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Pioneering Innovation in Luxury Yacht Design

Italian yacht builder Wider Yachts stands at the forefront of the luxury yachting industry as a true trailblazer in the integration of serial hybrid propulsion systems. With an unwavering commitment to forward-thinking ideals, Wider has consistently championed innovation, crafting yachts that seamlessly blend cutting-edge efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, minimal noise and vibrations and exceptional design aesthetics.

Founded in 2010, Wider has soared under the leadership of Marcello Maggi, who now steers the ship as the head of W-Fin Sarl, the holding company responsible for owning 100% of Wider’s equity.

Renowned as one of the world’s premier yacht design ateliers, Wider is guided by a management team dedicated to fostering growth by challenging conventional norms and unsustainable design practices. The philosophy is simple: embrace change and shatter outdated paradigms.

In a landmark move in 2022, Wider embarked on the construction of two groundbreaking vessels: the WiderCat92, marking the shipyard’s first foray into multihulls, and the Moonflower 72 superyacht, a testament to luxury crafted at the Wider Superyacht Hub in Venice. Both vessels are propelled by Wider’s revolutionary serial hybrid propulsion system, a pinnacle of modern maritime engineering.

The Moonflower 72, a collaborative masterpiece by Nauta Design and Wider Centro Stile, boasts dual variable-speed generators from MAN Energy Solutions, each with an impressive 1,860kW capacity, alongside an approximately 1MW sodium nickel battery bank from FZSoNick.

Distinguished by its collaboration with Luca Dini Design & Architecture, the WiderCat 92 presents an exclusive evolution of the Serial Hybrid Propulsion System tailored for multi-hull application. This system harnesses electric power generated by both solar panels and onboard generators, underscoring the yacht’s eco-conscious design ethos.

Wider’s Serial Hybrid Propulsion: A Paradigm Shift in Yachting

Efficiency, serenity, reliability, ecological awareness and adaptability converge in Wider’s game-changing Serial Hybrid Propulsion. A groundbreaking leap into the future of yachting, Wider pioneered hybrid propulsion in the custom superyacht realm and ardently embraced the serial hybrid evolution, now also integrated into their catamaran lineup.

While traditional diesel-electric systems offered an alternative to diesel propulsion, they fell short for short journeys and stationary periods due to emissions. Wider’s pioneering serial hybrid architecture revolutionizes this concept, unveiling a modular and incredibly flexible system primed for continuous upgrades with the latest technologies.

Central to this innovation is the DC-Bus, a reservoir of energy seamlessly uniting and managing diverse components: generators, batteries, electric propulsion, thrusters, hotel utilities, and solar panels. The WIDER PMS (Power Management System), reminiscent of user-friendly gaming interfaces, oversees the inflow of energy—be it from diesel generators or solar panels—directing it to utilities or storing surplus energy in onboard batteries.

At the core of the propulsion system lie battery banks, orchestrated by a Battery Management System meticulously monitoring vital parameters. These interconnected systems balance charge and optimize performance, while generators operate exclusively as needed and at minimal power consumption.

The pinnacle of Wider’s technology boasts up to 10 hours of cruising in Zero Emissions Mode and up to 30 hours of hotel and service system utilization. This adaptive approach significantly reduces engine stress, thereby elongating maintenance intervals compared to traditional yachts.

Unprecedented Comfort: Silencing Vibrations and Noise

Wider’s hybrid propulsion eradicates the bane of noise and vibrations by removing fixed machinery, offering unparalleled onboard comfort. Unlike conventional yachts, which operate at fixed speeds, Wider yachts seamlessly adjust revs based on real-time power needs, enhancing comfort aboard.

Space Optimized, Customized Excellence

The absence of mechanical linkages between engines and propulsion liberates space, allowing for spacious interiors and unparalleled design flexibility. A bespoke power management strategy aligns with the owner’s desires, whether prioritizing noise reduction, high performance, or zero emissions.

AI-Driven Precision

The Power Management System acquires a deep understanding of the owner’s, guests, and crew’s habits, tailoring energy allocation to match daily needs. In essence, Wider Yachts stands as a beacon of innovation, a fusion of visionary propulsion systems, aesthetics and comfort that redefines the art of luxury yachting.

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