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Welcome to Infiniti Yachts – Where Sailing Meets Revolution

Infiniti Yachts stands as a beacon of change within the industry, challenging conventions and demolishing preconceived notions. Their yachts represent a seismic shift in design and sailing, offering a future where vessels are lighter, more powerful, and remarkably easier to sail. This is not just an evolution; it’s a performance revolution.

The Infiniti Difference

Step aboard an Infiniti yacht and experience and discover their patented DSS system, a technological marvel that’s rewriting the rules of sailing. Their innovative system deploys retractable foils, revolutionizing the traditional concept of fixed or canting keels. The result? Yachts that boast unprecedented stability while shedding unnecessary weight. But that’s just the beginning.

DSS, or Dynamic Stability System, is a game-changer that redefines comfort for sailors, slashes displacement, and turbocharges Velocity Made Good (VMG) in offshore sailing. These foils have graced groundbreaking vessels for a decade, leaving an indelible mark on the sailing world.

The Science Behind DSS

Picture this: a retractable foil that deploys to leeward, working in perfect harmony with the yacht’s keel. Yes, it produces drag, but it also generates lift – and the lift is the key to unlocking the yacht’s true potential. This lift significantly reduces drag through the water, resulting in mind-bending speed.

But there’s more to it. The DSS foil creates Righting Moment, the magic formula that combines power and stability. Think of it as having a crew strategically positioned on the yacht’s side, or tinkering with the keel, or even adding water ballast – but it’s all packaged neatly in one game-changing innovation.

Infiniti Yachts was thrilled to have been part of the award-winning team behind CANOVA, which earned the prestigious title of “Sailing Yacht of the Year” at the 2020 World Superyacht Awards. CANOVA, a 142′ (43.3m) masterpiece crafted by Baltic Shipyard, made history as the first sailing superyacht to successfully integrate the groundbreaking Infiniti Dynamic Stability Systems (DSS) foil. This innovative technology had significantly reduced drag and pitching by 42%, while simultaneously elevating performance and comfort. The judges were effusive in their praise, recognizing that CANOVA’s triumph was a testament to Infiniti Yachts’ pioneering technological advancements in the world of sailing yachts.

The Perfect Blend

With increased power, reduced drag, and a staggering reduction in heeling (up to 30%) and pitching (up to 42% less), an Infiniti yacht is not just fast; it’s a breeze to sail. Say goodbye to the struggles of conventional sailing and embrace a new era of performance and comfort.

Infiniti Yachts – Redefining Sailing, One Innovation at a Time.

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