in terms of noise and vibration reduction. Tankoa’s yachts are built following the terms of the Maritime Pollution Prevention, achieving the special annotation of Green Plus. The boats funnel engine exhaust so to not interfere with the enjoyment of those utilizing the yacht. All Tankoa yachts have double-class certification, both Lloyd’s and RINA as well as MCA surveys. Tankoa puts great effort into its research and development to ensure its superyachts are offer the latest innovations. Tankoa’s goal is to create eco-friendly yachts that offer a harmony of technology and life at sea with sensible, stunning designs and solutions that allow for ease of life on board.

“Tankoa is a very impressive builder,” says Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker Kevin Merrigan. “It’s a veritable new kid on the block, but already is showing it’s here to stay by creating luxury yachts that not only look beautiful but also are performance and technologically savvy.”

“Tankoa yachts for charter offer guests everything they could want and more while enjoying an on-water holiday,” says Northrop & Johnson charter broker Fiona Maureso. “Style, grace, performance, distinctiveness — these words are the perfect embodiment of Tankoa’s luxury charter yachts. Guests who cruise aboard Tankoa’s charter yachts often are repeat clients.”

Luxury yachts that not only look beautiful but also are performance and technologically savvy

The Tankoa Collection

Tankoa delivered its first yacht in 2015. The 227-foot (69.3m) superyacht SUERTE is stylish and sleek. She set the bar extremely high for all future Tankoa yachts. Her interior and exterior design both were courtesy of Francesco Paszkowski Designs; her interior was in collaboration with Margherita Casprini. Chic, yet livable, SUERTE is an on-water retreat. Six exceptional staterooms, including a bridge-deck master with 180-degree views, welcome up to 12 guests. Alfresco living onboard is a breeze. SUERTE boasts a beach club and bar as well as a sea-level spa and steam room/Hamman. Her touch-and-go helipad allows guests to come and go as they please.

The second delivery from Tankoa was VERTIGE, which arrived with considerable acclaim. Welcoming 12 guests in six resplendent staterooms, including an on-deck master, VERTIGE is a floating masterpiece. From her fold-out master suite balconies to her aft gym and transom platform for easy water access, she is as unique and refreshing. VERTIGE is 164 feet (49.9m) in length and boasts a 31-foot (9.4m) beam. Her spacious decks allow guests to enjoy the alfresco lifestyle with ease. VERTIGE already has a considerable following on the charter market.

Launched in August 2018, the 236-foot (72m) luxury yacht SOLO made her debut at the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show. Dubbed the most ecological yacht of the year by RINA, SOLO is a true marvel. Like all Tankoa yachts, much consideration was given to the eco-friendliness of the superyacht. The yacht’s exterior design is by Francesco Paszkowski with an interior by Francesco Paszkowski in collaboration with Margherita Casprini. SOLO features a more virile interior style with Fendi Casa seating and dark tones that contrast beautifully with the natural light that flows in via her large windows. The yacht’s top deck is private, fully dedicated to the owner. She features a beach club, a winter garden, three tender garages and so much more. SOLO also has become a very sought-after charter yacht.

Tankoa’s TANKOA S501 — 164-foot (50m) series — boasts an award-winning design. This Tankoa yacht for sale allows the owner to customize her to his specifications. Available with different engine packages, the yacht can be powered by classic propulsion or a hybrid arrangement if desired. TANKOA S501 is made from light alloy, but a steel hull is available upon request. The Tankoa superyacht boasts oversized decks and an outstanding interior layout. She is comfortable, quiet and efficient. The best 164-foot (50m) concept on the market, she is fully designed and built in Italy.

Tankoa’s S531 promises flexibility for owners. From her oversized, floor-to-ceiling windows to her exceptional beach club, this yacht encourages enjoyment and exploration of life at sea. The S531 can be built with heated windows and Ice Class hull for true adventure cruising. She is 173 feet (53m) in length and welcomes 12 guests aboard.

The TANKOA S533 SAETTA is ideal for owners with a need for speed. Tankoa took a different approach to design with the SAETTA, which is a wide-body concept with a full main deck. She is as comfortable as she is sleek and fast. Her Rolls Royce-KaMeWa water-jets were integral in creating a 173-foot (53m) yacht capable of flirting with 30 knots and relatively reasonable power.

The S581 DIAVOLO offers, according to Tankoa “the best styling ever.” The brand’s most stylish concept was modeled after the good looks of an Italian sports car. She is finished to the ultimate degree of quality and ensure the total performance packages that you have come to expect from Tankoa. This 190-foot (58m) cruises easily at 24 knots. Available in a five- or six-cabin layout, she offers customizations allowing owners to truly make the yacht their own. Part of Tankoa’s “family line,” the S581 DIAVOLO has exceptional outdoor spaces for guest to enjoy. To enhance the yacht’s sex appeal, choose a matte paint finish for a stealthy look.

Tankoa’s S621 INFINITY offers limitless possibilities. Designed in collaboration with Francesco Paszkowski, the essence was to create the perfect hybrid of explorer and luxury cruiser. This 203-foot (62m) boasts extensive interior volume, elegant living spaces, oversized aft deck, huge beach club, infinity pool and more. This yacht pushes the boundaries of style and design utilizing ergonomics, materials, fabrics and suggestive lightning architecture not seen elsewhere on the water. The S621 INFINITY can be Ice Classed to allow for global exploration.

Tankoa redefines the classic yacht with the S701 Classic & Plum Bow. With evergreen styling, this 232-foot (71m) yacht’s beauty will never fade. She is completely outfitted for the utmost comfort and performance. Five on-deck cabins are well suited for guests and the private upper-deck is solely for owner use. But her layout is flexible, allowing for owner’s choice. She features a six-meter pool, lounges, a winter garden, formal dining with floor-to-ceiling windows, a large beach club with lounge, a gym with fold-out terraces and a spa and so much more. She already was awarded a RINA Green Star platinum for her environmentally-friendly aspects.

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Tankoa Yachts For Sale

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