Charter Destinations

The world is your Oyster

The world is brimming with exciting, exotic and unique locales. From the tried-and-true islands of the Caribbean to the beautiful coastlines of the Mediterranean, the far-flung isles of Southeast Asia or the pristine beauty of Alaska’s fjords, there are so many places to visit around the globe and the perfect way to do and see it all is via a luxury charter yacht. Your dream destinations become tangible realities when you cruise as you are able to experience these one-of-a-kind locations as never before. It is said that the journey is as important as the destination and when you charter a luxury yacht with Northrop & Johnson you get to enjoy both in tandem.

World map

Caribbean Yacht Charters

Renowned for sparkling turquoise waters, sweeping sandy beaches and a blissfully laid-back lifestyle, the Caribbean islands are the ultimate cruising destination. Discover the archipelago's arc of islands from the Grenadines in the south to the Virgin Islands in the north, or sail west to the Turks and Caicos, and the crystal-clear waters of The Bahamas.

Panoramic view of Thai exotic coast

Southeast Asia Yacht Charters

Exotic and intriguing, Southeast Asia is much more than just a few tropical paradises. Comprising 10 countries, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Andaman Islands (India), Vietnam and Laos, the region covers 3,900 miles of pristine cruising grounds ideally suited to welcome you during a yacht charter.

Scandinavian skyline

Rest of the World Yacht Charter

From the splendor of the Scandinavian fjords to the calm serenity of the Indian Ocean, South Pacific and Southeast Asia, Northrop & Johnson’s charter experts have explored beyond the traditional coastlines to offer you an alternative selection of varied cruising grounds – all of which are best discovered by yacht.

Lighthouse in New England

The Americas Yacht Charter

From the inspiring shores of the Pacific Northwest and the quaint New England shoreline to the unique landscapes of Mexico and the wild shores and dramatic scenery of the Galápagos, a luxury yacht charter in the Americas offers endless cruising possibilities along the incredible coastlines of this vast continent.

Ionian Islands landscape

Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Since antiquity, the Med has been a hub of trade and cultural exchange, building cities, some of which have grown into chic, metropolitan anchorages, while others have remained true to their traditional ways of life. This blend of cultures and destinations culminated in the perfect region for luxury yacht charters.