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One of the premier shipyards in Europe, Lürssen is a trusted name in yacht building. The brand is renowned for its new construction yachts that are as beautiful as they are powerful, functional and innovative. Since 1875, the Lürssen family has dedicated itself to building the most impressive vessels on the water. The philosophy born more than a century ago that yachts from Lürssen would be both of the highest quality and the best performance lives on today. The firm’s deep-rooted connection to shipbuilding and German seafaring excellence is evident in every hull launched by the renowned builder. All Lürssen yachts are custom built to owners’ specifications with an uncompromising dedication to quality and style. Lürssen builds yachts from 164 feet (50m) in length to larger than 590 feet (180m). Lürssen’s advanced craftspeople, technicians, naval architects and specialized engineers collaborate flexibly with one another and yacht owners to create bold, poetic works of art.

Lurssen Yachts Heritage

Lürssen was founded in 1875 by Friedrich Lürssen who trained as a boatbuilder to work alongside his father in the boatyard. His father encouraged Friedrich to open his own yard and on June 27, Friedrich opened the doors to his boatbuilding workshop in Aumund, near Bremen, Germany. The first yacht built by Lürssen boasted both quality and originality; these two traits have become hallmarks of the Lürssen brand.

The Lürssen moniker originally built racing rowboats for Bremen oarsmen, but as time passed, the word about the impressive quality of Lürssen’s builds spread. Orders began coming in from all over Germany as the builder acquired a reputation for boats that were built to the highest possible standards with outstanding craftsmanship.lurssen yacht project at dock outside lurssen shipyard in germany

In 1886 Lürssen then changed the game by building the world’s first motorboat. A special commission by Gottlieb Daimler, an inventor and engine manufacturer who wanted to test his engines on the water, the 19-foot (6m) REMS was built and thus a new legacy for Lürssen was born.

As the demand for Lürssen-built crafts grew, the yard needed to expand. By the turn of the 20th century, the Lürssen yard was able to access open water directly thanks to the yards new site in Bremen-Vegesack. Another early 20th-century feat was the launch of Lürssen’s DONNERWETTER racing speedboat that was able to reach up to 35 knots courtesy of its 40hp engine. It was at this same time that Friedrich Lürssen’s son Otto joined the family business. He came to the firm with a shipbuilding engineering background, a high level of craftsmanship and new technical expertise. Otto was dedicated to improving methods to elevate the brand’s quality of craft further. This spirit of innovation and emphasis on quality remains today.

Throughout the proceeding 50 years, Lürssen enjoyed continued successes. The LÜRSSEN-DAIMLER became a racing champion, the OHEKA II set new standards of speed; with her the Maybach engines that allowed her to achieve a top speed of 34 knots, she became the world’s fastest commuter yacht and the 118-foot (36m) AAR IV was the world’s longest motor yacht. During this time, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary and sadly said goodbye to Otto, but his wife Frieda took the helm of the company, continuing its success. Eventually, Otto’s and Frieda’s sons Gert and Fritz-Otto came aboard and delivered the impressive 180-foot (55m) PEGASUS II.

In 1971 Lürssen again changed the game with the CARINTHIA VI. A 232-foot (71m) luxury yacht designed by Jon Bannenberg — his first major yacht project — the CARINTHIA VI raised the bar for modern styling and created a signature look that can still be seen in the Lürssen yachts of today.

Lürssen continues to build the world’s most advanced and stylish luxury yachts

The Lurssen Mega Yacht Fleet

In the 1980s the fourth generation of Lürssens, Friedrich and Peter, joined the company, continuing the strong family heritage. The firm also moved its production to Lemwerder. Lürssen then took over Kröger Werft, which had docks on the Kiel Canal near Rendsburg. This allowed the firm to specialize in building yachts between 197 feet (60m) and 360 feet (110m) and begin refit and conversion work. The Lürssen yards were operating at 90 percent capacity with navy contracts and so the firm decided to split production between yacht and navy building.

By the 1990s Lürssen yachts were renowned around the world as the top-tier of luxury. The brand delivered the 318-foot (97m) megayacht LIMITLESS, designed by Jon Bannenberg, in 1997. The 2000s meant more yard acquisitions for Lürssen as it purchased the Neue Jadewerft shipyard in Wilhelmshaven on the German North Sea where the brand could work on repairs and conversions of vessels up to 492 feet (150m) long. The Lürssen name has attracted the world’s top yacht designers for decades. In 2012, two of these renowned designers, Tim Heywood and Terence Disdale, styled the interior and exterior of 483-foot (147.25m) yacht TOPAZ. That same year the Norderwerft shipyard in Hamburg was acquired by the Lürssen Group and in 2013 the Peene Werft shipyard in Wolgast, Germany, also joined the firm. Throughout this time, the brand continued to build and deliver the world’s most impressive yachts. In 2013, Lürssen delivered the 592-foot (180.65m) AZZAM, which was at the time the world’s largest yacht. She also reached incredible speeds of 30 knots — a true feat for her size. The build took only three years, which set another impressive bar for the builder. Two-thousand-sixteen saw another impressive delivery: DILBAR, a 512-foot (156m) luxury superyacht was the largest yacht in terms of gross tonnage. At 15,917-tons, she offered a level of amenities never before seen on a yacht. She boasted the most state-of-the-art technology and was delivered in just 52 months.

Building a Lurssen Yacht

Lürssen continues to build the world’s most advanced and stylish luxury yachts. Its impressive heritage and dedication are second to none.

“Lürssen yachts truly are some of the most impressive built. I thoroughly enjoy working with clients to build Lürssen new construction yachts,” says Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker Joe Foggia. “The build process with the shipyard is incredibly enjoyable and clients are always blown away with the quality of service and the quality of their yachts.”

When you build a new construction yacht with Lürssen, you are an integral part of the process. All bespoke yachts, the brand believes it is delivering dreams to its clients. You will create a relationship with the builder that will last a lifetime. Lürssen encourages clients to visit the yard during the build process to truly immerse themselves in the project. The builder is extremely dedicated to its clients. The relationship with the firm does not end upon delivery but is offered for a lifetime. Lürssen offers yacht management and refit and repair services in addition to its build services. Lürssen promises service anytime, anywhere and not only provides comprehensive scheduled or unscheduled onsite support to replace worn or damaged components of its yachts. Lürssen also provides a range of crew training courses. The brand also takes optimum care of the representatives, design teams and crew during projects, ensuring they have a comfortable and enjoyable time throughout the build or refit process. When you build a new construction yacht with Lürssen you become part of the Lürssen family.

Lurssen is Environmentally Conscious

The Lürssen family has a deep respect for the sea and consistently applies environmentally friendly tactics to its yacht-building process. Its superyachts have greater fuel efficiency and decreased soot, CO2 and noise emissions. Lürssen also is the first yacht builder to make extensive use of engine and generator waste heat to operate the ship’s onboard desalination drinking water system. The brand continues to invest in research and development that promote sustainability and energy technologies such as hybrids and fuel cells. Lürssen is proud to contribute to the Blue Marine Foundation, a marine biodiversity conservation organization.

“Lürssen yachts for charter are some of the most sought-after on the charter market,” says Northrop & Johnson charter broker Fiona Maureso“This is because of the quality of the yachts and the amenities available on board. Lürssen yachts are state-of-the-art, but they also are timeless. Clients understand the level of excellence they will receive when they step aboard a Lürssen superyacht. This level of superiority is something clients have come to expect of charter yachts from the brand.”

Lürssen is proud to have built some of the most impressive yachts in the world. Some of these include the 403-foot (123m) AL LUSAIL, the 508-foot (155m) AL SAID, the 456-foot (139m) AL SALAMAH, the 592-foot (180m) AZZAM, the 511-foot (156m) DILBAR, the 403-foot (123m) GOLDEN ODYESSY, the 454-foot (138m) RISING SUN and the 483-foot (147m) TOPAZ to name a few. Lürssen also is extremely proud of the yachts in its 50-to-90-meter range; which represent the brand’s core business. The 196-foot (60m) OASIS, 206-foot (63m) POLAR STAR, 278-foot (85m) SOLANDGE and the 311-foot (95m) KISMET are examples of yachts in this incredible range and are not only impressively built and beautiful, but also renowned as some of the most prominent in the global fleet.

Lürssen is a family-owned yacht builder, deeply steeped in tradition with its foot firmly planted in the future. For more information on Lürssen yachts for sale, a new build Lürssen, or to charter a Lürssen, contact your preferred Northrop & Johnson broker.

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