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Navigator delves deep to bring you the superyacht toys you need to have fun on the water, below the water, and even above the water.


Paddleboards, windsurfs, canoes and kayaks – there are endless options for those looking to power themselves over the water, but for those looking for the adrenaline rush that only motorsports evoke,  Radinn’s G2X Electric Jetboard takes the thrill of surfing to another level. Reaching speeds up to 37mph, the Jetboard makes you look like a pro without all the hard work. www.radinn.com (main image) 


Experience the amazing sensation of levitation and the thrill of flying over water with the Tandem Jetovator. Twin controls provide the option of maneuverability from the front and rear seat, allowing passengers to ride with an instructor (a trained and certified crew member). Without the need for comprehensive training, even the younger guests can have a whirl. www.jetovator.com

Aqua Glide


For a day of endless fun and activity, a complete waterpark can include everything from an inflatable climbing frame, trampoline, yacht blob, waterslide and even a watersports obstacle course. Choose from Aquaglide’s traditional Aqua Park setup with simplified paths; Ring Aqua Park designs for a challenging racetrack or their ultimate Circuit Aqua Park collection with obstacle sections and anchored items. Endless fun is guaranteed. www.aquaglide.com

Triton Submersible hero


For the intrepid traveler looking to go to even deeper depths, the submersibles hitting the market are out of this world. The Triton 7500/3 is the deepest-diving acrylic-pressure-hull-equipped submersible, capable of diving to depths of 7,500 feet (or 1.4 miles) with three passengers on board. www.tritonsubs.com

RetroWheelsON LAND

In today’s world of “going green,”  the Lohner Falkon – a luxury two-seater electric bike born of an Austrian-German lineage dating back to 1821 – is a unique, stylish and sophisticated means of cycling. Ideally suited for exploring island interiors and stunning coastal paths that dot the Mediterranean’s cruising grounds, the Lohner Falkon is a fun addition to any onboard toy arsenal, allowing guests to ride solo or together. www.retrowheelsusa.com.

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