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Carl Sputh

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My Present
Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Carl Sputh, Sales and Charter Broker with Northrop & Johnson. A quest in my life is to facilitate the ideal charter vacation that will last in the client and guest’s memory forever and to help a client find the perfect yacht, a vessel that will make their dreams come true. This is something I feel confident in, thanks to my knowledge of the Marine Industry.

My Past
I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. I spent a portion of my childhood on the idyllic Water Island in the United States Virgin Islands on a Force 50 sailboat and became a motor yacht Captain at the age of 21. In 2001, I received the accolade of the “Best Captain of a Motor Yacht” at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. To my great pleasure, it was given to me for representing a “can do” attitude and being a positive leader. This is a mantra that I strive for in everything that I do.

Possessing a 3000 Ton Master’s License, I have spent ample time in the Baltic, Mediterranean, Greece, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and the East Coast of the United States. There are no ports that I haven’t seen in these areas, no cultural experiences that I haven’t explored or restaurant cuisine that I haven’t partaken in and enjoyed. This research and planning have been done for the benefit of our guests, and I must admit my own joy! I know itineraries, understand complicated travel logistics and guests’ needs and desires; a 90% return charter rate attests to this knowledge.

The most significant factor in my success as a charter Captain is that I understood at a young age that everyone needs an effortless holiday with their friends and family, a time to unwind, reflect and refresh. I always understood how important my job was, not only for the owner of the vessel and my crew but also for my guests' mental and physical health. Everyone needs an effortless, intuitive vacation or charter experience to go back home and excel in their own lives.

Twenty-nine years later, I have managed a new yacht construction project, served as Captain of five yachts (a 114' vessel for five years, a 130' vessel for five years, a 178' vessel for 17 years and a 196' vessel for two years) all with multiple refits. I guided vessels successfully through numerous Lloyd’s 5, 10, 15 and 20-year surveys, 30+ Atlantic crossings, 700,000 nautical miles and a lifetime on our precious oceans to eventually arrive at Northrop and Johnson.

My Future
I hope to bring my vast, comprehensive yachting and charter experience to Northrop and Johnson for the benefit of making dream vacations and yacht ownership come true for my clients. My solemn promise to you and yours is to bring my life-long philosophies in choosing the right yacht for my clients and your loved ones.

My Motto
No problems, only solutions

My outside-office life
I spend time with my wife Viktoriya and our 4-year-old son (and my best friend, Kai) exploring and having adventures together. I appreciate the opportunity to teach Kai the art of seamanship, kindness and expectation management.

Fast Facts

  • I enjoy yachting, sailing, racing stand-up jet skis, hydro foiling and all things that move in the water. I love to slalom ski early in the morning when the water is calm and so graciously inviting.
  • I hold a private helicopter license. This hobby gets me off the water and into the air.
  • I thrive on gathering and sharing knowledge for the benefit of giving others their dream vacation or owning their own yacht. My dad is a Captain, my brother is a Captain and I’m a Captain; I was born into and know the Marine Industry!

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