Overmarine Mangusta Yachts for Sale

The Mangusta yacht brand is renowned for its long-range, fast displacement luxury yachts that boast ample volume, utilize new technology and showcase famed Italian design aesthetics to create some of the most alluring yachts on the market. Overmarine Mangusta shipyard is family-owned, based out of Viareggio-Italy, and is the yacht builder behind the well-known Mangusta range of maxi open yachts sized from 72 (21.9m) to 215 feet (65.5m) in length. Some popular models of Mangusta yachts for sale include the Mangusta 108, 130 and 165. In addition to the maxi open yachts, Overmarine offers the Mangusta Oceano line featuring 138-foot (42m), 151-foot (46m) and 180-foot (55m) world-cruisers; the latest range from Mangusta is the GranSport. This fast displacement line features a 164-foot (50m) yacht. A leader in the 98-foot (30m) to 164-foot (50m) maxi open yacht sector, Overmarine Mangusta is a revered Italian superyacht builder. Northrop & Johnson is proud to offer Mangusta yachts for sale to buyers around the world. Contact a Northrop & Johnson Mangusta yacht broker to sell or buy your next boat.

Overmarine Mangusta Yachts: Success Built On Italian Tradition

Boasting more than 30 years of Italian design, shipbuilding experience and passion, Overmarine Mangusta is a family-owned shipyard based in Tuscany near Massa, Viareggio and Pisa. Since 1985 the builder has built more than 300 yachts, including 12 Mangusta 165s — the world’s fastest 165-foot (50m) maxi open yacht — built and sold in six years. The Balducci family behind the helm of Overmarine still runs the company today. Offering three different lines of yachts, customized Mangusta yachts for sale are diverse and innovative, allowing yacht owners to experience both the yacht and life on water as they see fit. Overmarine Mangusta leads the market in the maxi open yacht segment. The Maxi Open yachts, like the Sport 104, 110, 132E, 165E and 215, are perfectly suited for the Mediterranean yachting lifestyle. Mangusta are well-known not only for their top performance but also for their impeccable styling. This line has afforded the Mangusta brand with unparalleled success in the segment.

“Overmarine’s Mangusta yachts are exceptional. They offer inspired Italian design and top performance. Especially well-suited for the Mediterranean thanks to their speed and agility, they are extremely popular yachts in the European market, but have a following around the world,” says Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker David Seal. “The Mangusta yachts for sale also are well suited for buyers who are looking for world-cruising capabilities without compromising style as the Mangusta Oceanco segment lends itself to long-range cruising. Performance-minded buyers will rejoice as Mangusta yachts, especially the GranSport, which are built to perform with high speeds and top capabilities.”

Produced in Tuscany by the premier Italian builder Overmarine, Mangusta yachts are built to high standards. Production of these yachts spans 10 facilities between Pisa, Massa and Viareggio. In addition to 190,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor facilities, the Viareggio yard also has two wharfs where the builder is able to undertake final preparations, after-sale service and layovers. Overmarine oversees all aspects of the build process from mold making to lamination of composite materials to fitting interiors, including electronics. In addition, the brand’s in-house design team is able to work with owners to conceptualize the yacht of their dreams. Upon receiving your yacht, Overmarine ensures the ownership process of Mangustas is stress free thanks to a technical office and 24-hour, seven-days-a-week after-sales services. Additional offices in Miami, Florida, and Golfe Juan in the French Riviera as well as dealers around the world that provide added support for owners.

Mangusta yachts by Overmarine also are prime for chartering, especially in the Mediterranean. Offering top performance and sporty good looks, guests can cruise in style on board Mangusta’s open maxi yachts or explore further afield on a yacht in the Mangusta Oceanco range.

“You’ll see and be seen when you charter a Mangusta yacht,” says Northrop & Johnson charter broker Trish Finnegan. “The stunning good looks are eye-catching, and the performance ability of these yachts is top tier. Guests will relish the variety of amenities available on board the different yachts in the Mangusta family.”

You’ll see and be seen when you’re on a Mangusta yacht

Overmarine Mangusta Boat Models

Overmarine produces Mangusta yachts, which are separated into three lines: The Mangusta Open Maxi line, the Mangusta Oceano line and the latest edition, the Mangusta GranSport.

Maxi Open Yacht Models

It all began 30 years ago with the Mangusta Maxi Open. Currently the market leader in this segment of yachts, there are five size options available for the Maxi Open: 94 feet (28.6m), 110 feet (33.5m), 132 feet (40.2m), 165 feet (50.2m) and 215 feet (65.5m) in length.

All of the Maxi Open yachts are exceptional. Offering iconic style, excellent stability, resulting in total comfort and a quiet ride for those aboard, top performance in terms of speed and agility and well-thought-out layouts that allow guests to utilize the yacht to its fullest potential, there is a reason this line is a leader in the market. The most prominent of the Maxi Open range is the 165-foot (50.2m) Mangusta 165 E series. Welcoming 12 guests in six lavish staterooms and running with nine crewmembers, she is ideally suited for owners with a penchant for performance and style. Her interior is fully customizable to the owner’s taste.

Oceano Yacht Models

The Mangusta Oceano line is perfect for those looking to cruise beyond the bounds of the typical yachting hot spots and explore more remote destinations. Offering the same high-performance capabilities that you would come to expect from Overmarine’s yachts and utilizing the same high-tech processes, but with the addition of metal for long-range purposes, the Mangusta Oceano truly is prime for travel. Available in as at 141 feet (43m), 150 feet (46m), 180 feet (55m) or 197 feet (60m), the interior volume found aboard yachts in the Mangusta Oceano range is truly remarkable. Built to rival explorer yachts available on the market today, Mangusta’s distinguished exterior style and contemporary interiors are aligned with a nautical range of up to 5,000 miles and an impressive beach club.

Gransport Yacht Models

The latest addition to Overmarine’s repertoire is the Mangusta GranSport line. Created to be the perfect blend of the Maxi Open and Oceanco lines, the GranSport offers an exceptional range with high speeds and top performance. The first of this line was a 177-foot (54m) launched in summer 2018 and welcomed with great acclaim. You can expect to see more of the GranSport line hitting the markets soon.

Mangusta yachts for sale receive high acclaim and Northrop & Johnson’s knowledgeable brokers would be delighted to assist in finding you the ideal Mangusta yacht to suit your needs. Please contact your preferred Northrop & Johnson broker with any comments, questions or to discuss the purchase of a Mangusta yacht for sale.

Overmarine Mangusta Yachts For Sale

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