Vjatseslav Sakovits, Marketing - Monaco N&J

Vjatseslav Sakovits


My Present 
Hi, my name is Vjatseslav Sakovits, but you can call me Slava. I work as a videographer with Northrop & Johnson. I film and edit videos across various mediums to showcase the most exciting assets in the world: Superyachts. I am lucky that my job allows me to travel with my team to the world’s most exotic destinations. It is a unique creative outlet that makes shooting content even more exciting. Since joining N&J in 2021, I’ve had the opportunity to work with an incredible group of people, grow exponentially and learn so much about this fantastic industry.  

My Past
I grew up in Tallinn, Estonia. I started my career in electronic engineering, then after my mandatory military service, I found my passion for videography. I had always had an interest in photography, so when I switched to video, I took a bunch of courses to learn everything I could. I started filming commercials, music videos and TV shows upon my move to France in 2019, where I started doing videography professionally.

I think everyone has a story but most of the time, only the people closest to us know it. I love being able to tell those stories in a visual medium, even if it’s only a single moment in time.

My Future
When I first started at N&J, we shot presentations and short documentary-style videos of yachts on the market. Now, we’re moving towards longer, more in-depth videos of shipyards, interviewing designers, builders, owners and different stakeholders. It’s an exciting time and exactly where I had hoped my career would lead.

In the future, I hope to help take our video production to new heights—maybe you’ll see us on Netflix one day!

My Outside-office Life
I enjoy being outside and being active: I snowboard in the French Alps in winter, and in the warmer months, I like to hike and explore my new home. I also play ice hockey and, in the near future, am hoping to get my parachute license.

Fast Facts 
When I was younger, I was on the national Estonian team for ice hockey. I was always very proud of that. Now, my team is an international group of videographers creating amazing work all over the world.

On my bucket list is Bali. I’d love to visit one day!

A favorite comfort meal of mine is shashlik; it’s grilled meat on a skewer and then cooked over open flames. Everyone knows the best one is with pork. It’s a very popular dish in Eastern Europe.

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