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Fringing the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, the islands of the Grenadines, including the famed St. Vincent, are prime for exploration via luxury yacht.

During your luxury yacht charter in the Grenadines, West Indies, you will have 32 islands to explore, all offering different views and local flair. The largest island in The Grenadines is St. Vincent. This is an ideal starting point for your Grenadines yacht charter. Here, you can visit the largest city and capital of the island chain, Kingstown. Despite its size, St. Vincent is more sleepy than its sister islands. It is brimming with local fishing villages – perfect for procuring fresh seafood for meals during your private yacht charter – and lots of land-based activities.

If you’re keen to work up a sweat, the island’s volcano, Soufrière, is worth a visit and a hike. Alternatively, visit Vermont Valley and trek through a tropical rainforest while keeping your eyes peeled for the island’s famous parrots. If a less strenuous pursuit is on your to-do list, the Botanic Gardens of Kingstown are worth a visit, as is the colonial-era Fort Charlotte.

Visit beautiful Bequia on your Grenadines yacht charter

Once you’ve explored St. Vincent, it will be time to cruise to another of the Grenadines; a popular favorite is Bequia. 

Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will want to head under the waterline, as the reef off the coast is worth a visit. Here, there are plenty of sea creatures to see, including octopuses, seahorses, and manta rays, as well as vibrant corals. All that underwater activity will mean that you will surely work up an appetite, and luckily, Bequia has plenty of beachside restaurants and bars for wining and dining.

Ultra-exclusive Mustique and Union Island 

Mustique is an exclusive island where the rich and famous play and is an ultra-luxurious Grenadines yacht charter destination. History abounds here in the picturesque villages with cobbled streets and remnants of plantations that can be found. 

Union Island is another must-visit during your Grenadines superyacht charter with its beautiful flora and fauna, white sand beaches, and abundance of spots to check out ashore.

Whether you explore this stunning Caribbean destination by motor yacht or on a luxury sailing boat, Northrop & Johnson can craft an incredible charter itinerary for an unforgettable vacation aboard a luxury charter yacht.

Get in touch with a Grenadines yacht charter broker

Northrop & Johnson is a leading brokerage with access to a global fleet of over 1,000 luxury yachts for charter, including in the Grenadines. Our yachts for charter, including motor yachts and sailing boats, feature vessels built by the world’s best luxury boatbuilders, ensuring incredible levels of luxury and a stylish getaway on the water. Our Grenadines yacht charter brokers boast unparalleled destination expertise and can create a bespoke itinerary that precisely matches your desired vacation experience. If you want to visit the Grenadines aboard a private crewed yacht, contact our team today or browse our luxury yachts for charter.

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Charter Highlights The Grenadines

  • If you're adventurous, consider a hike up Soufriere volcano on St. Vincent during a Grenadines charter
  • Spend a day ashore on the island of Bequia, enjoying the local charm and beautiful secluded beaches
  • If you're looking for some pampering, head to Mustique's Cotton House spa
  • Drop anchor in Union Island's harbor and head ashore to visit the island's boutiques and restaurants
  • Wildlife enthusiasts can head ashore at St. Vincent to spot the island's famed parrots

The Grenadines Yacht Charter Itinerary

For a full list of all available itineraries & excursions, or to chart your own course please inquire.

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Yacht Charter The Grenadines FAQs

Where are the Grenadines located?

The Grenadines are a chain of islands located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, forming part of the Lesser Antilles. They stretch from St. Vincent in the north to Grenada in the south and are divided into two main groups: the Windward Islands and the Grenadines.

Why charter a yacht in the Grenadines?

There are so many reasons why you should charter a fully crewed yacht in the Grenadines. Just some reasons include:

  • Crystal-clear, warm waters, great for making the most of your private yacht’s tenders and water toys
  • Beautiful sandy beaches, many accessible only by boat
  • Scenic, natural beauty, and stunning cruising grounds: St. Vincent and the Grenadines boast some of the Caribbean’s most picturesque islands
  • Lush green landscapes and interiors filled with stunning flora, fauna, and waterfalls
  • Great for island-hopping, with over 30 islands and cays to explore
  • Opulent resorts, spas, and world-class service providers are ideal for those seeking an ultra-luxurious experience, especially on the island of Mustique
  • Gourmet cuisine, Caribbean delicacies, and fresh local seafood
  • Vibrant underwater marine life, including colorful coral reefs and shipwrecks to explore
  • Excellent trade winds make St. Vincent and the Grenadines a superb destination for sailing yachts

What are the must-visit destinations on a Grenadines yacht charter?

Some must-visit destinations on a Grenadines superyacht rental include:

  • Hike Mount Soufriere on the island of St. Vincent and peer into the volcano’s crater. From the summit, you’ll also enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Grenadines, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Visit Kingstown, the vibrant capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Explore the islands’ rich history and culture, and head to the local market to discover fresh, local produce. Just outside of the city are the picturesque botanical gardens, the oldest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. Make sure you leave time to explore the former British garrison of Fort Charlotte, built in the 19th century, before enjoying some local cuisine at one of the many eateries.
  • Cruise to Union Island, considered one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets. Enjoy vast expanses of golden sands and lush, tropical landscapes. Head to one of the island’s local beach eateries for lip-smacking, traditional island fare, such as Big Sands Beach and Sparrows Beach Club. For the adventurous, hike Mount Taboi, the highest point in the Grenadine Islands at 999ft (304m) tall. Finally, make sure you visit Chatham Bay, a stunning bay with brilliant blue water and a picturesque white sandy beach.
  • Drop anchor in Bequia during your crewed charter in the Grenadines and soak up the sun on some of the Caribbean’s best beaches. Bequia’s beaches are great for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling. Have your private charter yacht’s crew set up a picnic lunch or BBQ for you right on the beach. For those who feel like stretching their legs, visit the Bequia Heritage Museum, which explores the island’s maritime history, including boatbuilding and whaling, or the well-preserved ruins of Spring Plantation, which operated in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Visit the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, a privately run turtle sanctuary on the island of Bequia, which aims to preserve the endangered Hawksbill Turtle.
  • Dive the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park located in shallow waters off Molinere Point. The sculptures were created by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, and, in addition to being an underwater exhibit, they also serve as an artificial reef.
  • Visit the Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls on the island of Grenada, which plunge more than 700ft.

What sets the Grenadines apart from other Caribbean yacht charter destinations?

Part of the appeal of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is that it is a lesser-known Caribbean destination, meaning it is often much quieter than other superyacht destinations, even during peak season. The islands boast a laid-back vibe and untouched natural beauty, meaning this is the destination to unwind and relax. As the Grenadines is an under-the-radar destination, it gives the islands a sense of seclusion, making St. Vincent and the Grenadines a great destination for those seeking elevated levels of privacy. If you want to enjoy a luxury yacht charter in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, contact the charter experts at Northrop & Johnson.

What are the best activities to enjoy during a yacht charter in the Grenadines?

Most activities during a luxury crewed yacht charter in the Grenadines focus on the water. The crystal-clear blue waters make it the best destination for leisurely beach days and spending time on the water, making the most of your luxury charter yacht’s tenders and toys. For the adventurous, there are numerous hiking opportunities, and Northrop & Johnson can arrange for private guided tours of in-land attractions. There are also ample beachside bars, restaurants, and luxury resorts where you can enjoy local cuisine. Below the waves await stunning tropical reefs and shipwrecks.

What restaurants and dishes are a must-try on a Grenadines yacht charter?

The Grenadines boasts several fine-dining restaurants, while the local cuisine is a must-try.

Must-try local dishes in The Grenadines include:

  • Madongo dumplings
  • Buljol, a salad made with shredded cod or saltfish, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and oil
  • Callaloo soup
  • Fresh catch of the day, including tuna, mahi mahi, Caribbean lobster, and kingfish
  • Banana fritters

Top restaurants and bars to visit on a Grenadines superyacht charter include:

  • Basil’s Bar, Mustique – famous visitors include Princess Margaret, Kate Moss, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and Tommy Hilfiger
  • Wallilabou Anchorage, St. Vincent – great for local cuisine and fresh seafood with stunning sea views
  • Young Islands Resort Restaurant, Young Island – a superb selection of Caribbean cuisine and international flavors
  • Jack’s Beach Bar, Bequia – Enjoy cocktails and freshly caught seafood right on the beach
  • The French Verandah Restaurant, St. Vincent – refined dining boasting a menu of French-inspired dishes with a Caribbean twist. Dine on the candlelit terrace with views of Young Island.

What type of yacht should I opt for in the Grenadines?

Whether you choose to explore the Grenadines aboard a luxury motor yacht or sailing boat will depend on your personal preference.

Luxury motor yachts typically offer more volume and onboard amenities than similarly sized vessels, making them especially popular with families and larger groups of friends who desire space and privacy. Motor yachts often boast enhanced comfort levels, while additional features such as lifts make them more accessible.

Sailing yachts, on the other hand, are a great option for those who desire the thrill and romance of sailing. Hoist up the sails and harness the power of Mother Nature while exploring the Grenadines island chain at your own pace, while enjoying only the sound of the sails fluttering in the wind and the Caribbean Sea lapping at the boat’s hull. Many of the world’s finest luxury sailing yachts now rival their motor yachts when it comes to onboard comfort and amenities. Furthermore, a sailing yacht is the preferred choice for charterers seeking an eco-friendly cruising experience.

What is the best time to charter a yacht in the Grenadines?

The best time to charter a yacht in the Grenadines is during the winter months when there is the least chance of rain and the weather is less humid. The Caribbean yacht charter season typically runs from October until the end of March, with the peak months being December and January. The summer months in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are hurricane season. While it’s still possible to enjoy a yacht charter during these months, expect more humid temperatures and a higher chance of rain. Of course, a key benefit is that there will be far fewer crowds. If you visit during June and July, you’ll also get to enjoy the carnival season, with its colorful street parades, music, and dancing.

How much is a Grenadines yacht charter?

The cost of a Grenadines yacht charter will depend on several factors, including the length of the charter, the size of the vessel, the shipbuilder, the yacht’s age, and onboard amenities. The starting price for a Grenadines yacht charter is around US$50,000 for a week and can go up to over a million for the world’s finest superyachts and mega yachts. On top of the base charter rate, there will also be additional costs for VAT and the Advanced Provisioning Allowance, or APA, which covers non-fixed costs such as fuel, provisions, and excursions ashore.

Is it possible to enjoy a bareboat charter in the Grenadines?

While bareboat yacht charters are certainly possible in the Grenadines, Northrop & Johnson specializes in luxury crewed charters only.

What other yacht charter destinations are in the same area of the Grenadines?

Get in touch with a Grenadines yacht charter broker

If you want to explore the Grenadines chain aboard a luxury crewed charter yacht, the team at Northrop & Johnson can help. As a leading yacht brokerage, we have access to the best crewed yachts in the Caribbean, including the Grenadines. Our luxury yachts for charter include the world’s finest sailing yachts and motor boats, including vessels built by leading European shipyards such as Lurssen, Amels, Feadship, Sanlorenzo, and Oceanco. Our team excels at creating incredible vacations on the water with tailored itineraries that meet your precise needs. Contact our team today or browse our luxury yachts for charter in the Grenadines.

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