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The Dutch are renowned for their impeccable yacht-building skills and in 1963 Moonen yachts opened its doors, adding its moniker to the list of distinguished yacht builders in the Netherlands. For more than 50 years Moonen has delivered custom and semi-custom luxury yachts to discerning owners from the Dutch town of Den Bosch. The yachts in the Moonen fleet range in size from 70 to 147 feet and all are built to rigorously high standards. Moonen prides itself not only on the exceptional quality of its yachts but also on the world-class facilities in which its yachts are produced. Moreover, Moonen believes it is the superiority of its craftsmen that truly ensure the pedigree of its luxury yachts. Moonen yachts for sale are truly in a league of their own because of the builder’s simplistic goal – “to deliver the perfect yacht experience, carefully tailored to [an owner’s] desires.” This singular ambition and dedication to offering clients the best yacht and experience is why Moonen yachts for sale are so desired on the market.

The Moonen Sales Fleet

Moonen Yachts not only delivers yachts to its clients but also a promise of quality and a personal approach that has ensured a large network of loyal clientele. The brand is dedicated to creating yachts for sale that are stylish, comfortable and offer superior handling than others on the market. The team at Moonen Yachts believes that the delivery of the yacht is just the beginning of a long-standing relationship with the yard. Dedicated to ensuring top maintenance and support, Moonen prides itself on superior customer service both during and after the build process.

Moonen yacht owners are able to design the yachts of their dreams with the help of Moonen’s forward-thinking design team. The brand offers a hull concept line, ranging in size from 30 to 50 meters and from there clients are able to put their own twist on details. The platform offers highly stable yachts with limited vibration to ensure total comfort for guests. Moonen yachts for sale offer industry-leading engineering and remarkable finishing that ups the ante of the typical Dutch-pedigreed yacht.

Some of the most iconic yachts in the Moonen yacht range include the 137-foot (41m) SOFIA, 119-foot (36m) BRIGADOON, the 101-foot (30m) MOONEN 100 and the 98-foot (29m) BIJOUX. These yachts feature expertly designed interiors with well-thought-out layouts, innovative engineering, and expert prefabrication and assembly — all of which Moonen handles in-house.

Moonen yachts for sale offer an incredible opportunity to own a luxury yacht crafted by Dutch master craftsmen using the latest technology, offering style, safety and top performance. Northrop & Johnson’s yacht brokers are experts on Moonen yachts for sale. If you are interested in owning a pedigreed Moonen yacht, contact a Northrop & Johnson yacht broker today.

Moonen is dedicated to creating yachts for sale that are stylish, comfortable and offer superior handling than others on the market.

The History of Moonen and Yachting

Although built under the name De Ruiter, the brand that would become Moonen launched its first yacht in 1963, putting into place the building blocks for what today is a fleet of semi-custom and custom yachts well regarded around the world. In 1981, the yard was renamed Moonen Shipyard. At this time, it also was under new ownership. The builder began to increase the size of its yachts a well as the size of the yard where they are built in the early 80s.

By 1985, Moonen had launched its first “big boat.” The 85-foot 26m CASSIOPEIA was the brand’s first pocket superyacht and it set the tone for the builder’s next chapter. Moonen continued to evolve into the 1990s when it’s 80-foot design WHITE HEAVEN hit the water and became the brand’s benchmark. Only six years later in 1998 Moonen underwent a rebranding process that overhauled the company’s vision. This was solidified by the launch of the 121-foot (37m) WHITE HEAVEN III, Moonen’s largest build to that date.

In 2006, Moonen celebrated its 25th anniversary as “Moonen.” By the 2000s, the brand was internationally recognized as a leader in the “pocket superyacht” genre of the industry. The shipyard continued to expand to meet the demands of clients from around the globe. By 2009, Moonen had outgrown its Den Bosch yard and opened a second in Groot-Ammers. This yard also opened the possibility for Moonen to build and refit yachts up to 165 feet. The global recession of the 2010s allowed Moonen the opportunity to refocus once again and by 2017 the brand reemerged as Moonen Yachts. Backed by a team of innovative designers, a robust vision for the future and state-of-the-art technology, the brand had solidified its place among market leaders building yachts in the 30-to-50-meter range.

In 2019 Moonen Yacht was purchased by Matthew and Louise Baxter. The new owners were dedicated to continuing Moonen’s evolution and begin collaborations with world-leading yacht designers. The brand is dedicated to offering shorter delivery times with increased customization options to ensure clients enjoy the perfect yacht experience.

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