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Specializing in premium craftsmanship of composite yacht building technology, Christensen Shipyards is one of America’s biggest custom superyacht builders. Renowned for their high-quality craftsmanship and artisans’ craftsmanship Christensen yacht builds range from 115-feet (35m) to 196-feet (60m), and they have recently increased their facilities to allow for even larger builds. Christensen has delivered several award-winning yachts over the years, working with renowned designers on some of the world’s most celebrated superyacht builds, including notable vessels such as the 196-foot (60m) CASINO ROYALE, and the 160-foot (48.5m) ODESSA.

Christensen History

After retiring from the construction business in the early 1980s, the late Dave Christensen decided to build a yacht but at the time he struggled to find a shipyard that could deliver a vessel to his particular standards of finish. Partnering with Westport to build the hull, he went on to complete his own yacht’s fit and finish with great success, and so became the first Christensen yacht build. He went on to establish the original Christensen shipyard in 1986 in the Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, Washington. Located directly across from Columbia River, the huge facility comprised 180,000 square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space and 12 large assembly bays within a seven-acre marina. The flagship facility is where Christensen constructed the majority of its almost fifty yacht fleet of up to 164-feet (50m) in length. Early in 2019, the yard announced that it was moving all production to its larger facility in Tennessee, which was founded in 2012.

Comprising of a 450,000 square foot climate-controlled facility with 13 large manufacturing and assembly bays within a 55-acre site on Tellico Lake, Tennessee, the larger facility allows Christensen to build yachts of any size without restriction. To date Christensen yachts have been built with the finest composite materials with a strength-to-weight ratio seven times stronger than steel and solid laminate, allowing for superior strength hull forms. The Tennessee facility also allows Christensen to build larger megayachts in steel.

Renowned for their high-quality craftsmanship and interior finish, Christensen builds are amongst some of the most highly sought-after superyachts for sale and charter. One element that differentiates Christensen from other yacht builders is the extent of the work completed in-house. From the elegant woodwork and elaborate stonework to the stainless steel finish and custom upholstery, the shipyard employs up to 120 artisans and boat builders in order to maintain the utmost build quality in a timely manner.

Carrying on the superb pedigree builds for which Christensen has become known, the group joined forces with Ocean Alexander Yachts in 2012 to build a series of semi-custom tri-deck superyachts. Designed with an efficient and effective layout, the semi-custom yacht series allows Christensen to deliver bespoke superyachts in a shorter build time than other vessels of the same size. With in-house experts in all fields, the fit and finish is unique to the client making for a bespoke vessel within a series.

Christensen Yachts For Sale

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