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Posted February 16, 2023 in Charter by Ashleigh King

Let 2023 be the year you spark your adventurous side and allow your imagination to run wild. Where will your wanderlust see you dreaming of for future yachting adventures? Whether you are looking to get up close and personal with wildlife or delve beneath the surface, the choices for where to go in 2023 range from dreamy Caribbean islands to remote destinations worthy of a bucket list adventure. Be inspired by these spectacular recommendations taking you through the entire year, as chosen by Northrop & Johnson’s charter experts.

Balearic Islands

Chosen by: Anna Franciszkiewicz, Charter Broker

Why Once known primarily for a pulsing club scene, today, the Balearics are among the Mediterranean’s most glamorous cruising spots. On the island of Mallorca, it’s all about lazy lunches anchored in secret coves, ambling through ancient alleyways and discovering hidden gourmet gems galore. The hedonistic island of Ibiza attracts well-heeled travelers taking advantage of the long hours of sunshine and world-class hip hangouts. Step ashore to the old town, Dalt Vila, and stroll through the cobblestone streets lined with boutiques and restaurants, or anchor in idyllic bays and enjoy a varied collection of laid-back beach clubs along the rugged coastline. The nearby island of Espalmador offers stunning beaches, while Formentera is the perfect spot for an early morning dive or an afternoon anchorage.

When The Balearic Islands enjoy a pleasant climate from late spring through to early fall, with sailing conditions favorable from late April to late September. The high season runs from late June until late August; however, for the waterborne, there are plenty of hidden coves and beaches that remain quiet during the peak summer season.

Yacht Luxurious, sophisticated and packed from bow to stern with impressive facilities, including a PADI diving center on board, the 203’ (62m) RoMa is the perfect yacht on which to enjoy the Balearic Islands. Prices from €370,000 per week, plus expenses, for up to 12 guests.

The Cyclades

Chosen by: Diana Meza, Senior Charter Broker


Why With their steady winds, dramatic landscapes and natural harbors, the Cyclades make for the perfect cruising destination. The idyllic archipelago provides Greece with its most potent tourist clichés – think blue church domes perched on the hillside, white-washed villages and a wealth of historical sites left over the course of five millennia. From the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos to majestic Santorini, all the islands abound with simplicity and laid-back charm combined with a sophisticated and relaxed vibe.

When The Cyclades enjoy a long summer season, stretching from April through to October. May and June see the most favorable temperatures, while the peak summer months of July and August tend to be the hottest. During this time, the Meltemi winds are at their strongest and may affect the Aegean Sea.


Chosen by: Natalya de Raigniac, Charter Broker

Why Firmly on the map as a favorite destination for yacht charter, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is a compelling summer cruising ground. The popular notion that the Mediterranean has been changed by tourism does not ring true for this region. Hundreds of islands scattered along the Croatian Adriatic remain beautifully preserved, with remnants of the many civilizations that have graced these shores at just about every anchorage. Roman, Venetian and Austrian influences are all evident in the architecture – nowhere more so than in the old towns of Dubrovnik and Split, both of which are well-known for their spectacular Roman fortifications. They are also known for their cosmopolitan vibe, with bars and restaurants coming alive with a buzz and energy as the sun sets. Over on the islands, the glamorous beach clubs and bars also hold their own, attracting the superyacht set to enjoy cocktails and dance by the water’s edge as the sun sets.

When April through October is the best time to cruise when the Adriatic is at its calmest. Late June to August is the high season, with warm water, low winds and balmy temperatures. Yacht Discover the islands and islets of the Dalmatian coastline while cruising aboard the 96’ (29.5m) VIVALDI. Prices from €72,000 per week, plus expenses, for up to 10 guests.


Chosen by: Carl Sputh, Charter Broker

Why Norway, The land of the midnight sun, makes for a dramatic and awe-inspiring backdrop for any yacht charter. It may not be the place to spend your days sunbathing, but really the only place to be is on deck as nothing can prepare you for the beauty of the passing scenery. From sleepy fishing villages to medieval castles to glittering fjords, the Norwegian coastline provides an abundance of experiences for the waterborne. Cruise from Bergen around the dramatic southern fjords, including the famed Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord. From the fjords, cruise north to the Lofoten Islands or south to Stavanger – the cruising opportunities are plentiful.

When The recommended time for cruising in the Baltic region is from early May until late August. Springtime sees the snow retreat to the mountaintops, leaving a landscape scattered with waterfalls and streams. The climate is very much influenced by Atlantic weather disturbances, thus can be changeable throughout the year.

Yacht The expansive exterior decks found on board the 180’ (55m) REVELRY are the perfect viewing platform from which to witness the awe-inspiring scenery of the Norwegian fjords. Prices from €255,000 per week, plus expenses, for up to 12 guests.


Chosen by: Amy Wachmann, Charter Broker

Why A charter through Alaska is akin to exploring the final frontier. From the haunting allure of icefields to the timeless, majestic landscapes and the remarkable wildlife that has inhabited the region for thousands of years, this part of the world really has some of the most remote and enchanting sights you’re ever likely to see. It pays to have a guide on board to help you explore safely. Drifting in such a remote location brings you up close to intriguing creatures in their natural habitat, which you can watch go about their day in wonderful seclusion.

When May through September is the best time to visit Alaska, with July and August being the best months for temperatures and warm, long days of sunshine.
Yacht The 130’ (39.6m) SERENGETI spends her summers cruising the great outdoors of Alaska’s stunning coastline. Prices from $140,000 per week, plus expenses, for up to 12 guests.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Chosen by: Fiona Maureso, Senior Charter Broker

Why Raja Ampat is very much a destination for cruising. Most life takes place underwater, on the water or by the water. That isn’t to say there isn’t plenty to do ashore – with walking trails, waterfalls and abundant birdlife, the islands are beautiful. The colorful reefs are healthy and plentiful and host a dazzling array of fish. On a single dive, you can spot manta rays, pygmy seahorses and schools of barracuda. For those looking to stay closer to shore, snorkeling from the beach is equally rewarding.

When October to April, when the seas are at their calmest. This being said, unlike some parts of Indonesia, Raja Ampat doesn’t have an “off” season. The weather is stable, with less distinct dry and rainy seasons, and the water temperatures and underwater visibility are excellent year-round.

Yacht Featuring seven staterooms, a PADI dive center, onboard spa therapists and a yoga instructor and expert tour guide, the 213’11” (65.2m) LAMIMA is the perfect yacht on which to discover Indonesia. Priced at $161,000 per week, all-inclusive, for up to 14 guests.


Chosen by: Solenn de Braux, Charter Broker

Why For those looking for an alternative charter experience, Antarctica offers some of the world’s most adventurous cruising grounds. Far from the beaten track of the mainstream destinations, the entire continent is covered in ice, which ranges from ten-mile-long icebergs to pinnacle berg, making for awe-inspiring scenery at every turn. From Maxwell Bay on King George Island, the unofficial capital of Antarctica, access the Antarctic Sound and cruise through a maze of protected channels found along the most northerly part of the Antarctic Peninsula.

When The summer months are from November to March when you will see Antarctica’s wildlife at its busiest. December and January welcome the sun for 20 hours a day, while February and March are the best months to journey deeper into the Polar Circle as the pack ice is at a minimum.

Yacht Cruising this far south requires an ice-class hull but rest assured, exploration does not mean forgoing luxury. Discover the vast continent aboard the iconic 414’ (126m) explorer yacht OCTOPUS. Prices from $2,200,000 per week, plus expenses, for up to 12 guests.

Leeward Islands, Caribbean

Chosen by: Kevin Damgaard, Charter Broker

Why Offering countless options for relaxation and exploration, the Caribbean’s Leeward Islands were seemingly made for cruising. From the sophisticated French island of St. Barths to the old-world charm of Antigua to laid-back Anguilla and lesser-known Nevis, the islands are brimming with dramatic scenery, fantastic beaches, world-class cuisine and welcoming locals. Beaches are public but many remain deserted, accessible only by tender, while others are ideal for partygoers and watersports enthusiasts. A plethora of restaurants serve up an eclectic mix of international and locally influenced cuisine, while beach bars make for a fun evening ashore where you can really join in the spirit of local life. For those looking to explore, the waters are teeming with exotic fish and colorful coral, while ashore the islands are steeped in maritime history with many man-made sites from the colonial days still intact.

When December to April is drier, cooler and less humid, however, the islands enjoy a tropical climate year-round. The peak season falls during the festive holiday period.

Yachts With copious deck spaces and an inviting interior, the 146’ (44.5m) MILESTONE is available in the Leeward Islands during the winter season. Prices from $180,000 per week, plus expenses, for up to 12 guests.

Northrop & Johnson’s charter experts are bursting with ideas to help craft an epic charter that has the edge, but with so much pent-up demand, it is essential to get ahead of the crowd. Booking early also means you have your pick of superyacht. Whether it’s a large, family-friendly displacement motor yacht or an explorer-type vessel for venturing further afield, first movers will get their top pick. Whatever is on your bucket list for 2023, Northrop & Johnson charter experts use their in-depth knowledge to pair you with the perfect yacht and destination.

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