America's Final Frontier | Juneau to Glacier Bay National Park

Day 1
Juneau to Holkham Bay (40 nautical miles)

Deep in southeast Alaska, Juneau is an enchanting point of entry to the remote Inside Passage. Cruise to Holkham Bay, aka the “Iceberg Graveyard.” It is here where icebergs leave the fjord and melt in the open waters, making for some impressive sights as large chunks of ice drift around the bay.

Day 2
Holkham Bay to Endicott Arm (21 nautical miles)

Cruise to Endicott Arm, home to the magnificent Dawes Glacier. Explore the local waters by kayak, spotting all manner of sea life as you go; it’s a great place to whale-spot and see calving glaciers.

Day 3
Endicott Arm to The Brothers (47 nautical miles)

The two Brothers islands provide ample opportunity to view local wildlife. The two tiny islands are a gentle introduction to the environment you will encounter during your cruise. Drifting in such a remote location brings you up close to intriguing creatures in their natural habitats. Step ashore to explore the rugged landscape, spotting river otters and deer.

Days 4 & 5
The Brothers to Baranof Island (48 nautical miles)

Spend the next few days exploring Baranof Island. One of three major islands in the Tongass National Forest, it is home to the world’s highest concentration of bears, largely thanks to the island’s glut of salmon streams. Hike the lakes and take a dip in the Baranof Warm Springs

Day 6
Baranof Island to Sitka (80 nautical miles)

Cruise the twisting Sergius Narrows, passing serene forested islands as you go. Take out the binoculars to spot bald eagles and black-tailed deer along the coastline. Alaska’s most beautiful port, Sitka has been settled for thousands of years and today is largely sustained by fishing and tourism.

Days 7 & 8
Sitka to Point Adolphus (110 nautical miles)

From the stunning anchorage of Sitka, head to Port Adolphus and prepare for an encounter with humpback whales as you cruise through the intricate waterways of the Icy Straight with an expert guide. Stand on deck to watch for these incredible giants which are a daily sight in these waters.

Days 9 & 10
Point Adolphus to Glacier Bay National Park (23 nautical miles)

Accompanied by a park ranger, spend a few days cruising around the Glacier Bay National Park, heading up to the Grand Pacific and Margerie glaciers. Just two centuries ago, Glacier Bay was covered with ice, but over time the massive glacier, more than 1,000 meters thick, 20 miles wide and 100 miles long, has retreated some 60 miles to form a bay. Today the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is home to a glacial ecosystem in all its glory – along with one of its larger visitors, the humpback whale.

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