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Harnessing Türkiye’s rich shipbuilding heritage

Nestled in the historically and strategically significant region of Türkiye, RMK Marine stands as a beacon of excellence in ship and yacht building. With roots deeply intertwined with the legacy of centuries of maritime expertise, RMK Marine draws upon the eastern Mediterranean’s remarkable history as a nexus of empires and a hub of shipbuilding prowess.

For millennia, the shores of Türkiye have witnessed the construction of magnificent vessels that sailed the seas, carrying the aspirations of great civilizations. Today, RMK Marine carries this proud heritage forward, benefitting from the region’s unparalleled heritage and craftsmanship. The shipyard’s strategic location in Istanbul offers a unique advantage, tapping into the vast knowledge, skilled workforce and centuries-old shipbuilding techniques that have been honed and perfected over generations. By embracing this legacy, RMK Marine epitomizes the fusion of heritage and innovation, delivering exceptional, award-winning vessels that showcase a timeless blend of artistry, engineering and maritime heritage.

Redefining yacht refits and restorations

In addition to its exceptional new build capabilities, RMK Marine has carved a niche as a leading authority in yacht refits and restorations. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence obtained from new build projects, the yard brings a new level of expertise to transforming existing yachts into extraordinary vessels. Specializing in refits and restorations allows RMK Marine to breathe new life into yachts, ensuring it meets discerning owners’ needs and evolving desires.

From revitalizing classic beauties to modernizing contemporary yachts, the skilled craftsmen at RMK Marine possess the expertise to deliver awe-inspiring transformations. Whether integrating cutting-edge technologies, enhancing performance or reimagining interior spaces, its dedication to preserving the original charm while infusing contemporary luxury is unmatched.

With its in-house team of artisans and experts, RMK Marine ensures that each project is executed with the utmost precision and craftsmanship. By specializing in this meticulous art, the builder paves the way for yacht owners to embark on a remarkable journey of reinvention, unlocking the true potential of RMK Marine yachts and elevating clients’ yachting experiences.

A shipyard to watch

With much acclaim and attention from yachting enthusiasts and insiders alike, RMK Marine has emerged as a shipyard to watch. Backed by Türkiye’s most prominent private conglomerate, Koç Holdings—the only group of Turkish companies listed in the Fortune 500—the shipyard has a strong foundation for success, investing in cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art facilities and their world-class workforce.

This also allows RMK Marine access to an extensive network of industry contacts resulting in prestigious collaborations with renowned worldwide designers. Thanks to the unmatched diversity of products and services, its well-established departments for quality control, planning, logistics etc. and in-house designers and artisans, RMK Marine pushes boundaries and sets new superyacht building and design standards.

Award-winning, future-proof design

The results speak for themselves. Among RMK Marine’s global fleet are award-winning vessels, including:

  • 170’7” (52m) S/Y NAZENIN V: Judges Commendation Award, 2010 World Superyacht Awards for Best Sailing Yacht Over 45m.
  • 148’ (45m) M/Y CALLIOPE (ex SCOUT, ex KARIA): Special Commendation for Best Displacement Motor Yacht Below 500GT, 2012 World Superyacht Awards; Finalist for Interior Design Award for Displacement Motor Yachts 100’-199’, ShowBoats Design Awards 2012; Finalist for Exterior Design & Styling Award, Displacement Motor Yachts 100’-199’, ShowBoats Design Awards 2012; Finalist, Interior Layout Award, Motor Yachts, ShowBoats Design Awards 2012; Finalist, Recreational Areas for Guest Use Award, ShowBoats Design Awards 2012.
  • 147’ (45m) M/Y KEYLA: Neptune Award for Best Rebuilt Superyacht, 2014 World Superyacht Awards.
  • 123’7” (37m) M/Y CARESSA K: Winner, 2006 Superyacht Design Award for Powerboats 32-43m, International Superyacht Society
  • 101’5” (30.8m) S/Y SARAFIN: Judges’ Special Commendation, 2012 World Superyacht Awards

Pushing the limits of superyacht construction

RMK Marine’s expertise goes beyond superyacht construction. As an established leader in constructing commercial, naval and special-purpose vessels, the shipyard is uniquely positioned as a formidable choice for clients seeking to build highly custom superyachts. With a deep understanding of the diverse requirements governing commercial and unique purpose vessels, RMK Marine ensures every project adheres to the highest safety, efficiency and functionality standards.

By leveraging its expertise in this domain, clients can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience to create superyachts that embody unrivaled luxury and offer additional functionality tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s integrating helipads, research laboratories or other custom storage solutions, RMK Marine’s proficiency in constructing diverse maritime vessels empowers clients to transform their superyachts into multi-dimensional masterpieces. The shipyard’s seamless integration of commercial and custom features ensures these vessels surpass expectations and unlock a world of possibilities for owners seeking to embark on extraordinary adventures.

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RMK Marine Yachts For Sale

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