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Rent a Boat with Gym Onboard

Designed with sport enthusiasts in mind

With the Mediterranean or the Caribbean open sea as a backdrop, you can elevate your workout routine and feel more energized and motivated. After an intense workout, have the yacht’s private chef prepare a nutritious and healthy meal or post-training smoothie, then relax and rejuvenate in the hot tub or dive off the boat into the ocean.

Northrop & Johnson has access to every luxury yacht charter with onboard gyms. Contact our charter specialists and let them connect you with your ideal yacht with gym equipment.

Couple exercising at the gym on board motor yacht RoMa during a luxury yacht charter

What kind of equipment can you find on board a yacht?

Common gym equipment you may find on a yacht:

  1. Treadmills and elliptical machines
  2. Stationary bikes and spin bikes
  3. Free weights and weight machines
  4. Yoga mats and Pilates equipment
  5. TRX suspension training system
  6. Boxing equipment (e.g., punching bag and gloves)
  7. Kettlebells and medicine balls

Famous yachts with gyms

Some of the most desirable yachts with gyms include:

  • 254’ft (77.4m) LEGEND
  • 220’1”ft (67.07m) FIREBIRD
  • 231’6”ft (70.56m) FORCE BLUE
  • 179’ft (54.56m) CHANTAL MA VIE

Why charter a yacht with gym equipment?

Benefits of chartering a yacht with a gym or fitness equipment include:

  1. Stay fit while on vacation: A yacht charter with a gym and fitness equipment lets you maintain your fitness routine.
  2. Customizable workout routines: With a private gym on board, you have the freedom to customize your workout routine to your liking. Whether you prefer to focus on cardio, strength training, or a combination of both, you’ll have access to all the equipment you need.
  3. Privacy and exclusivity: A yacht charter with a gym and fitness equipment provides a private and exclusive environment to work out. This allows you to exercise in complete privacy and without any distractions, ensuring a peaceful and focused workout experience.
  4. Scenic workouts: Enjoy a workout with a view. A yacht charter with a gym and fitness equipment allows you to work out while taking in stunning ocean views and fresh sea air.
  5. Professional trainers and instructors: Some yachts may offer professional trainers and instructors who can guide you through your workouts or provide personalized fitness advice, ensuring that you get the most out of your workout routine.
  6. Ideal for groups: A yacht charter with a gym and fitness equipment is perfect for groups traveling together. It allows everyone to work out at their own pace and according to their fitness goals while enjoying quality time together.

Who should rent a yacht with a gym?

Chartering a yacht with a gym and fitness equipment can be perfect for a variety of individuals or groups, including:

  • Fitness enthusiasts who want to stay on track with their workout routine while on vacation.
  • Athletes who need to maintain their fitness level while away from home.
  • Health-conscious travelers who prioritize their physical well-being and want to stay active during their vacation.
  • Individuals who want to try out new fitness equipment or workout programs in a unique setting.
  • Families who want to encourage healthy habits and fitness activities for their children.
  • Corporate groups who want to offer their team members a unique wellness experience that promotes health and productivity.
  • Anyone who wants to relax in a hot tub or pool after a good workout and enjoy the beautiful views of the open sea.