Award-Winning Yachts for Charter

An award-winning yacht for charter offers the ultimate vessel to explore the world’s most spectacular cruising grounds. When you rent an award-winning boat, you will enjoy the prestige of chartering one of the most spectacular vessels on the planet.

Award-winning yachts for charter come in all shapes and sizes, from 131’ (40m) to 328’ (100m) plus, including sailing yachts, motor boats, and multi-hull vessels, ensuring a vessel that meets everyone’s needs.

What are the features of an award-winning boat?

By their very nature, award-winning boats will boast a myriad of stand-out features, including spectacular design, pioneering technology, and world-class onboard amenities. Of course, you’ll also benefit from a highly exclusive and private experience, with a dedicated crew able to provide an entirely bespoke service. 

If you want to charter an award-winning yacht, contact the team at Northrop & Johnson, or browse our global fleet of charter vessels. 

The Best Award-winning Yachts Available to Rent

Luxury yacht charter, a couple enjoying pre-dinner drinks at the bar

Enjoy an incredible vacation aboard an award-winning yacht

The many benefits of choosing an award-winning yacht include:

  • Superb selection of charter vessels to choose from at various price points to suit all types of charterers
  • Choice from a global fleet of award-winning boats located in the most sought-after cruising destinations
  • Complete privacy, exclusivity, and bespoke service courtesy of a dedicated crew
  • Award-winning yachts will be best-in-class and boast elevated features, such as stunning design, pioneering technology, or exceptional onboard amenities
  • Joyful time with family and friends aboard one of the world’s finest vessels, making memories that will last a lifetime


What are some of the most sought-after award-winning yachts?

  • 165’ft (50m) KALIZMA – Best Rebuilt Yacht
  • 131‘ft (40m) PERSEVERANCE I – Sailing Yacht of the Year
  • 121’ft (36.8m) KOJU – Semi-displacement or planing motor yachts 35m to 39.9m

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