Raising the Bar on Yacht Charter Video Production: UNBRIDLED

Posted December 31, 2022 in Company by Ashleigh King

In collaboration with the ‘Yachts For Sale’ suite of YouTube channels, Northrop & Johnson is pleased to announce the production of an ambitious charter video that is expected to raise a new standard in yacht video production and distribution.

The international brokerage company, recently acquired by MarineMax, entered into a licensing agreement with the popular ‘Yachts For Sale’ YouTube channel, giving it exclusive use of the channel for producing and distributing brokerage videos. An in-house video team was created and the team has already produced and published well over 100 videos that have been watched by millions. Since then, a suite of YouTube channels has been created, including the ‘Yacht Builders’ channel, and more recently the ‘Yachts For Charter’ channel, all entering under the same licensing agreement.

Seal, well-respected in the industry, is known for his unique documentary-style videos showcasing the history, features and fine details of superyachts for both sale and charter. His hands-on, personalized approach has won him hundreds of thousands of subscribers since the start of his original channel in 2012.

“The charter video of UNBRIDLED presented a unique and exciting opportunity” said David Seal, founder of the ‘Yachts For Sale’ group of channels.

The objective of the video is to showcase the complete charter experience, so a seaplane was hired for the N&J team to arrive at UNBRIDLED, anchored close to Norman’s Cay in the Bahamas. The captain and his team positioned themselves strategically to film the landing of the aircraft and the arrival of the video team on board the yacht. The chef’s onboard feature in the finished production highlights the importance of excellent cuisine on a charter yacht. The entire crew also enjoyed using the armada of water toys so that viewers can get a taste of the kind of fun experience charter guests can enjoy.

The dramatic setting of Pablo Escobar’s sunken plane off Norman’s Cay was used for this footage. The video culminates on the second day of the charter when David ventures into the waters off Danger Reef to swim with some sharks.

“It was a challenge to incorporate the many features of UNBRIDLED into the video in an all-inclusive but engaging manner,” said Seal. “We knew that the diving scenes would be spectacular, but UNBRIDLED offers so much more than that. I didn’t want this to become a ‘David goes Diving’ video.”

To overcome this challenge, the camera crew themselves are shown on screen, with Vjatseslav “Slava” Sakovits trying out the gym equipment on the sundeck and Maxime Forgin inspecting the hidden wine storage closet.

“I also wanted to include an element of humor,” continued Seal, “but that is always quite a risky strategy. I think, in the end, we have created a video that reflects the fun element of charter on an incredible superyacht, with an ending that nobody would expect!”

The video can be viewed on the ‘Yachts For Charter’ YouTube channel from 9am CET, January 1, 2023.

Contact David Seal to learn more about the ‘Yachts For Sale’ suite of YouTube channels. For media requests and photos, contact N&J’s press team.

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