Cannes Film Festival 2022: Top 10 Yachts with Film Inspiration

Posted May 17, 2022 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

“Bond. James Bond.”

Cue the Music.

Man tying suit in James Bond style

There’s no question. When it comes to classic Hollywood glamour and daring storytelling, luxury yachts are at the forefront. Nothing embodies the delight and excitement of class, wealth and esteem like a superyacht. Whether you’re into chaotic biopics like Wolf of Wallstreet or 007 films with a touch of mystery and elegance — high-class cinema and yachts inevitably go hand in hand. In honor of the Cannes Film Festival, Northrop & Johnson spotlights our top picks of luxury yachts that pay homage to cinema. Just as charcuteries and wine complement one another, we’re pairing our finest yachts with films of their nature. From charters to brokerage to new builds, we’ve got it all. So sit back and relax, as we take you on this cinematic yachting journey.


Yacht Charters


Many acclaimed critics consider Skyfall and Casino Royale to be the most important 007 films in the entire franchise, and the yachts of their namesakes are no different. Champions of absolute luxury, daring adventure and neverending entertainment, these charter yachts are designed to emulate the opulence of a Bond story.

Rear profile of superyacht SKYFALL on the water

The 190′ (57.91m) Trinity superyacht SKYFALL is a breathtaking display of grandeur. Simply immaculate and wheelchair accessible, her main salon evokes a regal atmosphere with marble floors, lavish seating and game tables for entertainment. On deck, she offers a Jacuzzi, a plunge pool, soft sunpads, a full-service bar and even a basketball court. Guests can enjoy easy travel and a stylish, bond-like exit thanks to the touch-and-go helipad available aboard.

Front profile of superyacht CASINO ROYALE on the water

Her 007 counterpart, the 163′ (49.68m) Christensen superyacht CASINO ROYALE, is equally delightful, boasting massive spaces for leisure and pleasure aboard. Marked by Mahogany wood adornments throughout, CASINO ROYALE truly embodies the luxurious atmosphere of an international superspy. She boasts more than 6,900 square feet of interior space, including a vast skylounge with unparalleled amenities. Her exterior fulfills the ultimate alfresco lifestyle, spotlighting massive sunpads, a large Jacuzzi, a full bar with seating for 10, a dayhead and a barbecue. With exercise equipment on deck, you won’t have to worry about missing your MI6 morning workouts when chartering.


Side profile of superyacht USHER on the water

The magnificent 154′ (46.94m) Delta Marine superyacht USHER is both a movie star in herself and a production service on the water. Accompanied by a crew of 12 with professional videography and photography skills, guests can enjoy a dive into absolute luxury with long-lasting memories of their charter. Throughout her interior, USHER spotlights an ambiance of entertainment and comfort. Her main salon allows guests to relax with drinks in hand, socialize and enjoy a movie night on the 80-inch flatscreen TV. Her deck spaces are equally engaging, having been featured in the exhilarating film Entourage. An extension of the HBO series, this movie spotlights a group of friends and movie star Vince Chase (Adrian Grenier), cascading into the turbulent elegance of the Hollywood lifestyle. With her impressive offerings, it’s no wonder that USHER was chosen to star alongside Grenier in this comedy-drama.


Rear profile of luxury yacht ARIONAS on the water

Designed for the legendary owner of Aston Martin, Sir David Brown, the 130′ (39.7m) Clelands Shipbuilding Company superyacht ARIONAS is a revered gentleman’s yacht in impeccable condition. Aston Martin is notably featured as James Bond’s luxury automobile of choice, rendering her Hollywood praise undeniable. Like any 007 film, the interior of ARIONAS features a high-class atmosphere with romantic undertones. Outdoors, all aboard can enjoy the finest experience of the alfresco lifestyle. From excellent views on the loungers of her sundeck to alfresco dining in the open-air aft to the delightful easy-access swim platform, ARIONAS ensures that her charter guests will enjoy classic Hollywood glamour and nothing short of extraordinary.


Aerial view of luxury yacht SHOGUN on the water

The 128′ (39.01m) Northcoast luxury yacht SHOGUN is an elegant superyacht with a taste for adventure, romance and meticulous craftsmanship. Saturated in awe-inspiring amenities and breathtaking décor, this yacht is the perfect choice for an on-water holiday. Her interior spotlights sophisticated styling with the finest offerings of luxury amenities, including a grand piano, palatial furniture, a flatscreen TV and a formal dining salon. Her tri-deck layout is sensational, providing panoramic views from the on-deck Jacuzzi, a skylounge for alfresco dining and a remarkable collection of tenders and toys. Shogun, follows a daring adventure of Pilot-Major John Blackthorne (Richard Chamberlain) on his journey from shipwreck to Japanese feudal society, where he undergoes love, loss and leadership in this historical drama. Rest assured, luxury yacht SHOGUN is seaworthy and safe, though she tells a tale of adventure and romance much like the film.

Yacht Brokerage


Side profile of concept yacht VENOM on the water

A pioneer of cutting-edge technology, boundless adventure and sleek design, the 170′ (52m) Latitude superyacht VENOM is a groundbreaking new build embodying the futuristic atmosphere of her namesake. This luxury yacht takes a page from sci-fi inspiration, bearing sophistication and modern influence throughout. Awe-inspiring and seemingly endless, she features new-age fashion, maximum space for guest enjoyment, an abundance of natural light and complete dedication to the alfresco lifestyle. Whether guests choose to relax in the on-deck pool or host parties on the sprawling main deck aft, VENOM embodies on-water pleasure as she rides into the future. Her name matches that of the Marvel cinematic universe’s Venom, a sci-fi, space thriller featuring Tom Hardy as an investigative journalist turned alien protector of Earth. Both forward-thinking and exhilarating, you won’t want to miss the pairing of these two experiences.


Side profile of luxury yacht GITANA on the water

The pristine 158′ (48.15m) Feadship superyacht GITANA is a beauty to behold. Designed by world-renowned John Munford with the panache of Guido de Groot on her exterior, GITANA is truly immaculate to the finest detail. With an atmosphere of romance, elegance and charm, GITANA features numerous places onboard to take in the astonishing views of her cruise. Her full-beam master stateroom is the centerpiece of her charm, featuring plush accommodations, intimate lounging and a stunning Jacuzzi tub with a skylight and a breathtaking mural. On deck, guests can enjoy delectable meals at sundown or socialize in the Jacuzzi underneath the stars. Her alluring atmosphere is reminiscent of the Romeo and Juliet style 1966 Spanish film Gitana that shares her name. It follows the story of two star-crossed lovers from warring gypsy families, leading to a tumultuous adventure with romance at the forefront.


Side profile of luxury yacht OCEAN'S SEVEN on the water

A classic expedition vessel, the 137′ (41.9m) Kingship Marine Limited OCEAN’S SEVEN is the ideal offshore yacht for the uncompromising owner with a taste for exploration, akin to her film of the same vein. OCEAN’S SEVEN is a testament to her dutch pedigree, having completed her ten-year Lloyds survey and an extensive 2015 refit. Extravagant, epic and enticing, her seemingly endless deck spaces invite guests to lounge, rejuvenate and plot their upcoming escapades. She was meticulously designed for functionality, unrivaled comfort and exceptional excitement. OCEAN’S SEVEN welcomes all aboard to enjoy open-air meals, delightful comfort and witty conversation as they relax into her skylounge, sundeck and overnight accommodations. OCEAN’S 7-11 is a tempestuous cacophony of heists, plots and planning, mirroring the yacht’s sense of mystery and adventure.

ARK 401

Side profile of custom yacht ARK 401 on the water

In the recent adaptation of James Bond’s story, SKYFALL, our heroic MI6 superspy takes to sailing yacht REGINA to assist his damsel in distress, the bewitching Bérénice Marlohe. The yacht’s legendary builder, Ark Yacht, is renowned for its groundbreaking designs, formidable craftsmanship and Turkish flair. These qualities are embodied throughout the magnificent structure of ARK 401, a 131′ (40m) luxury yacht with incomparable amenities and revered sailing capabilities. Customizable, seaworthy and celebrated for her ingenious interior layout, ARK 401 embodies all of the revered qualities of a Bond-worthy yacht. With various social spaces throughout, dual-deck houses and alfresco dining available, ARK 401 is sure to leave long-lasting impressions on any superspies hosted aboard.


Side profile of luxury yacht AFRICAN QUEEN on the water

Upscale and unparalleled, the 121′ (36.9m) Benetti yacht AFRICAN QUEEN promises sights unseen and utmost luxury. From her split-layout sundeck with Bimini shading to her fun-in-the-sun social seating, AFRICAN QUEEN boasts an atmosphere of high-class delight and incomparable amenities. Her interior brings forth a sense of romance and class, with a sumptuous main salon in natural light and splendid accommodations in a private ambiance. The skylounge is the perfect place for guests to congregate and socialize in an attractive setting while sipping on sundowners from the full-service bar. Her lowering garage doors create a swim platform for on-water entertainment without limitations. Anyone familiar with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn’s AFRICAN QUEEN knows that it is a tale of adventure, love, drama and war. Though AFRICAN QUEEN is far more glamorous than her smaller namesake, she bears valor, exploration and romance all the same.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this cinematic-yachting extravaganza and wish you the utmost entertainment at the Cannes Film Festival.

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