Juan Denis, Marketing - Fort Lauderdale N&J

Juan Denis

Full-Stack Developer

+1 954 522 3344
Fort Lauderdale Office
2015 SW 20th Street Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
Speaks: English, Spanish

My Present
My name is Juan Denis, and I am the Full-Stack Developer at Northrop & Johnson’s Fort Lauderdale office. In my three and a half years at N&J, I have worked to develop a well-oiled database and website that accurately and timely displays comprehensive data. I work closely with the marketing team, CRM manager and sales and charter assistants to ensure every team member is equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully complete their daily tasks. Our tech team is constantly growing and evolving, and there are always new techniques to discover and weave into N&J’s technological protocols. Programming is my passion, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to convert that passion into my career.

My Past
When I was younger, I started making calculators for math as a hobby. By doing that, I was unintentionally learning to code which turned into programming games for phones, computers, etc. I created my own games using JavaScript, and since the age of 15, I have been building full websites, mastering HTML coding along the way. I started in the yachting industry at a digital agency specializing in yacht brokerage websites and CRM systems. This was a completely new language in tech for me that was equally exciting and challenging. Afterward, I joined Northrop & Johnson, where I am now a part of a five-person technology team of intelligent, passionate individuals dedicated to improving technological and CRM functions to better serve our team members and clients.

My Future
I aim to acquire deeper knowledge about programming to better help and grow the team and N&J.

My Motto
“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” -Bill Gates

My Outside-office Life
My time outside of the office is spent learning and practicing everything there is to know about programming. Aside from that, I am dedicated to taking care of my German Shepard, Max.

Fast Facts

  • My grandfathers' and brothers’ names are also Juan
  • My simple pleasure is spending time with my dog and my family
  • I have five-plus social media pages that I manage regularly
  • I created a website that generates daily inspirational quotes
  • Seafood is my comfort meal

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