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Miriam Cain

Editorial Director

+377 97 77 27 20
+44 77 761 768 31
Monaco Office
Le Panorama, 57 Rue Grimaldi
Bloc A/B 7e étage Monaco
Speaks: English

My Present 
Hi, my name is Miriam Cain, and I am Northrop & Johnson’s Editorial Director for Navigator Magazine. Part of my role involves editorial for the luxury lifestyle magazine Navigator, published in-house by Northrop & Johnson. As Editor, I spearhead Navigator’s content creation and, together with the Media team, continually adapt and evolve the magazine’s strategy to reflect the way clients think about their yachting pursuits and their collective (and mounting) desire to explore the world. Our aim is to deliver a curated platform for all things travel, style and luxury, reflecting the energy, excitement and pure joy that the yachting lifestyle is all about through content that not only paints a beautiful picture but makes clients feel the vibe.

Based in the United Kingdom, I work closely with the Media team in Fort Lauderdale, liaising with Northrop & Johnson’s esteemed partners and creating editorial strategies.

My Past
I grew up in the United Kingdom, studied in London and remained in the city for 20 years. During this time, I was fortunate to travel with work, primarily when working with the environmental certification arm of the World Travel and Tourism Council, assessing hotels around the world on their sustainable efforts when sustainable issues in the travel industry were still in their infancy. By chance, I came across a role in the yachting industry and have never looked back. I spent over a decade as Editor of the luxury lifestyle publication SEA+I, and several years as Editor of the quarterly Elite Traveler Superyachts, while also working as PR & Communications Manager for an international brokerage house in London. I have managed countless PR campaigns and written several publications and corporate brochures, including an annual hardback Charter Collection and annual Superyacht Index, focusing on the business and statistical side of the yachting industry. Latterly, I authored the book Yachts: The Impossible Collection, an eclectic and carefully created anthology of yachts ranging from classics from the late 19th Century to the current high-tech mega yachts.

My Future
I would like to aid Northrop & Johnson in its corporate social responsibility program and efforts to reduce its environmental footprint while at the same time working with the whole industry to turn the tide and preserve the world’s greatest and arguably most important habitat for future generations.

My Motto
No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.
My Outside-office Life
I live in the UK with my husband Simon, children Sophia and Hunter, and my faithful sidekick Skipper, who I run with every day. Every year I challenge myself to learn something new. The list so far includes tennis (average), sailing (moderate), and skiing (still on the blues and fear I may remain there for years to come while my children whizz down the blacks with no fear whatsoever).

Fast Facts 

  • My first interview in yachting asked me what a MY and SY was. I had no idea
  • I have worked in the yachting industry for over two decades but have only just learned to sail
  • I can’t ski but can water-ski (and am trying to learn the former)
  • My favorite yachts are SHERAKHAN, EXCELLENCE and ARTEFACT
  • Northrop & Johnson is the best company I have worked for in the yachting arena

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