Anna Franciszkiewicz, Charter Retail - Monaco N&J

Anna Franciszkiewicz

Charter Broker

+377 97 77 27 20
+33 607937966
Monaco Office
Le Panorama, 57 Rue Grimaldi
Bloc A/B 7e étage Monaco
Speaks: English, Polish, German, French

My Present 
Hi, my name is Anna and I have been working as a Charter Broker for over 10 years, four of those at Northrop & Johnson. I am passionate about yachts, water and traveling – my job has it all. Being able to create precious holiday moments for people to share with their families and friends in their otherwise busy schedules is my main priority while handling any charter enquiry. The feedback I get afterwards is like a reward in itself and the fact that I can combine this job with my passions is a huge advantage.

My Past
I come from Northern Poland. My dad worked as a chief designer at the Gdansk Shipyard and I have always lived by the seaside, so can’t imagine living anywhere inland. I would miss the water too much! I studied Applied Linguistics at university followed by International Trade as well as Public Relations and Marketing. Having won some grants from the European Union after graduation I set up my own company - a language school and translation office that I ran successfully for a few years. Later, Sunreef yachts introduced me into luxury yachting and from there I found my way to the industry. I can gladly say I have not looked back since.

My Future
I am an adventurous type and I like changes, but you will definitely find me somewhere by the water! It is a great lifestyle, and I am happy to show more and more people how much fun it can be. Thanks to my job I have had numerous occasions to travel to both popular and remote destinations on board the most amazing charter yachts. Having said that, Antarctica and Raja Ampat are still on my bucket list.

My Motto
Dream BIG but at the same time always appreciate what you already have!

My Outside-office Life
I am definitely an outdoor person. I love paddleboarding, swimming, diving, playing tennis, rollerblading, cycling, skiing and hiking in the mountains. We often do different activities as a family with my husband and three children. We love traveling and discovering new places to show our kids life outside Monaco.

Fast Facts 

  • I grew up in communist Poland which was an experience in itself.
  • When I ran my translation office, I translated lots of EU directives and regulations into Polish – it required lots of attention to detail and felt like writing a few thick books.
  • Before having my kids, I was an avid salsa and bachata dancer. Although this passion has been quite dormant recently, I would never sit still when I hear some Latin American music.

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