Charter a yacht with Zero-Speed Stabilizers

A yacht for charter with zero-speed stabilizers ensures the utmost comfort and safety at sea. 

Northrop & Johnson boasts an excellent selection of motor boats with zero-speed stabilizers at various lengths and price points and in many of the world’s most sought-after cruising destinations. Contact our team of charter specialists if you want to rent a superyacht with zero-speed stabilizers.

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Why rent a boat with zero-speed stabilizers?

There are many reasons why you should rent a yacht with zero-speed stabilizers, including enhanced comfort, safety, and fuel efficiency.

  • Comfort:
    A charter boat with zero-speed stabilizers will increase onboard comfort. This is because zero-speed stabilizers work to minimize the boat’s roll, both at anchor and underway. The rolling motion of a boat is one of the primary reasons individuals suffer from seasickness.
  • Safety:
    The sudden roll of a charter boat can be a safety issue, leading to falls and slips that may cause injury. With zero-speed stabilizers on a charter yacht, this is minimized.
  • Direct Route:
    When you rent a yacht with stabilizers, you will be able to take the most direct route to your next destination, even if the seas are choppy. This is also more fuel efficient, helping to lower the cost of your yacht charter.
  • The ultimate experience:
    When you rent a boat with stabilizers, you will enjoy a highly private and exclusive experience. A luxury yacht charter is unmatched, with tailored itineraries, resort-style amenities, and a dedicated crew ready to meet your every need.

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