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The world-renowned Palmer Johnson is one of the world’s top luxury yacht builders. Known for its eye-catching luxury yachts that boast impeccable style and run with top performance and grace, Palmer Johnson yachts are noticed in every port they cruise. For more than 100 years, the builder has been crafting boats, ships and yachts to top specification. Palmer Johnson yachts are constantly pushing the boundaries of yacht design. Palmer Johnson offers everything from aluminum explorers to carbon fiber sports yachts.

From its humble beginnings in the United States to its now iconic status and worldwide appeal, Palmer Johnson yachts for sale offer buyers the opportunity to own a yacht that not only operates at the highest possible level but also has covetable, unique good looks and sex appeal. Now with a shipyard on the great lakes in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, and showrooms in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Monaco, the hearts of the American and European yachting communities, Palmer Johnson offers world-class luxury yachts for the most discerning owners.

Palmer Johnson Heritage

Palmer Johnson came onto the yachting scene in 1918. Founded by Hans Johnson and Herman Gmack, the brand launched its first yacht, a sailing yacht, in 1926. It began its foray into custom yachts after World War II. In 1961, at Haggarty, founder of Texas Instruments, bought Palmer Johnson and began building aluminum yachts, moving away from the classic wooden yachts of the brand’s past. In 1966, Palmer Johnson made history with the 84-foot (35.6m) ketch FIREBIRD, which at the time was the world’s largest aluminum sailing yacht. By 1979, Palmer Johnson launched FORTUNA, a 100-foot (30.48m) aluminum yacht widely respected as the fastest yacht in the world. This launch solidified Palmer Johnson’s penchant for performance and speed. Throughout the following decades, Palmer Johnson doubled down on its reputation as a luxury yacht builder with a focus on top performance and excellent design. In 2005, Palmer Johnson was the first yacht builder to present a modular production process and 3D engineering of yachts. In 2012, it launched the “SuperSport” series, a line of carbon fiber yachts with a radical, quicker, more effective and more stable hull design. Palmer Johnson has built more than 200 yachts that are still afloat today. TURMOIL was the first explorer yacht built by the brand; she has circumnavigated the globe three times. Palmer Johnson’s LA BARONESSA is the largest aluminum yacht built in America.

“Palmer Johnson yachts are recognized wherever they cruise,” says Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker Ed Dickinson. “The brand has a long history of producing luxury yachts with incredible performance and impressive style. It is a pioneer in the yachting sector, particularly with its sports line of yachts, which blend the luxury of traditional yachts with the performance of sports boats to create something unique for the owner that wants both.”

Palmer Johnson is an extremely innovative brand. They utilize state-of-the-art materials, including carbon, to create innovative hulls that feature the brand’s signature curve, perfect symmetry and an accentuated centerline.

“Palmer Johnson yachts are extremely popular on the charter market,” says Northrop & Johnson charter broker Celine Pujol. “Their striking looks and top performance make put them in high demand, especially in the Mediterranean. These yachts can quickly move from port to port with style and speed. Charter guests relish the incredible amenities and features of Palmer Johnson luxury yachts.”

A tradition of performance and daring design

The Palmer Johnson Collection

PJ63 Sport

The ultimate day cruiser, Palmer Johnson’s 63-foot (19.2m) PJ63 SPORT elevates the playing field when it comes to open sports yachts. The brand’s signature curved surfaces and smooth lines create a sleek look from bow to stern. Strong yet sensual, boasting the larges deck in the day cruiser class, the PJ63 SPORT is ideal for enjoying life on the water. An optional hardtop can be added to the yacht for those who want a bit more shade. The PJ63 SPORT sleeps four guests. She is a spacious, comfortable, tech-savvy, fast day cruiser.

Supersport Series

The perfect blend of performance and luxury, Palmer Johnson’s SuperSport yachts come in three sizes: 138 feet (42m), 157 feet (48m) and 236 feet (72m). Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and innovative design techniques, these luxury yachts are unlike others on the market. They push the boundaries of the status quo to offer yachts that offer better efficiency, stability and speed with spacious, luxurious, comfortable interiors and exceptional deck spaces. According to Palmer Johnson, these yachts are, “all in a sleek and stunning carbon-fiber body designed with not a single flat surface.”

The Palmer Johnson 42M SuperSport is 142 feet (43.3m) in length. It features an aluminum hull and superstructure and a beam of 34 feet (10.3m). The yacht can cruise at 28 knots and runs at a maximum speed of 32 knots. The Palmer Johnson 42M SuperSport welcomes 12 guests aboard and has seven crewmembers. The 160-foot (49m) Palmer Johnson 48M SuperSport is eye-catching. It’s 36-foot (11m) beam ensures ample space on board. The yacht can reach speeds of 32 knots. Her aluminum hull and superstructure are designed to be sleek and sexy. Twelve guests are comfortably accommodated on board and are served by nine crewmembers. The embodiment of elegance on the water, the 236-foot (72m) Palmer Johnson 72M SuperSport is an innovative yacht with strong lines and chic spaces. It welcomes 14 guests and runs with 17 crew. Her extraordinary max speed of 27 knots is impressive for her size.

Sportyacht Series

Palmer Johnsons Sportyacht series has garnered somewhat of a cult following thanks to its lustrous profile, top engineering and exceptional performance. The cutting-edge sporty yachts in this range, which comprises a 120, 135, 150, 170 and 210, are extremely unique on the market. Offering a dynamic at-sea lifestyle, their open-plan layouts with chic beach-house-style interiors and large decks that effortlessly flow with the interior are built to please. Despite their immense power and exceptionally high speeds for their sizes, these yachts can run anywhere from 28 to 32 knots, nothing was compromised in the Sportyacht series. Available as an open Sportyacht or a tri-deck Sportyacht, each boasts the tried and true Palmer Johnson pedigree of top performance and impeccable design. Distinctive design aspects, such as sleek-shaped windows, no transom, signature portholes and beautiful curves set the yachts in the Sportyacht series apart from others in their size ranges. Additional touches like hidden stairs, concealed awnings, foldaway balconies and wing stations leave the decks uncluttered and perfectly suited for entertaining at sea.

Palmer Johnson yachts are iconic. The brand has made a reputation for itself as a top builder on the world stage. For further information on our Palmer Johnson yachts for sale, a new build Palmer Johnson or to charter a Palmer Johnson yacht, contact your Northrop & Johnson broker.

Palmer Johnson Yachts For Sale

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