Corsica Yacht Charter Guide

Providing the perfect combination of effortless charm and elegance, a Corsica Yacht Charter provides an inimitable style that is unique but totally different

The picturesque island of Corsica is the perfect destination for your next luxury yacht charter. Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean between France, North Africa and Italy, Corsica is a unique convergence of cultures, cuisines and locals. Like its neighbor, Sardinia, Corsica is a gorgeous collection of pristine beaches, climbing cliffs and adorable Mediterranean towns.

Via your luxury yacht charter, stop ashore and enjoy the famous Corsica aperitif at sundown. During the day, enjoy Corsica’s hub of activities by and on the sea. For those with a taste for history, take the 187-step staircase of King Aragon Alfonso V, a historical-mythical staircase leading from the top of the cliffs to the bottom, built in one night back in 1420, according to local legend. From the top, you’ll find a pristine view of the Mediterranean. At the bottom, you’ll get to enjoy a fresh swim in the gorgeous crystalline water. With awe-inspiring cliffs that could be featured in the Princess Bride or Game of Thrones, you won’t be disappointed by the views.

View of shoreline in Ajaccio
Sample Itinerary



Start your journey at Calvi, the port of call for yachts and ships around the European continent. A hub for travelers, Calvi is home to a bustling stretch of cafés, restaurants and bars hugging the coastline. Calvi also offers sandy beaches to the right of the port, accessible by foot or boat. For more privacy, the beach of Algajola Bay is nearby and accessible by your charter.


At St Florent, privacy is a priority. St Florent is a small port with restricted capacity and can accommodate yachts up to 98’ (30m). Whether you bring your charter yacht or tender, St Florent is a must-see with a picturesque downtown directly on the docks. Its history is complex and decorated, as well as its culture. Stop here and enjoy the local cuisine in the warmth of the sun.



An excellent choice for your luxury charter to Corsica, Scandola is a marine reserve dedicated to preserve the integrity of its landscape, coral forests and protected biological microsystems in the bay of Porto. Thanks to local conservation efforts, Scandola is simply breathtaking – an important stop on your luxury charter.

This beauty extends throughout Corsica but is especially emblematic in Girolata. This adorable islet features a small fort built in 1551 by Geronimo de Levante with an adorable town surrounding it. Stop ashore to explore the history and grab a bite at some of the mouth-watering restaurants while there.



Known as one of the most beautiful French villages, Piana features a truly unique geological display for charter guests. It boasts gorgeous vertical red granite walls, deep cliff nooks known as Calanques and towering deep turquoise waters. The Calanche de Piana stretch seemingly endlessly, with various rock formations and cliffs to admire as you walk through the trails. These endless views are the perfect addition to your trip to Corsica, with a plethora of cafes and restaurants to finish your day with a delicious taste of the local cuisine.



Ajaccio has two beautiful ports: Tino Rossi Basin and the Port de L’Amiraute. Ajaccio is celebrated for its phenomenal local produce market – a beloved spot for luxury charter guests. This beautiful hub is known for being the birthplace of Napoleon, where you can visit the Rue Saint Charles family house museum.

At the Port de L’Amiraute accommodates small yachts and tenders with quaint spots around town to dine, dance and shop as desired.



This part of charter guests’ journey offers three styles of options: golfing at Golfe de Mortoli during fair-weather anchorage, Roccapina’s tiny anchorage with two single houses of Corsican influence, and the port of Bonifacio. Bonifacio is home to a town on the cliffs, where at the top, clients can walk through a town of striking beauty with restaurants, historical architecture and shops.

Bonifacio also spotlights the King Aragon Alfonso V stairs that extend from the top of the cliffs to the water down below. Whether you’re on the docks below or at the height of the cliffs, you will not be disappointed by the beauty of Bonifacio.



Cala Ciapilli offers scenic views for anchorage west of Pointe Sperone. Upon arrival to Santa Giulia, take a dip in the crystalline lagoon. The water is clear, the sand is soft to touch and the coast is filled with beach crafts to rent and use for your pleasure. This little lagoon is the perfect place to try out your toys in the warmth of the sun.



Porto Vecchio has been settled since prehistoric times – bearing its thousands of years of history with pride. Here, you can visit the prehistoric site of Torree, the birthplace of Torrean culture dating back to the Bronze Age. Nowadays, it is home to numerous shops, historical museums and cultural bazaars. The airport of Figari is only 24 km away, making this the perfect place to conclude your journey to Corsica.

Charter Experience

Corsica’s colorful island spotlights gorgeous landscapes, adorable coastal villages and cultural intersections – making it one of the top places to charter a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean. This breathtaking centerpiece of French influence features bustling towns with tourism hotspots to the North, untouched landscapes with unforgettable views to the West and towering cliffs to the South. Another popular destination in Corsica is L’Île-Rousse, a port North of Calvi, founded by Pasquale Paoli in 1758 to protect the island from the Genoese. It features a bustling marketplace and rolling hills along the water, making it a must-see on your next journey to the Mediterranean.

Location Highlights

  • Sample fruity Cap Corse, the quinine-rich local aperitif
  • Take a dip in the Roccapina rock pools, Corsica
  • Enjoy a lazy afternoon at La Paillotte beach club, Bonifacio, Corsica
  • Snorkel or scuba the UNESCO Scandola Reserve, Corsica
  • The Gulf of Valinco boasts some of the island’s most magnificent beaches, where Corsica’s rich and chequered history can be traced through its medieval towers and castles.
  • Corsica has a strong connection to the Italian city of Genoa in particular, and all over the island you will find rambling Genoese towers like the iconic Tour de Mortadella. You can return to the beach by a train that tracks through the mountains for a particularly special adventure.

Expert Advice

Corsica’s French influence makes it the ultimate stop on your luxury yacht charter, offering fantastic views, good eats, rolling vineyards and endless history. Its local cuisine is simply mouthwatering, made from the freshest local ingredients: indigenous Olive trees, grape vines, seafood, scrubland honey and more. Our tastebud recommendations include Aziminu [(the Corsican take on bouillabaisse)], Pulenda, Zucchini with goat cheese and eggplant Bonifacio. With a glass of Vin de Pays de l'Île de Beauté [(the island of beauty’s wine)] in your hand, you won’t be disappointed. Pianan landscapes, Santa Giulian’s lagoon-based water activities and more will fulfill your perfect charter experience in Corsica.

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