Yacht Accounting Manager (Fairport)

Posted: February 29, 2024 in North America Careers

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West Palm Beach, FL Yacht Accounting Manager (Fairport) Full-Time

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We are an expanding, independent yacht management company with the head office located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The standard of service that Fairport Global offers owners, captains and industry professionals is me tested by our team of experts who have extensive experience in industry safety standards, technical logistics and financial administration and one that competitors look up to in this luxury sector marketplace.

Fairport Global provides a wide variety of custom-tailored support services to meet any vessel’s needs. Our mission is to ease the day- to-day responsibility of yacht operations and financial administration so the crew aboard can safely focus on their dues and owners can be assured that everything remains organized, balanced, and transparent while keeping the memorable luxury experiences that yachting should provide.

Our West Palm Beach office seeks a Yacht Accounting Manager to join the expanding yacht accounting department to carry out a variety of dues associated with successful financial management and the ability to accurately provide financial guidance and direction for the crew and owner.

This is a full-me, permanent position with a shore-based salary appropriate to qualifications and

Main priority is to provide financial administrative support to the Yacht Captain and Owner. Dues include, but are not limited to general clerical, bookkeeping and accounting, payroll, A/P, management of crew-related issues, project-based work such as refit and charter accounting. Interact and report to third party representative, (i.e. Captain, Owner’s Rep, Owner. To reflect and maintain a professional company image
whether in-person, through telephone interaction or when attending industry related functions.

1. Initiate and supervise the setup of Bank Accounts and Credit Cards for new vessels and
2. Liaise with the Yacht Technical Manager daily to review vessel and crew issues.
3. Convey systems and financial procedures to new Captains.
4. Prepare Quarterly Financial Reports providing commentary for Owner’s review.
5. Provide Month End Audits of the vessel’s Cash and Credit Card Accounts.
6. Maintain Crew Documentation, including knowledge of Yacht Ratings and US and
foreign Visa issues.
7. Payroll Administration, including knowledge of tax and foreign withholding regulations.
8. Calculate and pay Payroll Liabilities using EFTPS software.

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