Speed, Power & Incredible Amenities

Motor yachts for charter are fast, spacious, stable and safe. This large volume also means they come well-equipped with various sought-after amenities. Expect sumptuous accommodation, full-service spas, gyms, swimming pools, and a toybox of watersports equipment, ensuring a memorable yachting holiday every time. Aboard a motor yacht, you will also have a highly trained crew. Aboard larger vessels, you can expect private chefs, personal trainers, and spa therapists and more.

Northrop & Johnson has access to every luxury motor yacht for charter over 30 meters in the Med, the Caribbean and off-the-beaten-track destinations. Contact our yacht charter brokers to learn more about renting a power boat and how we can ensure a getaway on the water that exceeds all expectations.

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Why choose a motor yacht charter over a sailing yacht charter?

A motor yacht charter offers a more modern luxury experience than a sailing yacht charter, thanks to the boat’s speed and enhanced volume.

Motor yacht charters generally have more space, with larger cabins and salons, higher ceilings, and more break-out areas. This is especially advantageous for larger groups and families or those seeking enhanced yacht accessibility, such as guests with limited mobility.

Express Cruisers for Charter

Faster Power Boats for Luxury Rental

Express cruisers are some of our most sought-after motor yachts for charter. We have a great selection of these motor yachts for rental in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Full-displacement Charters

Great for family time — stable and safe

Full displacement vessels offer a great range and are very stable. Full displacement charters are typically at the superyacht and mega yacht range, including expedition vessels.

Trawler Yachts for Charter

Great Volume and Range for Adventure

Trawler boats offer lots of room, are stable in the water, and boast a great range. While they typically have lower speeds, they are powerful and sturdy charter boats. Fuel costs are often lower.

Fishing Motor Yacht Charters

Best for Fishing Trips

Fishing yachts are great for people who love to fish and get together with friends.

List of Motor Yacht Charter Advantages

  • More thrills at faster speeds
  • Reach destinations quicker
  • Motor yachts can be more stable
  • Access to most destinations – sailing yachts may not be suitable for all destinations
  • Lower draft means motor yachts can get closer to the shore
  • Larger garages mean a better selection of water toys and tenders
  • A more extensive selection of charter yachts to choose from
  • Larger cabins, more space for clothes and bigger heads
  • Better conditions for the crew may lead to better service
  • More break-out areas for separate family gatherings
  • Better for inviting guests and corporate entertainment

Power versus Sailing

Motor yachts are often faster than sailing yachts. This means you can greater distances in a shorter time, enabling you to see and do more on a yacht charter holiday.

Because motor yachts boast larger volumes, they can often accommodate more guests, making them an excellent choice for a multi-generational getaway or a holiday with your closest friends. This enhanced volume means you’ll often find more amenities on a motor boat than on a similar-sized sailing yacht. Typical onboard amenities include full-service spas, swimming pools, hot tubs, state-of-the-art cinema rooms, dedicated gyms and yoga studios and a fantastic selection of toys and tenders. Large superyachts often boast Jet Skis, inflatables, scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing equipment, kayaks and water skis. Some also include submersibles, enabling you to explore the world’s deepest oceans.

Motorboats can also be more stable at speed and anchor thanks to advanced stabilizer systems that minimize roll. This provides enhanced comfort and safety at sea, especially for charter guests suffering from sea sickness.

Finally, motor yachts often boast shallower drafts. This means you can berth in smaller marinas and get closer to beaches than a sailing yacht.
However, on a motor yacht charter, you will pay more for fuel and lose on sustainability and the romance of sailing.

What amenities can I expect on a motor yacht charter?

A motor yacht charter is packed with features and entertainment

A luxury motor yacht is built for speed and power, with powerful engines that can reach high speeds and navigate rough waters. Motor yachts for charter have many exciting amenities and entertainment possibilities.

List of Best Amenities to Ask For on a Motor Yacht Charter

Luxury motor yachts are built to the highest standards of craftsmanship and feature state-of-the-art technology, exceptional interior design, and world-class amenities, ideal for extended holidays at sea.

These yachts typically feature advanced navigation and propulsion systems that allow precise control and handling, even in challenging conditions. Many luxury motor yachts for charter are also equipped with stabilizers, which help to reduce motion and provide a smoother ride.

  • Fishing equipment
  • Private chef
  • Scuba diving gear
  • Waterslides and inflatables
  • Deck space for entertainment
  • Jet Skis
  • Spa and wellness facilities
  • A good tender
  • Zero Speed stabilizers
  • Children’s area and Nanny
  • Jacuzzi

Famous Motor Yachts & Shipyards

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Northrop & Johnson has access to an impressive selection of luxury motor yachts for charter, including those built by the world’s most esteemed shipbuilders, such as Lurssen, Benetti, Feadship, and Damen Yachting. Contact our charter team today, and let us connect you with your ideal luxury motorboat rental.