The glamorous island of Aruba has a lot to offer, from high-class hotels to high-rolling casinos and haute nightspots, not to mention beautiful beaches and Caribbean breezes. Enjoy it all during your Aruba luxury yacht charter
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 Delightful donkeys

For more than 500 years, donkeys provided the main transportation on Aruba. The Donkey Sanctuary now affords a loving refuge for those beasts of labor that have provided so much daily help on this island. Visit to peek into Aruban history, and maybe make a new friend —you can purchase cups of feed, or bring sliced carrots and apples along as treats. — Caroline Titus, Charter Broker

With its own brand of glitz, glamour and flash, Aruba is the Caribbean version of Sin City. Trendy restaurants, lavish hotels and high-rolling casinos all add to this tiny island’s cosmopolitan cache.

Also a member of the ABC Islands, Aruba, too, was part of the Netherlands Antilles. Different, however, from the other islands, Aruba is flat and river-less. Due to the lack of protection from the sea on the northern and eastern sides, these areas of the island remain relatively unsettled. Visit the south and western sectors of the island during you Aruba yacht charter to discover the world-class, white-sand beaches and seemingly endless hot, temperate days.

The capital town, Oranjstad is a hive of activity. Peruse the high-end boutiques and couture designer shops throughout the town before dining at one of the world-class restaurants. Add some spark to your evening by exploring Oranjstad’s nightlife. Take your pick of island-y spots with live music or up-scale cocktails. There also are dance clubs for those interested in sashaying the night away during their Aruba yacht charter. If you’re feeling lucky, try rolling the dice at one of the 10 casinos on the island.

Also on option are Aruba’s many beautiful beaches lapped by turquoise water. To see and be seen, enjoy a day at Palm Beach, a two-mile strip of sand renowned for its luxury high-rise hotels, restaurants, beach bars and shops. If sunny solitude is more your speed, Eagle Beach is quiet and pristine. It also is a nesting ground for Leatherback, Loggerhead, Green and Hawksbill turtles. There are few more exhilarating experiences than watching the new hatchlings find their way to the sea to start life. This iconic beach is silhouetted by Aruba’s famous fofoti trees, which create a picturesque landscape perfect for any photographer’s lens.


  • Enjoy an evening out on the town in Oranjstad
  • California lighthouse offers stunning views, especially during sunset
  • Spend a day on the sands of Palm Beach
  • Try your luck at Stellaris Casino
  • Go native at Arikok National Park, complete with lots of wildlife
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