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Established with a focus on designing and building some of the world’s most innovative and performance-driven luxury sailing and motor yachts, Wally represents a very different Italian superyacht style. Wally was founded in 1994 by Italian businessman Luca Bassani, a lifelong sailor who entered the custom yacht-building field in 1991 with the design of a yacht for his family. Luca Bassani is known as a passionate yachtsman and a visionary entrepreneur.

Wally initially specialized in sailboat design, however, over the years the company extended its reach and began to also design state-of-the-art motor yachts. Wally is recognized worldwide for its innovative design and advanced carbon fiber construction techniques. In terms of specializations, Wally’s innovative designs undergo a stringent process from drawing board to CAD review, to detailed construction.

In 1994 Luca launched his 104.9-foot (32m) Luca Brenta-designed WALLYGATOR. Since then, the company’s line has ranged from the Nano 36-foot (11m) daysailer and racer, to sailing and motor yachts up to 197-feet (60m) in length.

As a company, Wally is based in Monaco. Since 2019, when the Ferretti Group announced an exclusive license agreement with the shipyard, all Wally yachts have been constructed at Ferretti Group yards, mostly at their facility in Ancona.

Wally have changed the entire concept of cruising yachts and built an iconic brand both in the yachting industry and in the luxury market.

History of Wally Yachts

In 1994 Wally was founded by Luca Bassani, as a shipyard that specializes in sail boat design. Over the past two decades, the company has been a pioneer in carbon fiber construction, having also introduced numerous production innovations to the process.

Wally combines the latest technology with contemporary design and its products go through an intensive and unique research and development program. Every Wally is the result of a combination of form and function, which means that every technical solution is developed with consideration for the overall aesthetic beauty. Every detail and every fitting is carefully analyzed and designed to contribute to the overall Wally appeal.

In 2004 and then in 2008, Wally became the only yachting brand to be a two-time winner of the Compasso d’oro, arguably the world’s most important award for quality and design.

In January 2019, at the Boot Düsseldorf Boat Show, the Ferretti Group announced that they had entered into an exclusive license agreement with Wally, representing a significant step towards the group’s full acquisition of the brand. The agreement also heralded the start of a four-year period of investment in Wally from the Ferretti Group, including an €84 million fund to be used for brand development and the design and construction of new yacht ranges.

Wally are constantly looking for ways to improve on-the-water enjoyment through performance, comfort, and style.

The Wally collection

The Wally collection ranges from the Nano 36-foot (11m) daysailer and racer, to sailing and motor yachts up to 197-feet (60m) in length.

Among Wally’s many world-renowned projects is the 118 WallyPower, a sleek and futuristic looking motor boat, which featured in the film ‘The Island’. The first 118 WallyPower was built in Italy and launched in August 2003, named GALEOCERDO. The futuristic lines, reminiscent of a stealth bomber, have won many awards and this unusual, dynamic-looking boat still generates huge discussion, turning heads wherever she goes. GALEOCERDO was also showcased in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art architecture and design exhibition in 2004/05 – the only yacht to be featured.

In 2012, Wally launched the 166-foot (50.5m) sailing superyacht BETTER PLACE. At the time, the worlds’ largest sloop built from carbon fiber composite, she was designed by Tripp Design with an interior by Wetzels Brown Partners. BETTER PLACE was Wally’s first diesel-electric sailing yacht and is powered via a standard shaft and feathering prop. With all three Caterpillar C7 gensets in operation, the yacht runs at 14.5 knots through a Siemens electric engine.

Today, Wally offers custom-built sailing yachts from 80-foot (24m), a power boat line which includes production boats ranging from 52 to 80 feet (15 to 24m), the Wallyace line of displacement semi-custom yachts, custom displacement motor yachts over 148 feet (45m), the Wally Class division of performance-orientated high-power racing yachts, and three models of Wally tender.

The Wally Class racing division also stages four regattas in the Mediterranean, featuring a successful formula where owners at the helm are assisted by the world’s greatest sailing talents from America’s Cup, Olympic, and VOR teams.

Wally Yachts For Sale

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