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One of the premier shipyards in Asia, Ocean Alexander established itself as a standout yacht builder thanks to its dedication to precise, uncompromising engineering, performance and style. The brand’s roots are found in Taiwan, but it boasts services and manufacturing around the world. Ocean Alexander has spent many years cultivating unwavering relationships with the world’s top designers and naval architects who assist the brand in building its internationally acclaimed luxury yachts. The brand has created a series of yachts ranging in size from a 45-foot (13.7m) diving/fishing yacht to a striking 155-foot (47.2m) luxury superyacht and everything in between. Dedicated to ensuring each yacht is perfectly tailored to the owner’s needs, Ocean Alexander is able to create the yacht of their dreams.

Ocean Alexander Heritage

Ocean Alexander first opened its doors in 1977. The man behind the brand, Alex Chueh was dedicated to building yachts with a focus on engineering. Ocean Alexander’s first build, the MARK I, was a defining moment for the brand, focusing its signature look and creating a classic style that is still highly sought after today. By 1984, Ocean Alexander was well established. The company added the 71-foot (21.6m) NIGHT HAWK, which set a record for Asian boat building, to its resume. As the demand for Ocean Alexander yachts increased, so did the need for production space and by 1986, the brand doubled its production facilities. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Ocean Alexander continued its emphasis on engineering in shipbuilding and by 2004, the brand became one of the first to use vacuum infusion with its fiberglass components, hardening and reinforcing them. The next year saw an incredible milestone for the brand as it launched its first yacht larger than 100 feet. In the 2010s Ocean Alexander began a collaboration with renowned yacht designer Evan K. Marshall and in 2014 it launched the Ocean Alexander 120. In 2016, Ocean Alexander expanded its global footprint by opening its first US-based factory in Merritt Island, Florida. To celebrate, the brand built the first 70e model yacht there. Today, Alex’s son, Johnny Chueh, is at the helm of Ocean Alexander. His goals remain the same as those of his father, to create beautiful, revolutionary yachts with an emphasis on engineering and luxury.

“Be it a new construction Ocean Alexander or a pre-owned luxury yacht, Ocean Alexander yachts for sale offer buyers an opportunity to purchase a luxury yacht born from the finest technology, style and craftsmanship available,” says Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker Todd Rittenhouse. “They are built to incredibly high specifications and because of that they retain their value well. These yachts easily stand the test of time and are well suited for a variety of different types of yacht owners and boaters. The vast range of Ocean Alexander yachts allows one to start with a 45-foot (13.7m) fishing vessel and graduate to a 155-foot (47.2m) superyacht.”

Ocean Alexander is devoted to its yacht owners — it hosts annual rendezvous for its owners in various locations around the world — and is driven to create pleasurable on-water experiences for all those who step aboard an Ocean Alexander yacht. Ocean Alexander’s commitment is unwavering; the brand promises quick and satisfying responses to any questions, requests and needs of its owners. Some of the boat’s features Ocean Alexander prides itself on include 3D modeling that allows the builder to troubleshoot any issues that could occur before construction even begins, aluminum I-beams that boast an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, unidirectional carbon fiber, long-range fuel tanks, seamless handrails and the propensity for quiet running, among other features. Ocean Alexander’s semi-custom yacht gives owners the chance to pick their model and work with engineers and designers to customize the interior and exterior look and feel.

The Ocean Alexander Collection


The 45-foot (13.7m) DIVERGENCE offers the size, speed and versatility of a sport boat along with all the luxuriousness associated with Ocean Alexander yachts. Available as a dedicated fishing boat or dive boat, the DIVERGENCE offers more than 400 distinctions of cosmetic appearance, allowing you to create a vessel ideally suited o your tastes. Various amenities, such as live-bait well, rod holders or storage for diving accessories, ensure the DIVERGENCE is perfectly suited for play on the water.


There are two yachts in the Revolution series: the 84R and 90R. Both of these yachts come in two different versions: open and enclosed and both were created with designer Evan K. Marshall. The 84R is an 84-foot (25.6m) luxury motor yacht with a vertical bow that enlarges the onboard living space without compromising performance. The yacht has four beautiful staterooms, including a large master, a lavish main salon with large windows that provide expansive views, excellent entertaining areas in the skylounge and flybridge and beautiful finishing as is expected on Ocean Alexander yachts. The 90R is a powerhouse yacht boasting luxurious interior spaces and expansive exterior areas. Perfectly suited for enjoying life at sea, this 90-foot (27.4m) motor yacht offers an on-deck master, a main salon with a full bar and floor-to-ceiling windows and a new beach house feature.

Motor Yacht

Ocean Alexander’s Motor Yacht series comprises the 70E, 85 and 90 motor yachts. The 70E, which is being built in the US production facility, is boasts a new exterior aesthetic. Despite its fresh, new look, the yacht has all of the qualities, excellent performance, engineering and safety, that are akin to Ocean Alexander yachts. At 71 feet (21.6m) in length, the 70E is comfortable and open, ideally suited for enjoying life at sea. The 85 comes in two varieties, the FB, an 85-foot (25.9m) classic semi-displacement yacht and the Special Edition 88 Skylounge, which celebrates the brand’s 40thanniversary. Offering all of the amenities of the 85 with added length, the 88 Skylounge is an elevated version, perfect for spending time in the sunshine. The 90 also comes in two varieties: The flybridge and the skylounge. The difference between the two luxury yachts: one offers an enclosed top deck skylounge and the other offers an open flybridge, ensuring there is an Ocean Alexander 90 for any taste.


The Megayacht series features five different size yachts: the 100- foot (30.48m), available in a flybridge or skylounge version, the 112-foot (34m), the 120-foot (36.5m), the 135-foot (41.1m) and the 155-foot (47.2m), which is the crown jewel of the Ocean Alexander fleet as the largest and most luxurious offering on the water. The yachts in the Megayacht series all offer the stunning looks, top performance and immaculate engineering prowess of Ocean Alexander. Built in collaboration with renowned designer Evan K. Marshall, the yachts in Ocean Alexander’s Megayacht series can be tailored to your tastes, ensuring the yacht delivered to you is the yacht of your dreams.

Ocean Alexander is one of the world’s top luxury yacht builders. Northrop & Johnson’s sales brokers are experts on Ocean Alexander yachts for sale and would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect pre-built or building the perfect Ocean Alexander yacht for you.

Ocean Alexander Yachts For Sale

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