Northern Europe

Cruise the Baltic Sea and get a taste of Scandinavia’s most incredible sights and the midnight sun during your Northern Europe luxury yacht charter
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 Scottish delight

The Hebrides Islands of Scotland are known for beautiful landscapes, castles, terrific bird watching, hiking, warm, friendly people, but also for boutique single-malt distilleries, dotted throughout the islands — many of which have their own dock for welcoming visiting yachtsmen. Cruise a bit of the “Whiskey Trail,” for a taste of spectacular single malt scotches. — Missy Johnston, Charter Broker

The magnificent fjords of the Baltic Sea and ancient castles with stunning vistas of the North Sea offer secluded cruising grounds and stunning views. Explore the diverse landscapes spanning glaciers and waterfalls.

Norway’s rugged coastline comprises deep gorging ravines and waterfalls into tranquil bays. A Northern Europe yacht charter of Norway offers any outdoorsman more than enough to keep busy. Hiking, fishing, glacier walks and kayaking adventures put you in the heart of the wild. The sun-soaked summer months feature up to 24 hours of sunlight in some places for those who truly are chasing summer. Known as midnight sun, this phenomenon occurs around the summer solstice. And when the midnight sun is not lighting the sky for all hours, Norway also is a perfect place to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.  Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, both located in the southwest, are on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. According to UNESCO, “the landscapes feature a range of supporting natural phenomena, both terrestrial and marine, such as submarine moraines and marine mammals.

Islands formed from glacial erosion, stunning coastlines and distinctive sailing all are part of a luxury yacht charter in Sweden. The city of Stockholm is flourishing, boasting a cosmopolitan atmosphere to rival some of the world’s most luxurious. Enjoy some of the most incredible Scandinavian cuisine on offer and explore this country’s re-emersion as a must-visit destination.

If you wish to venture beyond the Baltic on a Northern Europe yacht charter, Scotland, United Kingdom, is an emerald isle full of castles, rugged coastlines and exotic terrain unlike most you’d find on your typical luxury yacht charter. The western seaboard and islands off the coast are best suited for cruising. While there are few marinas to be found, this off-the-beaten-path type charter means a lot of anchoring out in stunning bays and coves. Scotland is teeming with natural wonders such as the Isle of Staffa’s Fingal’s cave, where you can find puffins, gray seals, dolphins, sharks and more.


  • Take a heli-tour of Norway's glaciers
  • Slip into the Jacuzzi and stay up late to bask in Norway's midnight sun
  • Hike Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord
  • Visit Stockholm to enjoy some high-end shopping and local cuisine
  • Crusie the coast of Scotland in search of puffins, gray seals and other wildlife
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