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Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Vicem Yachts was founded on three principles: “Total customization, timeless design and excellence in craftmanship.” These key facets of the brand’s ethos have been integral to every single yacht built by the brand since it opened its doors in 1991. Vicem offers five lines of yachts, which comprise classic, flybridge, cruiser, sportsfish and Bahama bay. Each line offers a range of sizes for consumers to choose from. The brand prides itself on its use of exceptional-quality build materials, especially the superior woods it uses to build the yachts in its impressive fleet. Yachts in the classic, flybridge, cruiser and Bahama bay lines are built utilizing the cold-molded process, which is based on traditional boat-building techniques further enhanced by modern technology. Vicem Yachts has delivered more than 150 yachts for sale since its inception. The brand ranks among Turkey’s largest yacht builders and is internationally renowned for producing impeccably built, beautiful yachts for sale.

The Vicem Sales Fleet

The Vicem Classic line offers yachts ranging from 46 to 80 feet and offers flybridge models in some sizes. This line epitomizes the classic down-east style that is recognizable the world around. Traditionally beautiful, yachts in the Vicem Classic line are ideally suited to endure the cruising challenges of the Mediterranean or the North Atlantic.

The Vicem Cruiser line offers yachts from 67 to 107 feet in length. These yachts take performance, style and spaciousness to a new level. Offering a higher volume and longer range with an ideally situated bridge and semi-displacement functionality, the cruisers are ideal for voyaging further afield with less fuel and more comfort than any other yacht on the market.

The Vicem Vulcan line offers yachts from 32 to 46 meters. In collaboration with the famed Dutch naval architect Frank Mulder design, these tri-deck mega yachts are truly stunning. The interiors are courtesy of the award-winning design houses of Art-Line Interiors, Wetzels Brown Partners and Ken Freivokh.

Anglers will be delighted by Vicem’s sportfish line, which offers 54-, 57- and 63-foot varieties.
Expertly crafted to include all the necessities for a fishing enthusiast, these world-class yachts offer high performance and timeless style.

Vicem’s Bahama Bay line of yachts comes in two sizes: 56 and 61 feet. Designed from the keel up with Volvo IPS systems, these yachts offer fingertip control, noise control, fuel efficiency and more. Easily maneuverable and modern, they featured Vicem’s traditional down-east styling and offer low maintenance, but top performance.

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Vicem Yachts was founded on three principles: “Total customization, timeless design and excellence in craftmanship.”

The History of Vicem and Yachting

The Vicem yacht brand began in a small town of the same name located on the banks of the Black Sea. It was here that Turkish businessman Sebahattin Hafizoglu found his passion for the schooners of the Bosporus (also known as the Turkish Gulet). Sebahattin was determined to reinvigorate these traditional vessels for the contemporary world. He wanted to create yachts that offered the classic charm of the traditional Turkish boats, but that offered the luxury, comfort and performance found on modern yachts. Sebahattin also was keen to utilize the cold-molded method and various epoxy techniques in the build process. His creations were highly regarded by locals. Soon resorts and businessmen began purchasing his yachts and so, Vicem Yachts began. The brand has spent the decades since its inception building impeccable yachts for sale that offer uncompromising quality and craftmanship as well as classic style.

Vicem Yachts for sale are regarded for their quality. Taking notes from traditional Turkish wood craftmanship, Vicem uses the cold-molded process when building four of its five yacht lines. This process is so brilliant due to its simplicity. The Turkish craftsmen of Vicem apply layer upon layer of thin solid-wood veneers at differing angles, which are then saturated by epoxy over a computer-designed mold. The unique combination of formulated resins with engineer woods births a yacht hull that is strong, light and, according to Vicem, “more durable than traditionally built fiberglass boats.” The cold-molded process offers a wide range of advantages including more insulation from weather, water and sun, noise reduction and comfort.

Vicem yachts are handcrafted by master craftsmen that utilize the highest quality materials and expert skills to produce unique yachts that are works of art in themselves. Each Vicem yacht is customizable to owner’s desires. From the brand’s inception, the team at Vicem has taken its owner’s perspectives and comments into consideration to ensure the owners’ wishes are made a reality. The end result is tailor-made yachts with unique characters built to high standards. Vicem Yachts have often been touted as “the very best ambassador of the Down-east style.” The brand’s designs are classic but offer modern elements to bring them into the 21st century. Elegance and style are important facets to each yacht in the Vicem line. From the uniquely crafted hulls to the cabinetry inside the salon to the deep recesses of the engine room, Vicem strives to create yachts built to the highest specifications without compromise.

Another pillar of the Vicem Yachts brand is owner satisfaction. Vicem prides itself on exceptional after-sales service. The customer care network provided for Vicem yacht owners offers everything from technical support to spare parts and accessories to emergency services and more. Furthermore, Vicem owners’ club is dedicated to those who love Vicem yachts. The brand organizes Rendezvous and other events for owners, families and friends to meet, mingle and celebrate their yachts together.

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