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Creating contemporary luxury yachts with sleek good looks and fine detailing, Lazzara Yachts are an American yacht building tradition. Founded in Tampa, Florida, the Lazzara yachts for sale are extremely popular on the market today. With a range of yachts spanning smaller sports yacht to a 100-plus-foot (30.48m) luxury yachts to impressive superyachts that push the boundaries of performance and style, there truly is a Lazzara yacht for every taste. The brand is proud of its, multi-generational heritage and its dedication to utilizing the finest materials, fabrications and craftsmanship in building its luxury yachts. High quality and high performance are two things you can expect from a Lazzara yacht.

Pure American Heritage

While the Lazzara Yachts we know today opened its doors in 1990, the brand’s heritage harkens back to 1955. Vince Lazzara teamed up with AeroMarine to build his own 40-foot (12.1m) sailboat and thus the history of Lazzara began. The sailboat was built utilizing fiberglass applications Vince himself created. After the successful build, he decided to start his own line of fiberglass sailboats. Columbia Yachts was opened in 1960. Vince sold the company seven years later and founded Gulfstar in the early 1970s after moving to Florida. Gulfstar became known for its high-performance sailboats. In the 1980s, Brad and Dick Lazzara, Vince’s sons, joined the family business. During their time with the company, Brad’s and Dick’s focus shifted from sailing to an interest in motor yachts. In 1990, Brad and Dick ventured out on their own, creating Lazzara Yacht Corporation. Dedicated to building luxury cruising motor yachts and custom yachts, the brand leads the industry in modernization, design aesthetics and quality. In 1992, the first yacht brandishing the Lazzara name, a 76-foot (23.1m) motor yacht, was launched. Lazzara has won awards for its unique designs and has patented processes that aid in the building of their luxury yachts. Located in Tampa, Florida, Lazzara boasts three generations of yacht building. The brand’s semi-custom composite yachts are exceptional and make enjoying life on the water a breeze.

“Lazzara yachts for sale are extremely popular on the market,” says Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker Sean Doyle.“Semi-custom yachts are a best-of-both-worlds’ scenario for many owners. Lazzara yachts offer buyers the timeliness of a production yacht with the ability to tailor it to your own needs. One of the best things about Lazzara yachts is how well they keep their value thanks to their timeless design and their high build quality. Pre-owned Lazzara yachts for sale are extremely popular on the market and often move quickly. The brand offers a range that is ideal for any type of owner. Their range also allows first-time owners to start off with a smaller yacht and then move up in size with the brand as their wants and needs grow.”

Dedicated to its owners, Lazzara Yachts use to have the “Lazzara Yachts University,” a three-day course taught by the brand that owners would attend before their yacht is delivered. This fun and informative course allowed owners and even captains to understand the operations of the yacht, all aspects of the build and so much more. This innovative approach to yacht ownership by Lazzara yachts was only one facet of the brand’s true commitment to the yachting community. Knowledge and innovation are two keystones of the Lazzara brand. One of the ground-breaking components of the brand is its Integrated Ships Information System (ISIS), which is a monitoring system that evaluates the yacht’s operating systems, ensuring safety. This technology is standard on all Lazzara yachts. In 2019, Lazzara yachts acquired a shipyard in Turkey, further enhancing the company’s status on the global market.

The sleek, stylish LSX 92 is an eye-catching yacht sporting speed, power and sex appeal

The Range

Lazzara luxury yachts range in size from 64 feet (19.5m) up to 100-plus (30.48m). The brand has built more than 90 yachts since its inception in 1990. Some of the most popular Lazzara models for sale include the Lazzara LSX75, Lazzara LSX Quad 78, Lazzara 80, and Lazzara LSX 92. The sporty Lazzara LSX75 is a fiberglass sports yacht that is ideally suited for day cruising and enjoying life on the water. This 77-foot (23.4m) beauty can cruise at 25 knots and run at 30 knots. She welcomes eight guests aboard and offers a spacious interior with fine detailing. Lazzara’s LSX Quad 78 was part of the brand’s express-style series. Many aspects of the popular 75 were included in the 78. It features a sunken dining area and galley, but a longer swim platform and a flybridge. Comfortable and spacious, the Lazzara 80 is a well-loved model with a four-stateroom layout and ample on-deck areas for enjoying life at sea. The sleek, stylish LSX 92 is an eye-catching yacht sporting speed, power and sex appeal. Her teak beach club and master stateroom’s fold-out balcony set her apart from other yachts in her size range.

Lazzara yachts for sale offer buyers the opportunity to purchase an American-built, sleek, sexy luxury yacht that will stand the test of time. Northrop & Johnson is proud to offer a variety of Lazzara yachts. Contact your preferred sales broker today for more information on any of our Lazzara luxury yachts.

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