Ali Tanir, Sales Brokers - Monaco N&J

Ali Tanir

Yacht Broker & New Construction Specialist

My Present 
I'm Ali Tanir, an Yacht Broker and New Construction Specialist with Northrop & Johnson. With nearly two decades of experience in the yachting sector, my primary responsibility involves bridging the gap between owners and Turkish shipyards, especially as Turkey emerges as one of the top three superyacht builders globally.

One of the most exhilarating aspects of my job is the challenge it presents. I thrive on the task of finding the perfect product for owners, customizing yachts and advocating for these customizations with the shipyard to ensure an optimal outcome for everyone involved. Throughout this process, the biggest challenge arises as owners desire to personalize their yachts extensively, while factories often prefer to minimize change orders. It becomes my responsibility to convey to owners that they are creating a unique, bespoke product while persuading factories that the changes are manageable and will result in an exceptional final product. My journey in this role feels like living the dream, and I relish every moment of it.

My Past
Born and raised as a seventh-generation resident in Istanbul's Anatolian Side, my childhood and teenage years were intimately connected with the sea, particularly spent exploring the Princess Islands during the summer. As I pursued my university education, I constructed a 21' deep V powerboat, powered with a 130 HP outboard motor, which became my weekend sanctuary at the Princess Islands.

After some years working in the family business and engaging in powerboat racing organization in Istanbul, akin to those in Key West, I ventured into the global yachting industry. My tenure at Vicem Yachts, where I focused on brand and marketing, marked my initial foray into the yacht industry. I founded Mare Amante and served as a Strategic Marketing Consultant for leading Turkish yards, including Numarine, Tansu Yachts, RMK, and Northstar RIBS.

My professional journey then led me full-time to Numarine, where I assumed various roles, including Sales and Marketing Manager and Head of International Sales. Following my tenure at Numarine, I transitioned to VisionF Yachts as General Manager. During my time at Numarine, I extensively participated in U.S. boat shows, laying the groundwork for the company's expansion into the American market.

Upon successfully securing Northrop & Johnson's representation for various shipyards in the USA, I found myself drawn to the N&J family, recognizing it as the next step in my yachting industry career.

My Future
I want to serve as a liaison between Turkish builders and superyacht owners, contributing to the collaboration between the Turkish and especially U.S. yachting industries, which I see expanding daily.

My Motto
I love it when someone tells me that I cannot manage or achieve something. I am a man of options and scenarios. So I always say “Life is NOT a Challenge, Challenge is Life”.

My Outside-office Life
I am a family guy, who likes to go to restaurants, smoke nice cigars and spend time with family and friends. I love practicing sports, fishing, bikes and cars.

Fast Facts 
I'm a food lover
I've worked hard to reach my current position, giving me comprehensive insight from both ends
Sales is my forte; I'm always exploring various avenues to secure successful transactions
I firmly believe in investing in people and fostering loyalty

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