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Bering Group was established with a profound respect for the curiosity-driven pioneers of the past, present, and future, individuals who possess the courage and unwavering determination to venture into the uncharted. Our core mission revolves around the creation of robust steel yachts, meticulously designed to ensure a safe and comfortable voyage, even in the most demanding conditions.

Within the Bering Group umbrella, we cater to a wide spectrum of maritime needs. Bering Yachts specializes in crafting ocean-worthy steel yachts, while Bering Marine offers high-speed catamarans supported by hydrofoil technology. To date, our group has successfully completed 13 yacht and superyacht projects, with an additional 16 currently in progress.

Bering Yachts

Our journey commenced in 2007 when we embarked on the construction of a 55-foot all-metal vessel in Foshan, China. Following the successful completion and delivery of six additional yachts, we relocated our operations to Turkey in 2017. This pivotal move ignited our expansion, and we further augmented our production capabilities by establishing a new shipyard in Bulgaria. Presently, Bering Group’s global headquarters are situated in the United States, with additional offices in Germany and Australia.

In-House Engineers and Designers

At the heart of our enterprise, we take immense pride in our exceptional team, comprising over 250 highly skilled craftsmen. They meticulously bring our extraordinary vessels to life within our state-of-the-art shipbuilding facilities, strategically located in Antalya, Turkey, and Burgas, Bulgaria.
Our yachts, ranging up to 24 meters in length, offer something truly exceptional. They seamlessly blend ultimate comfort, safety, and extended cruising ranges—three pillars that underpin our product offering. These vessels are proudly referred to as ‘superyachts,’ as they encapsulate the same level of technological sophistication, production excellence, and quality control seen in larger superyachts. Our commitment is to deliver an unparalleled experience, regardless of the vessel’s size.

In-House Furniture Production

At Bering Yachts, we understand the pivotal role of furniture in crafting a genuinely comfortable, ergonomic, and safe onboard experience for yacht enthusiasts. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that every single detail is painstakingly crafted to not only meet but exceed the highest international standards. We are dedicated to utilizing exclusively certified materials specially designed for maritime applications. Whether it’s leather, fabrics, or veneer, we source them diligently from the most reputable manufacturers in the Netherlands, Italy, and Turkey.

Throughout the production process, we pay meticulous attention to every detail. For example, we employ a specialized chamber with precise temperature and humidity controls to store veneer, ensuring its durability and preventing cracking and tearing during operation. Moreover, our yachts feature unique panel attachments that not only reduce noise and vibration but also enhance comfort. These innovative attachments offer yacht owners the flexibility to effortlessly update their interiors whenever desired, ensuring each Bering vessel remains unique today and into the future.

Bering Marine

In May 2017, Bering Group acquired Hysucat, retaining the original name. After several years of introducing new models and design enhancements, Hysucat was rebranded as Bering Marine in 2023. Today, Bering Marine offers an array of boating solutions encompassing both aluminum and fiberglass ranges, all supported by our distinctive hydrofoil technology.

What is ‘hydrofoil technology’?

Hydrofoil technology reduces the contact area with water by elevating the boat above the surface. This innovative approach allows the boat to glide gracefully on the water, ensuring a smooth ride even at high speeds. It also leads to reduced fuel consumption, increased cruising range, and enhanced overall comfort and safety due to significantly reduced impact from waves.

Today, there are over 60 Bering Marine vessels navigating waters worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to quality shines through our meticulous craftsmanship and the use of durable materials. With a rich history and continuous commitment to innovation, Bering Marine offers a range of boats that redefine performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

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