236-foot (72m) AXIOMA yacht for charter for two weeks

Best Yachts for Charter for Two Weeks

A crewed yacht charter for two weeks is the ideal option for experienced charterers seeking a more extended period at sea. A two-week getaway offers ample time to genuinely unwind from the stresses of day-to-day life and really maximize the use of all your boat’s onboard amenities.

Of course, a 14-day luxury yacht charter itinerary allows for far more ports of call, including the opportunity to explore under-the-radar destinations that may take a little longer to reach.

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TAMARA RD motor yacht for charter for two weeks

Charter a luxury yacht for two weeks

Northrop & Johnson has an enviable selection of two-week yacht rentals, including elegant sailing yachts, motor boats, expedition vessels, and multi-hull yachts, including catamarans and trimarans, from 100ft (30m) to 200ft (40m) plus. Our charter specialists can arrange a two-week yacht itinerary anywhere in the world. Contact our team today.

Most Desirable Yachts for Charter for Two Weeks

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14-day boat rentals

How much does it cost to charter a yacht for two weeks?

The cost of a crewed yacht charter for two weeks will largely depend on the size of the boat, the time of year, and your itinerary. Generally speaking, expect to pay anywhere from US$100,000 per week upwards of $4 million for a superyacht or mega yacht. Northrop & Johnson has boats for rent for two weeks from 100ft (30m) to over 200ft (60m) plus.

Where can I cruise to during a two-week yacht charter?

On a two-week or 14-day yacht charter, you will have the opportunity to truly explore by visiting multiple destinations. Popular 14-day boat rental itineraries include an island-hopping adventure around the Greek Islands in the Mediterranean, cruising the azure-blue waters of the Bahamas and the Exumas, or visiting remote destinations such as Antarctica, Patagonia, French Polynesia, and the Galapagos Islands.

Charter a yacht for two weeks