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If you’ve had your fill of the typical cruising grounds and tried-and-true yachting destinations, don’t be dismayed for as we say, with yachting, the world is your oyster. Many more yachts are cruising farther from the beaten path as the latest builds are able to cruise longer distances and faster than ever before. And you can take advantage of these explorations during your yacht charter of the rest of the world. From the splendor of the Scandinavian fjords to the calm serenity of the Indian Ocean, South Pacific and even Antarctica, let our charter experts, who have explored beyond the traditional coastlines, offer you an alternative selection of varied cruising grounds – all of which are best discovered by yacht.

Are you interested in what’s up in the Land Down Under? Australia is an exemplary country full of cosmopolitan cities and sandy beaches. The close-by island nation of New Zealand is ready and waiting for you and your family and friends. Suited for well-heeled travelers who also have a penchant for adventure, you’ll enjoy everything from wine tastings to heli-skiing and more. If lazy beach days in paradise are more your speed, the islands of the South Pacific, marooned in an idyllic ocean, forgotten by the 21st century, await you. In the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles and Maldives promise you a world of pure escapism. If you’re keen for something quite different, the lands of the Baltic are as remote as one could wish for. Cruise along the enchanting coastlines of Norway and Iceland, through the archipelagos of Denmark and Sweden or to the fairytale fishing villages of Finland, the opportunities these varied coastlines provide are infinite.

All four corners of the globe are available to you with endless supplies of attractions and activities. See more with Northrop & Johnson’s immersive itineraries that crisscross the globe to take you on a cultural charter through these alternative cruising grounds. Despite the remote settings of many of these destinations, a superyacht charter nevertheless remains the height of luxury.

Unique Yacht Charter Destinations Around the World


Tahiti, the largest in the Windward group of French Polynesia, may be the closest you will come to paradise on Earth. The island is divided into two parts, the northwestern Tahiti Nui and its southeastern counterpart Tahiti Iti.

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If you’re seeking the ultimate off-the-beaten-path charter destination, look no further. Experience the humbling beauty of raw nature and magnificent mountain-sized glaciers during the ultimate Antarctica yacht charter. The most adventurous of destinations, the last wilderness on earth provides the ultimate cruising ground, best discovered by exploration yacht.

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Crystal waters, sugary beaches, palm-laden mountain peaks and true tranquility are yours when you cruise from island to island through the Pacific Ocean during your Fiji yacht charter. Your true paradise and more is promised.

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Gambier Islands

The seemingly untouched Gambier archipelago in French Polynesia comprises 14 islands that epitomize pure paradise. A luxury yacht charter is the best way to explore these seemingly untouched landscapes, showcasing a dazzling array of flora and fauna, impressive scenery and hidden gems around every corner. No, really! Gambier is where pearl farming first developed and Mangareva, the largest island in the region, is the mecca of the region’s pearl industry.

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A luxury yacht charter to Greenland promises one-in-a-lifetime experiences. You’ll have a front-row seat to admire the vast Arctic landscapes, rich wildlife and awe-inspiring fjords and glaciers. Not to mention the Midnight sun in the summer and Northern light in the winter! Featuring the only permanent ice cap in the Northern Hemisphere, a luxury yacht charter to Greenland will have you mesmerized by the pure, natural beauty of this unique cruising ground. Perhaps you’ll spot members of Greenland’s wildlife, from fantastic Narwhals and Walrus to Arctic foxes, hares and lemmings.

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You’ll be transported to utter Eden with a yacht charter in the Maldives. Crystal clear waters meet white sandy beaches and secluded anchorages abound.

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Marquesas Islands

Experience the volcanic beauty that erupts when you cruise the Pacific Ocean’s French Polynesian islands of the Marquesas archipelago. Prime for diving and snorkeling as well as beautiful palm-fringed beaches and sparkling seas, a Marquesas Islands yacht charter is pure paradise.

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New Zealand

From sporting and cultural attractions to the mountains, deep fjords, rainforests, glaciers and geothermal pools, the dual islands of New Zealand offer such vast and varied landscapes. See the best New Zealand has to offer by taking to the water.

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When you embark on a luxury yacht charter to the Scandinavian country of Norway, you can expect cascading waterfalls, cosmopolitan cities and beautiful examples of mother nature’s most beautiful glaciers and peaks. Norway’s effortless mix of bustling cities and secluded fjords makes this destination truly one of a kind.

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Papua New Guinea

Discover the beauty of diversity, the wonder of unspoiled cruising locations and the delight of underwater reefs teeming with sea life when you charter a yacht in the islands of Papua New Guinea.

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The Seychelles chain is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa and is among the most isolated in the world. What better way to explore these remote pockets of paradise than by a luxury yacht charter. You will be impressed with the stunning tropical landscapes that showcase a contrast of picturesque coconut trees and robust granite rocks that have been polished by the continuous lapping waves.

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Society Islands

A luxury yacht charter to the Society Islands is nowhere close to average. This piece of paradise boasts a beautiful mix of thundering waterfalls, flowing rivers, picturesque beaches and sweeping coral reefs just waiting to be explored. French Polynesia showcases some of the most breathtaking landscapes that can be explored by yacht. Each island in the archipelago offers something unique and acts as an unforgettable backdrop to any luxury yacht charter.

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South Pacific

The South Pacific is home to some of the world’s most pristine cruising grounds that offer views straight from a postcard. Beautiful beaches, sparkling cerulean water, verdant mountains and rich coral reefs all can be found when you charter off the beaten path in the South Pacific

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Situated in beautiful French Polynesia, the seemingly remote Tuamotu archipelago comprises just under 80 islands and atolls that age with beauty as time goes on. A luxury yacht charter exploring this unique paradise promises pristine white sand beaches, sparkling blue waters and fantastic marine life. The Tuamotu islands welcome you with open arms if you’re seeking a bucket list cruising ground.

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Northern Europe

Long regarded as one of Europe’s most pristine cruising grounds with scenery on an epic scale, the timeless quality of Northern Europe’s coastlines has changed little over the past centuries, leaving a unique atmosphere that is best enjoyed from the decks of a luxury yacht.

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The golden coastline of Australia is ideal for the charterer seeking adventure. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Whitsunday Islands, there is so much to discover with an Australian yacht charter. Both above and below the waterline, the best way to experience it all is by luxury yacht.

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A Glimpse of Everywhere Else

Explore the ends of the earth in Antarctica

If exploring an ice-laden world where penguins slip into the sea and glaciers loom on the horizon is for you, then now is the time to book your Antarctica yacht charter.

Explore the Land Down Under

From Sydney’s iconic Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea, Australia is the perfect yacht charter if you’re keen on some adventure and luxury.

Land of the Kiwis

New Zealand is twice as nice as this dual-island nation welcomes you and your guests. Thanks to the diverse landscape and activities found here, there’s something for everyone.

The perfect summer yacht getawat

From Scandinavia to the British Isles to the Baltic Sea, Northern Europe promises you culture, history, beauty and lots of daylight hours during your Northern Europe yacht charter.

Dramatic landscapes and Incredible History

Norway is brimming with wonders. From fantastical fjords to Viking history, urban city centers and imposing waterfalls, you’ll find it hard to sleep due to excitement in the Land of the Midnight sun.

Polynesian perfection awaits you

When you think of tropical paradise, the mind often conjures images of the South Pacific’s islands — lush greenery with white sands and crystal waters. This is exactly what a South Pacific yacht charter provides.

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