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A Corsica yacht charter offers an inimitable style that is unique but different, providing the perfect combination of effortless charm and elegance.

The picturesque French island of Corsica is the perfect destination for your next luxury yacht charter. Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean between France, North Africa, and Italy, Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Med and offers a unique convergence of cultures, cuisines, and locals. Like its Italian neighbor, Sardinia, Corsica is a gorgeous collection of stunning beaches, climbing cliffs, and adorable Mediterranean towns.

Corsica: A Mediterranean Jewel

Corsica’s colorful island spotlights gorgeous landscapes peppered with rugged mountains, adorable coastal villages, pristine beaches, and cultural intersections – making it one of the top places to charter a luxury yacht in the Med. This breathtaking centerpiece of French influence features bustling towns with tourism hotspots to the North, untouched landscapes with unforgettable views to the West, and towering cliffs to the South.

The best way to explore the delights of Corsica is aboard a private charter yacht. Contact the Corsica charter brokers at Northrop & Johnson or browse our selection of luxury superyachts for charter in Corsica.

Corsica yacht charter guide

Step ashore and enjoy the famous Corsican aperitif wine, Cap Corse LN Mattei, at sundown. During the day on your yacht rental in Corsica, enjoy the hub of activities by and on the sea, including at some of the Med’s most beautiful anchorages.

Step into History: The Staircase of King Aragon Alfonso V

For those with a taste for history, take the 187-step staircase of King Aragon Alfonso V, a historical-mythical staircase leading from the top of the cliffs to the bottom, built in one night back in 1420, according to local legend. From the top, you’ll find a pristine view of the Mediterranean Sea and your luxury crewed boat below. At the bottom, you’ll enjoy a fresh swim in the gorgeous crystalline water. You won’t be disappointed by the views with awe-inspiring cliffs that could be featured in the Princess Bride or Game of Thrones.

L’Île-Rousse: A Corsican Gem

Another popular destination in Corsica is L’Île-Rousse, a port North of Calvi, founded by Pasquale Paoli in 1758 to protect the island from the Genoese. It features a bustling marketplace and rolling hills along the water, making it a must-see on your next journey to the Mediterranean.

Book a luxury yacht rental in Corsica with Northrop & Johnson

Northrop & Johnson is a leading Corsica yacht charter expert. As a prominent yacht charter brokerage with global reach, we have access to the finest superyachts in Corsica, including the world’s most luxurious motor boats, sailing yachts, catamarans, expedition vessels, superyachts, and mega yachts. Our team excels at creating incredible getaways on the water, with itineraries tailored to your precise vacation desires.

Contact our team today if you want to enjoy a Corsica yacht charter or browse our collection of yachts for charter.

Get in touch with a yacht broker in Corsica

Northrop & Johnson is a leading international yacht brokerage with access to the best and most luxurious yachts for charter, including in Corsica. With offices in the heart of Monaco, just moments away from Port Hercule, our yacht charter brokers boast unparalleled Corsica expertise and market intelligence. We take pride in listening to our client’s needs and crafting exceptional charter itineraries in and around Corsica. Rent a superyacht in Corsica and enjoy the ultimate vacation on the water. Contact our yacht brokers in Monaco today if you want to charter a luxury yacht. We will be thrilled to assist you on your yachting journey.

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Charter Highlights Corsica

  • Sample fruity Cap Corse, the quinine-rich local aperitif, during your yacht charter Corsica
  • Take a dip in the Roccapina rock pools at Roccapina Beach and soak up the natural beauty of this stunning spot
  • Enjoy a lazy afternoon at La Paillotte Beach Club, Bonifacio
  • Snorkel or scuba the crystal clear waters of the Scandola Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and spectacular natural wonder
  • Explore Corsica’s unique culture and rich, chequered history, which can be traced through its medieval towers and castles that dot the Corsican coastline
  • Corsica has a strong connection to the Italian city of Genoa in particular, and all over the island, you will find rambling Genoese towers like the iconic Tour de Mortadella. You can return to the beach by a train that tracks through the mountains for a particularly special adventure.
  • Explore the beautiful bays and beaches that pepper the Corsica coastline
  • Make the most of your private yacht's tenders and water toys on the turquoise waters that surround the island of Corsica
  • Soak up the sun on some of Corsica's most beautiful beaches, including Calvi Beach, Saleccia Beach, and Palombaggia Beach
  • Explore the south coast, sailing to Sardinia, and visit the uninhabited island of Lavezzi and have a drink in the amazing location of Porto Vecchio
  • Stay on board your yacht to watch impressive rocky coastlines and disembark to fall in love with the pebble beaches on the island
  • Visit the Northwest Coast, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus
  • Don't miss the opportunity to visit Ajaccio during your yacht rental in Corsica, on the West Coast

Corsica Yacht Charter Itinerary

For a full list of all available itineraries & excursions, or to chart your own course please inquire.

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Yacht charter Corsica Guide: FAQs

When is the best time to visit Corsica on a luxury superyacht?

The French island of Corsica boasts a wonderful Mediterranean climate. The best time to visit Corsica on a luxury superyacht is during the summer months, when you will enjoy beautifully warm waters on sun-drenched days. The shoulder season, spring and fall, is also a great time to visit when the weather is still warm but less intense, making it a great time for enjoying outdoor pursuits such as cycling and walking. During the shoulder season, you can also expect fewer crowds.

Average air temperatures in Corsica

  • Summer: Summer brings the warmest sea temperatures to Monaco. The Mediterranean Sea can reach temperatures ranging from 20°C (68°F) to 26°C (79°F) during the peak summer months.
  • Fall: Sea temperatures begin to gradually cool down in the fall. They typically range from around 19°C (66°F) to 15°C (59°F) during this season.
  • Winter: Sea temperatures are at their coolest during the winter months, ranging from around 13°C (55°F) to 15°C (59°F). The Mediterranean Sea tends to be cooler during this time.
  • Spring: Sea temperatures start to rise in spring. During this season, you can expect sea temperatures to be in the range of 14°C (57°F) to 17°C (63°F).

    Average sea temperatures in Corsica

  • Summer: During the summer months, sea temperatures in Corsica can range from approximately 22°C to 26°C (72°F to 79°F). These warmer temperatures make it an ideal time for swimming and water activities.
  • Fall: Sea temperatures start to gradually cool down during the autumn months, ranging from around 20°C to 24°C (68°F to 75°F).
  • Winter: Winter brings cooler sea temperatures, averaging between 14°C and 18°C (57°F to 64°F). Swimming is less common during this period.
  • Spring: Sea temperatures begin to rise again in spring, ranging from approximately 15°C to 19°C (59°F to 66°F).

What marinas are there in Corsica?

Corsica boasts an excellent infrastructure for luxury yachts, including a superb selection of marinas, many with superb yachting service providers. Some of the best marinas in Corsica include:

  • Port Saint Florent
  • Port Calvia – Xavier Colonna
  • Port Bonifacio
  • Porto Vecchio
  • Le Vieux Port de Bastia
  • Port de Solenzara
  • Port de Toga
  • Porto de Propriano
  • Port Tino Rossi

Northrop & Johnson can help secure berths in any of the above Corsica marinas, be it for a motor yacht or sailing yacht. Contact our Corsica yacht charter brokers to learn more about chartering a luxury boat in this spectacular Mediterranean destination.

What are some of the top restaurants in Corsica?

Corsica boasts a wonderful melting pot of both French and Italian cuisine, and you’ll find an excellent selection of local eateries and gourmet dining destinations. Some of the top restaurants in Corsica include:

  • Casadelmar – 2 Michelin stars
  • Le Table de la Ferme – 1 Michelin star
  • La Signoria – 1 Michelin star
  • U Santa Marina

The team at Northrop & Johnson will be delighted to secure reservations at Corsica’s most exclusive restaurants during your crewed yacht charter. Contact our team today.

What are some of the best beach clubs in Corsica?

Some of the best beach clubs in Corsica include:

  • La Paillotte Beach Club, Bonifacio
  • Maora Beach Club, Bonifacio
  • Sea Lounge, Porto Vecchio
  • Oasis Santa Giulia, Porto Vecchio
  • Palm Beach Palombaggia, Porto Vecchio

How much does a luxury yacht charter in Corsica cost?

The cost of a crewed charter in Corsica will depend on multiple factors, including the size of the yacht rental, the duration of the charter experience, the cruising itinerary, and the time of year. Expect the minimum entry point for a one-week charter to start at US$50,000, rising to over a million for the world’s most refined luxury motor yachts and sailing vessels.

Northrop & Johnson has access to a stunning collection of luxury yachts for charter in Corsica at a wide selection of price points. Contact our team today if you want to book a Corsican yacht charter or browse or crewed yachts for charter. We look forward to arranging a once-in-a-lifetime vacation on the water.

What amenities can I expect aboard my luxury yacht in Corsica?

A luxury yacht in Croatia offers a floating, self-sufficient sanctuary replete with a superb selection of amenities. The amenities will differ aboard each yacht and will primarily be determined by the size of the vessel and whether you are chartering a motor yacht or a sailing yacht. Typical amenities aboard luxury yachts include:

  • Voluminous salons and deck spaces
  • Well-appointed guest rooms, many with en-suites
  • Professional kitchen
  • Hot tub
  • Swimming pool, often with counter-currents
  • Fitness equipment
  • Spa facilities, including treatment rooms, beauty salons, saunas, and hammams
  • Tenders and water toys, ideal for water sports
  • Helicopter facilities, such as a landing pad and/or hangar
  • Beach club
  • Cinema room
  • DJ equipment
  • Nightclub

No matter what amenities you wish to have aboard a luxury crewed yacht, the team at Northrop & Johnson can find the right yacht for your needs. Contact our team today.

What type of water toys will be on my yacht charter?

The world’s best charter vessels are loaded with water toys, guaranteeing fun on the water no matter your age! Some popular water toys include:

  • Jet skis or wave runners
  • Inflatables, including inflatable slides
  • Kayaks
  • Water skis
  • Seabobs
  • Wakeboards
  • Stand-up paddle boards
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Scuba diving gear
  • Fishing gear

What are the visa requirements to enter Corsica?

Corsica is a French island and part of the European Union. US passport holders do not need a visa to enter Corsica; however, they must hold a valid passport, one which is valid for at least three months beyond the intended date of departure. US passport holders are permitted to enter Corsica for a period of up to 90 days within each six-month period. Northrop & Johnson will be happy to advise on visa requirements to any destination, including Corsica. Contact our team today to learn more about a Corsica yacht rental.

What currency should I take with me to Corsica?

As part of France, the official currency in Corsica is the Euro. Debit and credit cards are widely accepted.

How many crew will be on my luxury boat?

The number of crew aboard a luxury crewed yacht rental in Corsica will depend on the size of the vessel. At a bare minimum, aboard a crewed yacht charter with Northrop & Johnson, you will have a crew of at least four, including a captain, deckhand, stew or stewardess, and chef. The larger the yacht, the more crew members you can expect, with some of the largest Corsica yacht charters boasting a crew in excess of 20.

Contact our team today to learn more about renting a crewed luxury sailing yacht or motor boat in Corsica.

Where can I cruise to on a Corsica charter yacht?

Corsica offers a wonderful selection of cruising destinations. A highlight of a private yacht charter in Corsica is cruising around the island’s spectacular coastline. Popular cruising destinations include:

  • The Gulf of Girolata, a beautiful nature reserve, including the picturesque fishing village of Girolta
  • The Gulf of Sagone, which boasts superb dive sites, including the shipwreck of a WWII American bomber
  • Ajaccio, a charming town and the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, a French emperor and military commander
  • The port of Bonifacio, a well-preserved fortified town known for its cafe-lined harbor, Gothic church, and old citadel
  • The Sanguinaires Islands, an archipelago of four rocky islands which lie just off the coast of Corsica
  • The Lavezzi islands, situated off the southern tip of Corsica, known for their striking granite boulders, beautiful beaches, and turquoise waters.

During a Corsica yacht charter, it’s also possible to include the Italian island of Sardinia, the Amalfi Coast, the Tuscan Islands, the French Riviera, and the Balearic Islands.

If you wish to experience a luxury Corsica yacht vacation, contact the team at Northrop & Johnson. Our Corsica yacht charter brokers will be delighted to assist you.

Is Corsica good for sailing?

Corsica is a renowned Mediterranean destination with superb sailing conditions, including key Mediterranean sailing events such as the Corsica Classic. Corsica enjoys reliable winds and plenty of breathtaking scenery and shoreside attractions.

If you want to enjoy a luxury sailing vacation in Corsica, the team at Northrop & Johnson can connect you with your ideal crewed yacht charter and arrange an incredible charter itinerary. We have an enviable collection of sailing charter vessels, including schooners and racing yachts.

Contact our team today or browse our collection of sailing yacht charters.

Which airports are located in Corsica?

The airport you will fly into will depend on several factors, including your embarkation destination, whether you are flying by commercial airline or private jet, as well as your point of departure. Some of the larger airports in Corsica include:

  • Ajaccio-Napoleon Bonaparter Airpoart (AJA)
  • Bastia Poretta Airport (BIA)
  • Calvi-Sainte Catherine Airport (CLY)
  • Figari-Sud Corse Airport (FSC)

Northrop & Johnson will provide assistance with travel to and from your luxury yacht charter in Corsica, France. Contact our team today.

What types of yachts can I charter with Northrop & Johnson?

Northrop & Johnson boasts an exquisite selection of luxury Corsica yacht rentals, including:

  • Sailing yachts, including schooners, sloops, sketches, and racing yachts
  • Motor yachts, including planing, semi-displacement, and full displacement vessels
  • Sports yachts, including high-speed maxi open yachts built by Mangusta
  • Expedition vessels, including those equipped with submersibles and helicopters
  • Superyachts and mega yachts, including those built by pedigree boatbuilders
  • Luxury multi-hull vessels, including motor and sailing catamarans
  • Fishing yachts, flybridge yachts, and tri-deck yachts

With access to the best charter yachts in the Mediterranean, including those built by leading boatbuilders, including Feadship, Amels, Sanlorenzo, Benetti, Trinity Yachts, Westport, Mangusta, Palmer Johnson, and Lurssen, the team at Northrop & Johnson will be able to connect you with your ideal charter vessel in France, Corsica. Contact our team today.

Can I book a bareboat Corsica yacht charter?

While a bareboat charter might be possible in Corsica, Northrop & Johnson only handles luxury crewed boat rentals.

What other superyacht charter destinations are near Corsica?

Get in touch with a Corsica yacht charter broker

Northrop & Johnson is a leading yacht charter brokerage with access to the finest superyachts for charter in Corsica, including luxury motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, and expedition vessels by leading European shipyards. Our Corsica charter brokers excel at creating incredible holidays on the water, with itineraries tailored to your precise needs. Contact our team today or browse our luxury yachts for charter in Corsica.

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