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Hatteras Yachts is an American shipyard that stands for quality, durability and safety. From its beginning in 1960 to today, they have stood the test of time, continuing to evolve and build outstanding yachts. Over the years the Hatteras fleet has spanned of sportfish yachts, convertible yachts, and motor yachts ranging from around 32 feet (9.7m) to 130 feet (32.62m).

Today the Hatteras brand focuses on boats 45 feet (13.7m) to 105 feet (39m). Through building these yachts, Hatteras has pioneered many technologies that have become standard in boat building today, such as multi-blade props and deep gear ratios. With skilled master craftsmen and other staff, several of whom have been with the company for over 45 years, the brand ensures that each yacht is built to the highest quality. Hatteras yachts shine with impeccable seakeeping abilities, high-quality craftsmanship and impressive layouts. Check out the selection of Hatteras yachts for sale below.

Hatteras Shipyard Heritage

Hatteras Yachts was born in High Point, North Carolina in 1959 when founder and avid fisherman Willis Slane set out to build stronger, more seaworthy boat than the traditional wooden fishing vessels. He wanted a boat that could easily handle the treacherous waters off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. For his boat, Slane enlisted, young naval architect Jack Hargrave, who at the time was designing yachts for Rybovich and later went on to create his own brand of yachts, Hargrave Yachts. Breaking from tradition, Slane used fiberglass to build the 41-foot (12.49m) KNIT WITS, which was launched in 1960. KNIT WITS was the first fiberglass yacht of its size and the use of fiberglass forever changed the industry.

After impressive sea trials, the word of KNIT WITS capabilities spread and Hatteras Yachts soon became the largest shipbuilder of yachts over 40 feet (12.19m), building both sportfish and motor yachts. In 1967, Hatteras Yachts added a second manufacturing facility in New Bern, North Carolina, which is where the company solely builds its yachts today. Over the years, the innovation at Hatteras Yachts has set standards in the industry, such as deep tunnel design to enhance performance and rudder response.

“There are few brands that have been able to make it through the evolving decades, and Hatteras Yachts is one of them. Their superb quality and innovation have allowed them to become legends in the industry. Hatteras Yachts tend to be slightly heavier compared to its competitors, but it’s their strong hull and durability that help set them apart, making them exceptional yachts to own,” Says Sales Broker Wes Sanford.

Hatteras Today

Throughout the years, the brand has changed ownership several times but holds strong to its notable build and innovation. They continue to build all yachts in New Bern, North Carolina, working closely with their customers to build their dream vessel. Their waterfront facility is state-of-the-art and spans across 95 acres.

Their staff and master craftsman include people who have been with the company for more than 45 years, thus ensuring the yachts are built to the highest of standards. The collection of Hatteras Yachts for sale is extensive. Over the years they have built yachts 32 feet (9.7m) to 130 feet (32.62m) today the brand builds motor yachts 60 feet (18.2m) to 105 feet (32m), to and sportfishers 45 feet (13.7m) to 70 feet (21.3m). With its extensive collection, you are sure to find the perfect Hatteras Yacht for sale that you’re looking for.

After a Hatteras Yacht is launched the relationship does not end. Hatteras believes that the relationship does not end when the key are handed over, they give each owner a multi-day orientation with their yacht and work with customers for the years to come to assist them with the needs of their yachts.

Hatteras Yacht’s make excellent yachts for charter,” says Charter Broker Jessica Englemann. Their impressive build and seakeeping ability allow charter guests to be able to effortlessly enjoy the comforts of the yacht with less roll compared to some of their competitors.”

With a commitment to innovation, Hatteras is an American shipyard synonymous for quality, durability and safety.

Hatteras Yacht Models

The Motor Yacht Fleet

Hatteras Yachts motor yachts collection currently comprises of the 105RPH, M90 Panacera, the M75 Panacera and the M60. Each motor yacht built by Hatteras Yachts showcases sophisticated exterior styling and beautifully appointed details. Their spacious layouts are designed to give everyone aboard the best of the on-water lifestyle, allowing for effortless living and entertaining.

Each of their motor yachts offers multiple areas for relaxing, sumptuous accommodations and copious flybridges. Their yacht’s rival competitors with their abundance of natural light, each model has expansive windows and the M90 Panacera and 105RPH both have sunroofs. Their sumptuous accommodations provide the perfect place to relax after a day of fun on the water. Every model in they currently build features a spacious, full-beam stateroom and plush accommodations for additional guests.

Select models are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including the Hattcon system. This system is a full yacht management control system that allows for everything from the lighting to A/C and all the yacht’s motoring systems to be easily controlled through an app on an Apple device. Keeping with its heritage Hatteras Yacht’s motor yachts has exceptional seakeeping abilities, making them ideal for those with extended cruising in mind.

The Sportfish Yacht Fleet

The Hatteras GT series is known as some of the best sportfishing yachts built today. The GT series is comprised of the GT70, GT65 Carolina, GT59, GT54, GT45X, GT45X Flybridge, GT45X Tower and GT45X Open. The GT70, GT65 Carolina, GT59, and GT54 are top-notch sportfishers perfect for tournament fishing, the 45-foot (13.7) collection is equally well equipped, but its size is the perfect entry-level boat. The Hatteras Yachts GT series offers the best of both worlds in terms of fishability and comfort. They they exceptional performance and maneuverability while their interior spaces allow one to enjoy the luxurious comfort and smooth ride. The brand’s heritage is very much alive in the sportfish models they build today, meaning their yachts excel even in rough seas.

Their sportfish yachts are able to pierce through head seas, then steadily flatten out toward the transom, which allows for more lift and less drag thus allowing for exceptional fuel economy and speed. GT series yachts all have a top speed of over 40 knots and cruising speeds in the mid-30-knot range.

Whether seeking a motor yacht or sporfish, a Hatteras Yacht is an excellent choice. Northrop & Johnson’s sales brokers are experts on Hatteras Yachts for sale and would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect Hatteras Yacht for you.

Hatteras Yachts For Sale

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