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Sanlorenzo is an Italian yacht builder and the epitome excellence and craftsmanship. Since 1958, the Sanlorenzo shipyard has built more than 950 yachts, with no two yachts the same. The Italian shipyard combines continued research and progress to produce innovative, modern, custom-built fiberglass, steel yachts up to 230 feet (70m), and some of the most distinguished yachts for sale on the market. From head-turning lines to handcrafted finishes a Sanlorenzo yacht is a yacht of distinction.

Over the past 50 plus years, Sanlorenzo has launched numerous highly successful yacht lines that have gained accolades in the yachting industry. Sanlorenzo boat models have been awarded Show Boats Design Awards, World Superyacht Awards, Italian Innovation Awards and Barca dell’Anno (Boat of the Year Award). Most notably, Sanlorenzo has built a reputation as one of the top shipyards, climbing the ranks of the prestigious Global Order Book to third for top 20 builders for yachts over 78-feet (24m) in 2019.

Sanlorenzo: Italian Yacht Building Heritage

Sanlorenzo yachts was founded in the small town of Limite sull’Arno outside of Florence, Italy by Gianfranco Cecchi and Giuliano Pecchia in 1958. The shipyard was a boutique yard for wooden vessels until 1985, whereupon it launched its first fiberglass yacht, the SL57. From there the company expanded its range and changed the superyacht sector forever with the launch of the SL100 in 1995.

Over the years Sanlorenzo has made a name for themselves gaining notoriety and building award-winning yachts. Sanlorenzo prides itself on being a certified UNI EN ISO I400I shipyard, which guarantees that their production process respects the environment. Sanlorenzo has climbed the ranks of the prestigious Global Order Book. For 2019, the company ranks third for the top 20 builders for yachts over 78-feet (24m). Today, Sanlorenzo operates in three shipyards in Italy; Ameglia, Viareggio and Massa.

“There is a reason why Sanlorenzo is ranked as one of the top builders in the world. Each yacht built by the yard is to the requests and desires of each individual owner. By giving detail and precision to each yacht, they are able to create a product that exceeds the expectations of the client” says Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker Whit Kirtland. “Sanlorenzo yachts for sale are gems on the market. Their fleet has so much to offer, from classic and expedition styles to fiberglass and steel hulls clients are able to have a yacht that perfectly suits their cruising style.”

Sanlorenzo Yacht Class

Pristine lines and balanced proportions is the essence of Sanlorenzo yachts. Ensuring that each yacht is second to none Sanlorenzo prides itself on state-of-the-art innovation, leading designers and skilled craftsman. Their tailor-made approach ensures that each yacht hones an individual style, making each build and Sanlorenzo yacht for sale, truly unique. The brand’s boutique made-to-measure approach allows them to build 45 yachts a year. Today, Sanlorenzo operates in three shipyards in Italy — Ameglia, La Spezia and Viareggio. These allow the builder to provide their clients with a diverse selection of high-quality bespoke yachts that range from 76 feet (23.2m) to 230 feet (70m).

Sanlorenzo is divided into two divisions the Superyacht Division and the Yacht Division, in total the brand offers clients six yacht ranges for building their dream yacht.

From their layout to their impeccable detail, Sanlorenzo yachts are yachts of distinction,” says Northrop & Johnson Charter Broker Samuel Le Gall. “They make for exceptional charter yachts as each is unique and boasts its own personality.”

Pristine lines and balanced proportions is the essence of Sanlorenzo yachts

Shipyard Style, Design & Innovation

Sanlorenzeo yachts are at the forefront of progression and innovation, bringing yachting to a new era with the E-Motion Range of hybrid and diesel-electric yachts. Smaller diesel engines and battery-powered generators propel the hybrid yachts while the diesel-electric yachts use electric motors fed by industrial batteries. These yachts allow for greater fuel efficiency, lower vibrations and the ability to operate at ZEM (Zero Emissions Mode) at night. In addition, these yacht feature smaller engine rooms allowing for increased interior volume. The Sanlorenzo E-Motion Range includes 44Alloy E-Motion, 500Exp E-Motion and the 62Steel E-Motion.

The Sanlorenzo Fleet

Sanlorenzo offers clients a sweeping variety in their superyacht division with four different ranges to choose from Alloy Range, Steel Range, Explorer Range and E-Motion Range.

Superyacht Division

Alloy Range

Sanlorenzo’s Superyacht Division began with the award-winning Alloy Range. This range’s iconic design and innovative elements are a pioneer in yachting, creating seamlessness between interior and exterior design. These yachts are sporty and timeless with exceptional performance. The range includes the 40 Alloy and the 44 Alloy.

Steel Range

The Steel Range is one of Sanlorenzo’s best sellers. Blending elegance, performance and state-of-the-art innovation these models are the crème de la crème of superyachts. These yacht’s showcase exceptional amenities, unsurpassed comfort and impressive interior volume The series includes the 46Steel, 52Steel, 56Steel, 58/62Steel and the 64/70Steel.

Explorer Range

Sanlorenzo’s Explorer Range is perfect for those with an adventurous spirit. Boasting an exceptional cruising range, this line allows its owner to explore the far afield in the utmost comfort. The yachts have impressive carrying ability allowing for an extensive suite of tenders and toys to be stored onboard. The range includes the 460EXP and 500EXP.

Luxury Yacht Division

The Yacht Division at Sanlorenzo is second to none. Offering three ranges — SL Range, SD Range and the SX Range — Sanlorenzo yachts for sale have a lot to offer.

Sanlorenzo SL Range

The SL range is timeless, showcasing elegant exterior lines and an exceptional layout. These yachts are well balanced, providing the perfect blend of interior and exterior space. The Sanlorenzo SL yacht range includes five models; SL78, SL86, SL102, SL106 and SL118. Ranging from 78 feet (24m) to 118 feet (37m) this collection offers countless possibilities for unwinding and entertaining.

Sanlorenzo SD Range

Sanlorenzo’s SD Range showcases two semi-displaced yachts, SD112 and SD126. Drawing inspiration from the 1930s Trans-Atlantic liners, these yachts have timeless lines and exceptional range. With uncompromised luxury the SD Range allows its owners to explore the world’s most exotic locations.

Sanlorenzo SX Range

The SX Range is revolutionary in yachting. This “crossover” yacht seamlessly blends classic flybridge motor yacht stylings with the rising explorer model. The yachts in this range are the height of functionality and luxury. The Sanlorenzo SX range includes the SX76 and SX88.

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Sanlorenzo Yachts For Sale

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